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removing ceramic floor tiles? Answered

How to remove ceramic floor tiles originally on concrete and then prepare floor for engineered wood



8 years ago

If it's more than just a 3' x 3' area, rent a power chisel. If you don't by the time you finish your hands will be ruined, your knees broken and your back shot. It's not easy work.


8 years ago

I don't know of anyway to salvage the tiles so the removal is a destructive process. Use a hammer and a wide chisel. Get a few up by breaking them and once you get a spot started use the chisel between the tiles and the floor. It should just pop them off. Don't use your best chisel, its going to get pretty dull doing this.

If you have kids or if any of your friends have kids you can show them how to do it and then pay them a quarter or nickel for every tile they get free.

Another way, smear gravy on it and let your crazy Labrador chew them off.


8 years ago

Depends on the quality of the glue - You may be able to chip up with a hammer and bolster - remember the eye protection - Or you may need to hire a jack hammer.

Prep floor - needs to be smooth and flat so you might need a layer of floor levelling compound or batons and a ply sub floor.