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repairing a separated copper Answered

I was assembling a 3D Xmas Tree from Velleman-Kit when one of the pads come off the board. Is there a way restore the connection so that the kit will work?


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7 years ago

1. Don't panic.
2. It happens every once in a while. I think the circuit board makers have figured out how to use the minimal amount of copper to plate the circuit and no matter how good a soldering iron you have or the amount of skill, the pad still heats off. You can scrape away the green lacquer coating or circuit mask further along the trace to expose some bare copper. Bend the lead over that way and try to solder it there. You can even blob on more solder to bridge it over to the lead in the hole. If not, cut a small piece of wire to join the lead of the part to somewhere else along the trace or another component along the trace. Lucky these kits are only one layer so it is easy to figure out what needs to be connected. Good luck.