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replacing a laptop hard drive? Answered

hello boys and girls,
this weekend my trusty laptop had failed on me.  After cursing up a storm and mashing every button possible i finally found the "restore" CDs of my laptop hd partion.  I got it restored to factory fresh and was ready to rock and roll when i get an error yesterday stating that "SMART" has detected iminate drive failure or some crap like that.  After searching i uploaded new firmware for the hd hopeing it would go away.  It didn't.  I ran a self test and it said bad Hard drive.

My question is as follows.  How hard is it to replace a laptop hard drive (other than switching out drives), if I burn a copy of the restore CDs will it install windows on the new hard drive or do i have to send it to HP/ buy windows
At this point i am not worried about loosing any data (done did that twice already) just want a computer that doesnt pop that error message everytime i reboot.

My laptop is a Compaq Presario F700 and i had it for almost 3 yrs to the day



Best Answer 8 years ago

As a general rule, googling questions like this is the best way forward. It looks like replacing the Compaq Presario F700 is very straight forward (see here).


7 years ago

Yes, you can fix your own hard drive. I fixed my hard drive when it failed and it was literally 5 minutes. Just get the spare part number and purchase online. I purchased mine a while back from CPU Medics. If you dont know the part number, they should be able to let you know, the link is here:

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Replacement Hard Drives

Also, yes you can used a burned restore disc to install the original contents again. It would also be a good idea to make a few copies of that disc in case you lose of break one.


Answer 7 years ago

thanks for the reply but i already replaced it like last year.

Nostalgic Guy

8 years ago

Assuming you can make a recovery/restore disk set you should be able to re-install with no problem.
Have you checked out the Compaq or Hewlett Packard web site?


If you find your model there look under "Manuals" & there should be full instructions on how to create a disk set, replace the drive & re-install back to factory spec.
If you look on the label on the bottom of your machine you may find that there is a more specific model number or a tag/serial number you can use to look up the manuals for your particular machine.


8 years ago

1) BACK UP THE HDD NOW. not later, NOW.
2) you must replace the drive. There is no fix for a faulty drive - it will get worse until it dies completely.
3) physically installing it is half the battle, reinstalling windoze is the other half which, if you have the installation key and a legit cd, isn't hard. If you lack installation media (Since you have a recovery parition, I doubt you have a disc) you may be in trouble.


8 years ago

Look on the back of your laptop, there should be a removable door or panel that covers the hard drive. I don't know for sure about your particular laptop but most are snap-in, snap-out units, others will have a small retainer holding it in place. You will have to re-install the OS and any programs, either from the installation CDs or from an external storage device.