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rybobi or ozito rotary tool Answered

hi everyone,

i saw the ozito rotary tool for $39 and the ryobi for $97 at bunnings, will the dremel bits fit these two items and will the router attachment (the round one that comes with the dremel )fit them
does anyone have any advice on which one and why
and pics or info would be great


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8 years ago

Bits are universal. They all fit every rotary tool. The only issue you may encounter is that some rotary tools only fit certain sized bits, most have various chucks to accept various shaft sizes, but some don't. So you just need to check to make sure that the shaft size is what your rotary tool accepts.

The attachments however are not universal. They tend to be created (from what I've seen) so that they can only be used with their own companies products. With a little modification, of course, you can usually work things out.

But that really depends on which exact attachment and which exact rotary tool you are working with (because they're all different and they all change over time, as new versions are released). A web search will probably yield good results if you search for something specific like "router attachment model/brand number used with rotary tool model/brand number".