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very interesting picture is needed to be found,help please? Answered

i saw it once,it is a picture in the shape of a coffin with a girl looking at a flower which has its roots sourounding a coffin underground,there is also a picture of the picture i just decribed in a hand held coffin model.

here is a crappy version of what its supost to look like,from my memory,if u can find it please say so


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8 years ago

Did you ever find your picture? Try google's image search. See if you can answer these questions and use it in your search. It can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but once in a while you get lucky.

Artist name
Name of the picture
Media use
region where it was made
time period of the piece
where you saw it


9 years ago

Finding a picture from a description, unless it's a particularly well-known one, is a major challenge. Where did you see it?

Folks have attempted to write image search tools for the web. It's a really difficult problem, especially when you don't have a starting point for "something that looks similar to this".