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what do i need to do to use sparkler fountain black powder in a homemade fuse? Answered

hi, a fireworks sparkler fountain that i had lying around in my room has dropped its contents as the base clay stuff crumbled away, and what i was left with was a paper case full of fountain powder.

the kind of fountain is the kkind that is it a paper tube like normal fireworks, but make a spray of sparks fames and colours of the ground, not a sparkler stick,

now sparkler fountain powder isnt like gun powder, this stuff burns slowly, probably because it has less oxidizer.

what i need to know, is what i should do to the powder to make it suitable to use as normal black powder when making a fuse using dextrin in the proportions 10/1.

i have access to a large amount of potassium nitrate, do i perhaps need to add more of it to the sparkler powder.


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