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what is a good treatment for cement garage floor? Answered

No cars, just a workshop with all the big tools and work benches. How to clean,then treatment the cement..... The walls are a high gloss white.



10 years ago

Is the floor dusty ? If it is, seal it with a coat of diluted PVA adhesive, or apply a concrete floor paint, or, if you can afford it, one of the expoxy based floor coatings.


Answer 10 years ago

Thanks. Yes, dusty and will be scrubbed really clean. No oil or materials like that. Not sure what a diluted PVA adhesive is... I think I know the epoxy one...then you can throw these plastic looking sprinkles on it? If so, will it really stay? I don't want "trails" after using a short while. Also, the garage's main function will be as a workshop. To find small dropped items , sweeping and etc. Any trouble with that? Lastly, a color. I was thinking a light gray (?) to keep all the area bright and reflect as much light as possible. Respectfully, quilter2