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what should i buy xbox 360, ps3 or nintendo wii? Answered

i need to buy something to play so what would i buy  a ps3, a xbox 360 or wii .what would be best .



Best Answer 7 years ago

Xbox 360 and PS3 have more mature rating games and these consoles have better graphics and your will have more fun with realistic gaming or go with the wii which has more family oriented games and less power and graphics.
the only difference between Xbox and PS3 Xbox live you need a paid subscription which is $60 CAD and the PS3 you can get a free account to play online or you can get PlayStation plus. Really you should research each company see what you want as a consumer. I bought the halo reach Xbox bundle and i am hooked the only problem i have with my Xbox no internet browser


7 years ago

Check the games available, and then buy the system that runs the most games that you like.

Or, if you're into hacking stuff, go for the system that you want to get inside the most (like the Kinect).