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working with closed cell foam Answered

I am making a clown prop. I have a pair of dry wall stilts that I have attatched closed cell foam to and carved into the shape of bare feet. It was my entent to coat the foam with liquid latex for durability. The foam when shaped and sanded left undesirable open pores, I next filled the pores with flexable latex caulk and then started coating with the liquid latx. I am not happy with the results I am getting, the foam is still to bumpy and the added weight of the caulk may be a problem. I am contemplating starting over with another product. I know that foam board used in the housing industry would be easer to sand smooth, and is there a differant coating that would be easer to apply. Thanks Rick "Locco"



11 years ago

This doesn't answer your question at all, but.... ...Where were you able to find your closed cell foam?


Reply 11 years ago

Future foam in K C Mo.,is where I purchased the foam. I believe they have other locations across the nation. They had three different types white, black, and pink depending on the purpose it is intended for. I was able to buy a 2"x4'x9' damaged piece for about $40.00 in black.