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how do you jailbreak your ipod? Answered

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8 years ago

I didn't jailbreak my iPad yet as it's providing what I want from it. It's a pity that I cannot modify the look of the os, but that's a minor one which doesn't bother me too much.
All reasons above are good ones, and if I jailbroke my device, I would only do it to get out of apples grip.
I like the device like it is and I think right now it's the best supported device on the market. Maybe I won't even have to jailbreak it if there are tablets on the market that fulfill my needs once other brands have things sorted out. If it comes to the point where apple doesn't support the 1st gen iPad any more and jailbreaking would be the only opportunity to improve my iPad, I would do it. If it ain't broken....


Answer 8 years ago

Yeah, I've had my Itouch since right before the second gen came out (pity I didn't wait a month or two longer), and it was only outdated with the release of ios 4 earlier this year.


8 years ago

I jailbroke my ipod, but only because the warranty was expired. When you jailbrake your ipod, you void any warranty you get. Also, my ipod is a first gen itouch, so it is rather old, and already been outmoded, jailbreaking just let me use some apps not in the app store and let me install different themes.


8 years ago

No, I wouldn't for several reasons:
Jailbreaking is dodgy at best, some work, some don't and many can irreparably damage your OS.
Support is almost non-existent, if you can't fix it yourself, you may be stuck.
Apple will, sooner or later, release an update purposely designed to make the jailbroken iPod useless.
If I were going to do anything, I would look into installing a Linux OS on the iPod, but even then, not unless I were willing to risk permanently ruining it.