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xp os steps halt auto download of live.com on start up? Answered


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10 years ago

What is the question / problem?
Use more words and more grammar.



10 years ago

I'm assuming you're asking how to prevent XP from automatically downloading content from live.com on start up. If this is the case, you most likely will need to remove a program or command from one of several places.

1.) check the Startup folder in your profile.
      1.1) Start-->Programs-->Startup
      1.2) See if the program you want removed is running from there.
      1.3) If it is, then remove it from that start menu directory by deleting it or dragging it elsewhere.
      1.4) If not, move on to 2.
2.) If the program is not there, you may need to prevent it from running via the System Configuration Utility.
     2.1) Press Start-->Run--> Type msconfig -->Hit enter.
     2.2) Select the Startup Tab.
     2.3) Be careful here. If you remove the wrong thing, you ruin your machine.
     2.4) Find the program that you don't want running and uncheck it.
           2.4.1) If the program is not listed here, move on to 3.
     2.5) Press Apply --> Press Okay -->Reboot
     2.6) If it still starts up on startup move on to 3.
3.) Disable the associated service.
     3.1) Start-->Run--> Type msconfig --> Hit enter.
     3.2) Go to the Services tab.
     3.3) Find an uncheck the associated service.
          3.1) If it's not there, move on to 4.
     3.4) Press Apply --> Press Okay -->Reboot
     3.5) If it still starts up, move on to 4.
4.) Uninstall the program that is downloading content automatically.
     4.1) Start --> Control Panel --> Add or Remove Programs
     4.2) Remove Microsoft Live or whatever its name is.

I hope this helps. If it doesn't please try to explain what the problem is in a little more detail so I'll have a better idea of how to advise you.

Happy computing!