Introduction: Faux Flower Planter Necklace

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My inspiration for this project was taken from a craft I saw for sale on etsy, where an artist uses a 3D printer to make a small planter that holds a living plant which you can wear around with you. However, I wasn't so keen on the price tag (which doesn't include a plant or shipping) and any living plants I own don't seem to last that long.

Instead, this version uses Dollar Store supplies and faux foliage to create an economical, wearable, faux flower planter necklace.

Follow along and make your own version. Men, this is a perfect for that lady in your life. And ladies, make your own and show off your crafty-awesomeness. Either way, this cheap floral project is sure to turn some heads.

Enough talk, let's make a planter necklace!

Step 1: Tools + Materials

  • hot glue
  • hacksaw
  • tweezers
  • thimble ($1.00)
  • plastic flowers (on hand)
  • necklace ($1.00)
My thimble came as part of a sewing package, the supplies not used in this package will make a fine addition to your craft box. The necklace used was a standard ball-hinge metal chain, with the charm removed. Almost any necklace would work for this application, even string in a pinch.

Step 2: Cut Thimble

Using a hacksaw, two slits were cut into either side of the thimble. Each slit is approximately half the length of the thimble. Depending on necklace type used, and thimble design, your cuts may be different.

The chain will need to be separated and the ends placed into these slots, then glued in place. An alternative to cutting slits is to use a small drill bit and bore through the thimble. The necklace can then be laced through the openings.

Ensure that the necklace connection points are not too low on the thimble, else the planter will tip upside down when filled. Above halfway should suffice.

Step 3: Separate Chain and Insert Into Thimble

Next, the chain was cut on the opposite side from the clasp. Once the chain is cut, insert each end into the slits cut into the thimble.

Drop a bead of hot glue on the inside of the thimble at the end of the chain. Take care to notice the position of your chain while the glue is setting, hold the slack of the chain above the rim of the thimble to ensure that the thimble will hang correctly when the necklace is worn.

When you are satisfied that your thimble and chain ends are in the right position, drop another bead of hot glue onto the slit openings and secure the chain ends in place.

Step 4: Make Your Flowers

I couldn't find a plastic flower small enough to use for this necklace, so I improvised and made my own using several other types of plastic flowers. In the seasonal section of your Dollar Store there are usually lots of varieties of flowers to chose from.

I topped a piece of stiff wire with a small white bud off a plastic flower bunch, then I sliced a bright yellow plastic pedal into strips and glued them to the underside on the white bud in a circular array. I used another plastic vine-like clipping and attached it to the stem to give the flower some depth. I also managed to find blades of plastic grass which will be set used when the flower is set in the thimble.

Use your creative license, maybe even go a little crazy.

Step 5: Fill With Dirt

To insert the flowers, start with a dab of glue in the bottom of the thimble and push the flower into place. While glue is setting position flower in the thimble, then pour hot glue into thimble until about half full.

With the glue setting, sprinkle dry, fine dirt onto top of glue. The dirt will stick to the glue and cover the insides, giving the planter a more authentic feel. After glue has set, shake off excess dirt.

Step 6:

All that's left is to find a neck to hang this flower necklace around. Maybe you have a lady-friend who likes flowers, or something for your Mum. Whomever the recipient, they are sure to love wearing a small potted flower year-round.

Did you make your own version of this project? Post a picture in the comments below.

Have fun! Happy making :)

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