Introduction: Beaded Grapes

this is my third 'beaded' instructable featuring some grapes, which actually look a lot more 'grape' coloured than the picture shows them to be. but anyway... if there is anything i say on here you are not sure of please leave a comment or else check out my techniques instructable :)

Step 1: Stuff You Need

to make some grapes you will need 18 purple seed beads, about 24 green smaller seed beads, wire, a jump ring, and various types of pliers. i for mine i used size nine purple beads and size 11 green beads, however you might want to use bigger purple beads or smaller green beads. this is just what i had at the time.

Step 2: Starting Off

unlike other project this one starts from the bottom and works upwards. nonetheless, mark the middle of the wire with a slight bend, thread on three beads and pass the wire back through two of them.

Step 3: Bunch of Grapes

after that make a row of 4, 5 then 6 purple beads.

Step 4: Leaves

pinch the wires to the middle of the top of the grapes. twist them once to secure them. thread on about 12 green beads (depending on how big you want the leaves to be). bring it into a loop and wrap around the base once to secure it. do the same on the other wire.

Step 5:

Step 6: Adding the Jumpring

using the pliers, pinch both the wires about an inch from the base of the leaves. twist the wires. thread both the wires through the jump-ring and fold the wires over it (see pic 2 of this step). twist the all the wires together some more and wrap the end around the base. Trim the remaining wire and you are done! thanks for reading this instructable. if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask and look out for other instructables like this one :)