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This post is on how to make a beautiful wall decor incorporating origami in butterfly shape.

Step 1: Materials Required

Color paper/Origami paper


Double sided tape/one sided tap

Step 2:

I chose 15cmx15cm. If you are using color paper, make sure you take a
square paper. Its simple, just fold two diagonally opposite sides and make sure a clean triangle is formed, cut the remaining.

Step 3:

Fold the other side diagonally as well to get a “X”.

Step 4:

Fold horizontally and vertically as well.

Step 5:

When you open, You should have a “X” and “+”

Step 6:

Fold on the horizontal line.

On the right side, push from the top side diagonally till the marked end (halfway)

Step 7:

This is how it will look like now from top. Push the edge completely inside to form a right angled triangle.

Step 8:

Do the same on the other side.

Step 9:

Now fold the triangles. Cut on the bottom edge as per the marked line (a small curve)

Step 10:

Open up and fold the curved edge along the green line to the top.

Step 11:

Do it on the other side to form a Heart.

Step 12:

Now turn it upside down

Step 13:

This is the tricky part, take the bottom edge and fold & move, by
popping the heart, and moving towards the top so that a small triangle is formed on the top as shown in the picture.

Step 14:

Now bend this triangle on top and join the top wings, folding in between.

Step 15:

Pinch the middle portion from outside, after folding.

Step 16:

Open the wings and here is your beautiful butterfly :)

Step 17:

I made them in rainbow colors and pasted them on wall using tapes. Trust me it looks amazing in person than on the pic :)
Its time to make a big flower near the butterflies

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22 Discussions


Question 11 months ago on Step 1

Yes, I've made the butterflies and am having trouble taping them to the wall. They flatten out and lose their shape... any tips?

1 answer
Praveena RavishankarVirginiaM48

Answer 8 months ago

Hey, I faced this problem. I used glue to the top of triangle (where the shape holds), dried it out and used double sided tape to paste them on wall.

Do try it out and let me know :)


1 year ago

Cute idea! I'm definitely going to make this for my room!

1 reply
Challenging star

3 years ago

Ya images are good and clear, and writing is superb but still i did not understand step 16. Dont you think its a bit tricky. These paper butterflies look awesome in images but after making it in reality you will feel gizzy, cause they are not awesome that much but good. I feel its waste of time and paper

1 reply

In step 15, the butterfly has been folded and pinched in the center portion. Now, in step 16, the folded portion is opened up :) I hope this makes it clear?

about whether its waste or not, art can never be "waste", it may or may not reap monetary benefits, but it's something which you have created :)


3 years ago

Yr . Praveena. Ek dum mst lga enko.bnake. i feel great. Because i dont know that type of beautiful paper work......

1 reply
Challenging star

3 years ago

Ya images are good and clear, but still i did not understand step 16. It looks awesome in images, by which you feel to make immediatly, but after making you feel gizzy. I feel your this butterfly origami is of no use


3 years ago

Really nice instructions. They just look amazing on the wall.

1 reply