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Introduction: Closet Door Organizer

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For this DORM HACKS CONTEST 2016, I will show you how to save space in your closet by exploiting the door.

This system does not require sticking or piercing the door and can be removes in 2 seconds.

It is totally modular and scalable, very practical and really makes you save space. It costs nothing or almost to put up and you can almost find everything in a dorm closet.


Step 1: Components and Tools Needed:


- Rope

- Metal hanger

- Iron wire (can be replaced by twine)

- Wood clothes pegs

- Ziploc bags (optional)

- metal can (optional)


- multitools


- cutting pliers

- manual drill

Step 2: Make the Structure

- Twist the head of a 90 ° metal hanger.

The structure of the assembly will look like large mesh fishing net.

- Cut 3 pieces of rope of equal length about 1m. Their length will determine the height of the mounting.

- Hook the end of each rope to the metal hanger.

- Make a knot of fixed loop type every 15 - 20cm.

- Cut 3 pieces of rope of equal length about 40cm. Their length will determine the width of the mounting.

- Pass the rope through the loops, perpendicularly to the first rope, and make a knot at each end.

- Cut the head of a metal hanger, and put it aside. Make hooks at each end of the remaining piece.

- Pass this piece in the loops at the extremities of the vertical cords; it will be the foot of the assembly.

Step 3: Make Fasteners

First sort of fasteners:

Drill a side of wood clothes pegs

Cut a piece of iron wire about 6 cm.

Pass the piece of iron wire through the hole of the wood clothes peg and make a hook.

Second sort of fasteners:

Open the metal can as a food can.

Drill a hole in it.

Bend a piece of wire in the shape of a hook and insert one side into the hole of the bobbin.

Third sort of fasteners:

Fold the head of the hanger cut previously and fold the shape in double hook.

Fourth sort of fasteners:

Cut several pieces of wire about 6 cm and make hooks.

Drill 2 holes on each side of a Ziploc and pass hooks on each side.

Step 4: Compose Your Closet Door Organizer

Now, compose and organize your editing according to what you will put there. You can hang your sports shoe, your glasses, photos, headphones ... In addition to gaining space, you have access to all very quickly. Smile!

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