DIY Wall Design With Wallpaper Stickers

This is a quick and simple walk-through on what i have done with a wall in the bedroom on a bored Sunday!

Step 1: Start With a Plain Wall

Look for a plain wall desperately in need of decorations.

Step 2: Wallpaper Stickers

Buy wall paper with different designs.

Usually there are preview or example pictures of what the outcome will be, but try not to be limited by it. Instead, plan with a bigger picture in mind that includes mix and match with the various pre-fixed designs.

Step 3: Surface Preparation

Clean the wall with soap water.

The dust and stains will need to be removed for proper sticker adhesion!

Step 4: Let the Fun Begins!

Start peeling off the stickers and stick them on the wall!

Tip: Cut out the big pieces from the original template and orientate around and experiment with the placement for better visualization.

Tip: If you have done repair on your wall before, the patches of putty will not be easy to stick on. If this is the case, simply use gluestick to supplement the sticking.

Step 5: Completed!

Most important tip of all, always listen and give in to suggestions proposed by the wife!

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