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Introduction: Diy Simple Soda Bottle Mousetrap

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I have been staring at soda bottles for years and thought there had to be a way to make a mousetrap out of one. They're strong and lightweight and many others have come up with some pretty cool uses for them from funnels to scoops to bird houses. I wanted it to be friendly and humane. I also wanted it to be something anyone could build. It had to be simple to operate and easy to bait. I was able to achieve all of those goals all in one with my diy humane soda bottle mousetrap. It's amazing how simple it is and how well it works.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Watch how easy it is to make and bait . No slamming doors or tricky latches to set. The mouse stays very calm during his capture and it's very easy to release him.

Step 2: Parts List and Tools


1) small soda, cola or pop bottle and the cap.

2) a small piece of 2x4 wood.

3) a metal coat hanger.

4) one screw

5) a clothes pin or paper clip

6) 2 pointy things (nails or pins)


1) a drill

2) a drill bit, one size bigger than a coat hanger

3) a drill bit one, size smaller than a coat hanger

4) screw driver

5) pliers

6) hammer

7) cutters

Step 3: Balance the Bottle

First take the 2 nails or pins and gently lift the bottle and find where the balance point is by placing the pins at the same spot on opposite sides of the bottle. Mark the spot. Now make 2 more marks 1/4" (6mm) ahead of those marks towards the bottle opening (not towards the bottom) By doing this, the bottle will be balanced a bit more towards the rear. This is where you'll drill 2 holes that are one size bigger than the coat hanger rod.

Step 4: Build the Pivot

Take a pair of cutters and cut the bottom portion of the coat hanger off. Then cut that piece in 2, one piece longer than the other. Use the shorter one to put through the holes in the bottle and place it against the wood so as to have 1/2" (13mm) of clearance at the bottom of the bottle. Now hammer it into the 2x4 like a nail. Slide the bottle onto it and use the clothespin to hold it on.

Step 5: Bend the Rod

Take the other piece of coat hanger and bend a hook in it. Then bend it at a 90 degree angle. Take your screw and washer and screw it into the wood. Slide the hook under the washer and snug it down. We'll make an adjustment in a few steps.

Step 6: Drill the Cap

Now take the smaller drill and drill 2 holes in the side of the cap. If you're new at drilling, you may want to use a pair of pliers to hold the cap.Take the cap and wiggle and push and slide it onto the rod. (We want the hole to be smaller so that the cap is a tight fit and the mouse won't be able to move it)

Step 7: Adjusting

This part is easy. Move the bottle up and down with your finger. Move and adjust the cap so that it doesn't touch the bottle, but comes as close as you can get it, and that it's centred. You can loosen the screw and slide the coat hanger, you can twist the cap, you can slide the cap, it's adjustable in all directions! Remember that the coat hanger metal is pretty soft too. If things aren't quite aligned, just give it a bend to make it right. Once you play with it for a while, you'll get it perfect.

Step 8: Baiting the Bottle

Using peanut butter is best. Just a smidgen on the end of your finger is all you need. Put it in the top of the inside of the bottle as far in as you can reach with your finger.

Step 9: Placement

The best place to put the trap is along a wall since they don't like to travel across open spaces.

Step 10: Capture and Release

Wait until he's at the bottom end of the bottle then slide the bottle off and screw on a cap. Now take him to where you would like to release him, undo the cap and lay the bottle on the ground. When he's comfortable, he'll leave the bottle.

Step 11: If You Missed the Video at the Start, Here It Is Again!

Happy Humane Mouse trapping! You'll find that looking at him up close in the bottle, you can't help but like the furry little guy!

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Super, easy to make

This is brilliant. I'm going to make this. If you set the mouse free and he comes back in for more PB, do you think he would learn not to go in the bottle the second (or third) time?

How funny to read a mouse trap 'ible be peppered with so many cockroach comments! So, what about rats - larger bottle opening, and bottle?

here in australia we have a big problem with cockroaches... i'm sure there's a simple solution lurking in here somewhere to catch the dirty little b***ards using a drinks bottle or similar ? obviously gravity won't be the key, maybe friction (or lack of)... ?

16 replies

Btw i wasn't thinking of a 'humane' release for cockroaches...

Neither was I. A sawed off shotgun with fine bird shot makes too much noise, and stomping on them takes too long. Abd a blowtorch is a good way to burn down the building! Powdered borax does work...

there must be some sad creature out there that looks on cockies as a feast... make friends with them :p

Huntsman spiders eat cockroaches apparently

Anything bigger than a soda can is one hell of a spider I don't want to be tripping over!

What eats Huntsman spiders?

Chickens love to eat roaches. They chase them down.

If that be true and you eat chicken, then you know that your eating that cockroach too.

No, actually not. You are eating some few substances absorbed by the chicken from the cockroach. Did you know that the water you drink has touched fish sperm. Does that gross you out.

Diatomaceous earth does the trick. It scrapes through the ant exoskeleton and turns their innards to mush.

Yes you pour it down their holes. It takes 2 people. One holds the roach still. The other uses a very small funnel, inserts it in the roach's anus & pours in the DE.

Great tip.

I did a google search and found "food grade" used by farmers for about $30 US dollars for 50lb sack. (They put it in grain sillos)

Diatomaceous earth can be found at some pool supply stores. They use it in some pool filters instead of sand.

Pool Supply DE is very dangerous to use this way. It has been fired so the silica becomes elongated strands instead of the small micro shards of the natural DE powder. These long strands can pierce and damage the lungs more than the natural unfired product and can lead to silicosis of the lungs. It is NEVER safe to use Pool DE to dust a house. It should only be use IN pool filters Under water. Thanks for the suggestion though, but only use Natural Unfired DE, It can be found in BigBox stores or at Feed Stores.

Diatomaceous earth is GREAT for insect prevention. If your house isn't a large one(or if you are willing to go to the expense if it is), you can buy a large bag of the stuff and create a "No Pass" line against the edge of your house. The only problem is you have to keep it clear of debris because bugs can crawl over it on the debris.

I have heard of people using diatomaceous earth during the construction of a house, and placing it inside the wall framing. I suppose it could be added in later by making a hole in the wall and then using a funnel or pipe to pour the D.E. into the wall.