Gathered Hat

Introduction: Gathered Hat

Here is my  first knitted  hat for this cold winter..A very big thank you to all the instructable members who had posted some nice projects for the biginners.Double thanks to  those who had posted videos which was much more easier to learn.
I spent hours sitting in front of the computer with my knitting and playing the video, then a pause, then back, and so on until I got it right.It was the same with my first crochet.You want to  have a look at my first crochet  here it is

I am still not perfect in knitting,make mistakes and still do not know how to increase and decrease,so my hat is a unique design with out these.This is pretty easy for a biginner and gives a lovely flare  on top with a big Pom Pom.

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Step 1: Requirements

Yarn of your choice
A set of Knitting needle to match the yarn
Darning needle
Measuring tape
Cork lid (option)Not in Pic

For Pom Pom

Piece of cardbord

Step 2: Casting

To be frank I did not know how many stitches I should cast on for a hat for me. This is the hardest part in the project.I asked in the shop where I bought the yarn.Looking at me she said about 72 or 74 depending how loose I want it. In this instructable Scoochmaroo has given very clear instruction.Oh! doing all these swatch was really too much for me.Remember I am a biginner with out any knowledge of knitting.I casted on 72 stitches as mentioned in her Project. A rough guess.
From this I figured out to do the knit and purl.
I did the casting  on both needles because it is easier for a biginner.After casting I pulled  out one needle.The stitches are a bit loose which was easy.Once you do the first row of knitting it is perfect.
Sorry I forgot to take some pictures on this.But this is some thing easy which every one can do it.

Step 3: Ribbing

For ribbing, work the hat  in  Knit 2, Purl 2,This will not curl up when completed.
I did a couple of  rows to the height of 1 1/4". Start with 2 knit and end with 2 Purl.

Step 4: Knit Knit Knit

Now knit your heart out! until the desired height you want.After the ribbing it is 1 row knit ,the next row purl and continued to 8" in height.Then again the ribbing (2knit,2Purl) for 1 1/4". In total the height is 9,1/2".I like the ribbing stitches very much.I used a wine bottle cork to put an end to the loops slipping out of the yarn.

Step 5: Bind Off

These two videos ( 12 ) were  very helpful to do the  bind off.I searched the whole instructable and found these  excellent.I sat in front of my laptop as usual the video is played over and over again until I got the hang of it.Continue till all the stitches are done.

Step 6: Join Together

Now join together with the tail end.Since this is multi colored yarn I have to be very careful to match the colors  together on the right side.
(If you are using one color yarn ,skip this)
Sew a running stitch with the other end of the yarn(blue)if not when you wear the hat the join  can be seen through the seam.

Step 7: Turn Inside Out

Once you turn inside out it is a rectangle  piece of 16 X 9 1/2 inches.Now decide which color you want it at the top.

Step 8: Before Gathering

See image before gathering.

Step 9:

With the  darning needle insert the rest of the yarn on the wrong side.(in to  the same color loops)

Step 10: Gathering

Decide on which color you want to do the gathering on top,and get the same color yarn for the needle too.Insert it from the wrong side(I did it just below the ribbing) and from the right side pass through with a running stitch  right round ,gather all together and do a tight knot on the wrong side .(see image 6)
The tail end (orange)should also be inserted  on to the same color loops.

Step 11: Make Pom Poms

Cut out two rounds on a cardboard,and cut a small round in the middle.Then cut in angle on both pieces exactly  as shown in the pictures.Place a 12" piece yarn in the centre  and place the other carboard on top of it.Now wrap the yarn around it as shown.Since my Yarn is multi colord  I put a pin half way and took the other end of the yarn from inside to have the yellow and orange color.If you are using one color yarn skip this .
I wraped 200 times ,so the pom pom will be fluffy and nice.

Please see that the two tails hanging does not get caught in the wrapping.Now take the two ends thats running through the middle and tie a knot(image 9 -to shrink the middle).Next put your fingers in the middle and start cutting the yarn all the way along  from the disk in between the two layers of card board.The reason to put the fingers in the middle is to keep all the yarn is place.Now grab the two tails and tighten up the centre of the pom pom to keep it secure and remove it from the card disc.You may find a few strings a bit longer ,get your scissors and snip it off.

Step 12: Admire

The 72 casting was just right for me.As for a first timer I am really satisfied with my hat.
This is my first knitting so please be nice with your comments and cast your votes if you feel its great for a first timer

Thank you for taking time to view my Project.

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