Harry Potter Style Floating Bookshelves




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Floating bookshelfs made from.. books ? Yes, it's very cool looking and functional room decoration which is also very easy to made.

Step 1: Wall Holders

First You need to make a holders. You can make them from angles which You can by in every construction shop. Use big ones and strong enough to sustain the weight of few books.

TIP: You can paint metal holders with the wall paint.

Step 2: Big Books

If You want to use very wide, big books in bookshelf, You have to add metal plate to the holders. Without them, the whole book shelf would be very wabble and unstable.

Step 3: Book Preparation

Book which will be the bottom of the bookshelf must be properly prepared. Add a magnet to th bottom book cover. This magnet will hold the cover while the rest of the book will lie on a metal holder. Like on the pictures above.

Step 4: That's All

That's all. As I said, It was very easy.

Now enjoy levitating bookshelves.

You may also want to read tutorial on 'how to make stylized/aged paper' for the book covers'.



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    1 year ago


    Thank heavens someone finally solved this issue for me! With all of these I've seen in the last couple of years, I could never figure out why/how the bottom part didn't hang down. I love how neat, tidy and modern they are. Thank you for solving this puzzle for me!


    1 year ago

    Fun project!


    1 year ago

    Magnets are a good idea.