How to Make the Letters a and H Out of PVC Pipes and Fittings Without Bending

Introduction: How to Make the Letters a and H Out of PVC Pipes and Fittings Without Bending

 You Will Need the following things to build both of these Letters

One Elbow Piece
Two 45 degree elbows
Two Tee Pieces
Four 2 inch pipes
One 3 inch pipe
Two 4 inch pipes

Two tee pieces 
One 3 inch pipe
Four 5 inch pipes

Step 1: Building Stage

A: First you begin by Taking an elbow piece, cutting out the appropriate measurements and place two 2 inch pipes into each side of the elbow piece.

H: Begin by taking two tee pieces and cut the appropriate measurements. then take a two inch pipe and place it in between the two tee pieces.

Step 2: Building Stage

A: Then you take the two 45 degree elbows and put them on each end of the two inch pipes.

H: Then you take your four 5 inch pipes and place them in the open end of the tee pieces.

Step 3: Building Stage

A: After adding he elbows you take your other 2 inch pipes and you put them on the ends of each 45 degree elbow.

H: Once you connect all four 5 inch pieces, the final design should look as clear as an H as it can be. Your Job is now done, you have made the letter H using PVC pipes and fittings.

Step 4: Building Stage

A: Now from the two inch piece pipes that are sticking out you add a tee piece on each side so that they are facing each other and so you are able to connect the two. Add a 3 inch pipe right in between so that there is no gap and fits perfectly.

Step 5: Concluding Stage

A: Your job here is almost done, you have majority of the letter done. Now that you have the top part of the letter done, you can add the 4 inch pipes right into the tee piece. You do the same thing for each side. There you go you just made the letter A using PVC pipes and fittings.

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