UPDATE! Now With Video! Knex Handgun: Viper Instructions.

Introduction: UPDATE! Now With Video! Knex Handgun: Viper Instructions.

About: I used to build with K'nex. Now I am an infantryman serving at Fort Irwin, CA.

I was finally able to get a video uploaded! A special thanks to my sister for her help. :)

When things get nasty, you can always rely on my new handgun, Viper.

Slim, good looking, and powerful, this is one of those guns that can be difficult to come by. Coming in at 11 inches, Viper is far from compact, yet it is still fairly light and is intimidating. there is little space wasted on goodies and features, but just because it seems bare-bones does not mean it sacrifices comfort or performance

The magazine is easier to load then its competitors, due to the magazine set up. Just drop the rounds in and band the magazine pusher. The handle is sturdy enough, and it is very comfy. Range is around 50 feet with two #64 bands, nothing to scoff at considering the direct feeding yellow rod magazine.

Viper has simple sights, not unlike those found on Lt. Licorice. The reliability is also very good. Trigger is very light, and pin pull is just right for a pistol, not so much that the pin bends like crazy, or too little so range is sad.

This is my favorite gun of mine I have built thus far, but it was not an easy build. All of the problems were with the front magazine wall. if it was too tight, the rounds would be hard to load. Too loose and the pin would miss some of the rounds. Not sturdy enough, and wall would blow up.

I had to disassemble the front at least 30 times, I broke three yellow connectors and a y clip by accident, I used up a foot or so of tape, and parts of the gun blew up at least 20 times. It consumed several hours of my life too.

When victory lies on the tip of a fang, you can be confident Viper will will pull you through... every time.

Pleas comment, favorite and subscribe. It means a lot to me.

Color and product may very. Do not modify ammo or ammo blaster. Accessorizes sold separately. Do not aim at eyes or face. Building Viper will not necessarily guar-antee victory. Yellow rods not included. Use at your own risk. Do not throw these warnings away. Limited lifetime warranty.     2015, CC Merchandise. 

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Step 1: Important Note:

OK, before we get to the part list, go to this Pandora Internet Radio, sign up, and set up Scot Joplin, Classical for Studying, or Chopin radio. It will help with the build, I promise. As I write this I am listening to Pachelbel's Canon.

Now I realize that my tastes in music are probably much different then yours, so listen to "Rappin' Dude Man," or whatever floats your boat.

Step 2: Part List!

Green rods: 120

White rods: 49

Blue rods: 6

Black rod: 1

Yellow con: 42

Green con: 3

Red con: 13

Grey con: 3

Orange con: 12

White con: 14

Blue con: 4

Full hinge: 3

Y clips: 10

Grey clips: 15

Ball socket half: 2

Tan clips: 3

Blue clips: 1

Blue spacers: 2

Cut white rods: 3

Cut rod end: 1

#64: 4

#32: 1

Total: 312 Pieces.

Step 3: Build the Handle.


Step 4: Build a Body Workshop.

Welcome to the workshop, where plastic and birch plywood meet.

Step 5: Putting Together.

This is where we go from a body and handle to a finished weapon.

Step 6: Banding and Shooting.

Read the image notes.

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The Knex Inventor
The Knex Inventor

3 years ago

Also, this was one of the most comfortable K'NEX handguns that I have ever built!

Lucas The Boss
Lucas The Boss

5 years ago

Dude I love this gun!!!!!!!!!!!!

15, 2:00 PM.jpg15, 2:00 PM.jpg15, 2:00 PM.jpg15, 2:00 PM.jpg

5 years ago

oh my gosh!!! ur puppy is soon cute!!! XD... nice gun dud


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

He gets squeezed more then any dog needs, anyway. :)


Reply 5 years ago

Yeah! The vid has it with two worn out bands, but the trigger can hold at least four.


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Oh well, your stuff is plenty good for the amount of knex you have. :)