Knex Semi-automatic

Or bolt-action, pump-action, or whatever you want to call it. (it loads automatically)
Shoots yellow rods, max. capacity 20. Colors and rubber band tensions vary. Modify as nessesary.

*See below comments; I mistakenly re-posted this in 2009. Please refrain from freaking out.*

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Step 1: Get Pieces

If you don't have over 200 pieces, you can't make this. These lists do not include the ammo (yellow rods).

*can be substituted for similar pieces

Step 2: Construct Barrel

Step 3: Construct Handle

Step 4: Make Trigger

This is actually a 2-part trigger, but the first part wa included in the barrel.

Step 5: Assemble Parts

Make sure the handle connects fully to the barrel.

Step 6: Make Firing Pin

The part in the last picture will go on later.

Step 7: Make Other Parts...

Step 8: Make Other Parts...

Step 9: Assemble More Parts...

Step 10: Make Automatic Feed

Make two of each of these pieces.

Step 11: Make Other Parts...

Make two of the first piece, and one of the second.

Step 12: Assemble More Parts...

Step 13: Attach String and Rubber Bands

Step 14: Attach Automatic Feed...

The rubber band should not be streatched to its fullest; if it is, connect two together instead.

Step 15: Prepare to Fire

Load ammo, pull back pin until it locks in place, and fire.
If it jams, pull back the pin until it locks. Check that the ammo is in place to be fired, and try again.
If the pin doesn't lock, adjust the rubber band shown in step 13, picture 7.

Note: the more ammo you put inside, the less well it works.

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