Knex Longbow SR-L V2





Introduction: Knex Longbow SR-L V2


This was meant to be a sniper rifle, but I added arms, and everyone wanted me to call it a crossbow.

Anyway, it is a sniper bow now, and its the biggest knex project I have ever built in terms of part count.

PROS (a * means its an improvement over v1)

- true trigger
- very powerful
- good range (50-70 feet)*
- very accurate
- has a sight*
- better stock*
- has a collapsible bipod
- faster load time than v1 (5 seconds for v2, compared to ten seconds for v1)*
- NEVER jams
- is much more sturdier*


- out of all my knex projects, this uses the most parts. (but im sure this isnt a problem for every other knexer out there)
- misfires when shot at a straight angle (catches on the connectors). It can shoot right when pointed downwards, so it should be used for sniping off high balconies or ledges

stock- bartboy
Bipod- KillerK

Anyway, I would use this along with My AR-4 v2 in a knex war.

If you like it, lets build it!

note- due to a new breakthrough in my pics, there is no blur anymore.

Step 1: Get Materials

- 17 white
- 16 blue
- 4 purple
- 24 yellow
- 28 green
- 27 red
- 31 orange

End Connectors
- 4 tan lock
- 2 black hinge
- 2 blue hinge

-1 black
-7 grey
-6 red
-8 yellow
-13 blue
-33 white
-lot of green

-4 blue spacer
-35 silver spacer
-1 head top

TOTAL-222 parts (not counting green rods)

wow, I have nearly no parts at all....way lower than my estimate.

Step 2: Handle and Stock.

This is the stock and handle. stock is modified off of Bartboy's stock.

picture 1- the overview
picture 2- the stock only
Picture 3- the ratchet and trigger.

Step 3: Main Barrel

This is a new 5- layer thick barrel

Picture 1- overview
Picture 2- some parts of the barrel removed
Picture 3- bipod holder
Picture 4- attach to handle
Picture 5- make this part.
Picture 6- connect it

Step 4: Bow

this is the bow. build it.

and note the rubberband placement and the attachment to barrel.

Step 5: Top Rail (optional)

this part is optional, but it makes the gun look better and adds a sight.

picture 1- the top rail.

Picture 2-3 the connection

Step 6: Bipod (optional)

you know the drill:

Picture 1- build the legs (note the rubber band)
Picture 2- attach to barrel

Step 7: Ammo

This is the modded ammo (picture 1)

It should be easy to load and fire the gun from here.

Enjoy, and dont forget to rate!



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    116 Discussions

    hey i made this crossbow/gun at 2 in the morning i couldent w8 for morning anny way 4 months after i buildted it and made this other gun i had a brain wave and i added a rail mech to it to stop the ammo pining out a difernt direction so if u wont
    jamesalex55 plus other peps il put up a link to my instruction vid

    I built his but it doesn't fire properly. I've tried pointing it at different angles but when the elastic band hits the ammo, it pushes it forwards and then spins it as it leaves the crossbow. It doesn't really fire and sort of spins the ammo out. Only goes about 6 feet. :( I'm not critiscing you I think I built it wrong somewhere but does anyone know how to fix?
    I love the gun in terms of looks and feel though. :)

    1 reply

    I really don't know, it might be the alignment of some parts. I've never come across that problem with this before. Of course, I built it almost 2 years ago, I really don't remember much about it...

    Can you make this easier to make as i cannot make the v1 as i has like nearly no parts (and the instructions are blurry)

    i actually started building at 11:30am but its because i live in england
    (if you live in england also ITS WRONG)

    ever heard of this other new thing called time zones? btw i love england!

    supr comfy handle= plus one star after i finish, shoot and then rate!

    1 reply

    its a cross bow. can gun swivel round and bipod stay in same place or is it fixed in 1 position?