Short Gun : Rubber Band

Introduction: Short Gun : Rubber Band

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Hi All,

I made my first rubber band gun, two weeks back.... and my son gave me a challenge to make another with 10 rounds...

So, in this instructables I will share how I made a 10 round, short gun using leftover wood and rubber band... This project is simple to make and in few hours you should be good to have a do a duel with your kid or friends

With this project I was able to reuse old wood and make a toy of it. and my son and his friends really enjoyed it. I hope to inspire more people to reuse and recycle..

Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • Wooden strip ( 3/4" x 10" and 3/4" x 8.5")
  • Wooden flooring leftovers from previous projects
  • 1" screws
  • 10 no 1" diameter rubber bands
  • 2" ( 4/16" or 6mm) bolt with nut ( I am not good in converting mm to inches )
  • Drilling machine
  • Jigsaw
  • Mitre box saw

Step 2: Design

This design is inspired by the simplest rubber band gun and a short gun.

I have attached reference design with scale

Step 3: The Handle

  • I used old wooden flooring (mdf), You could use a wooden plank as well
  • I used a jigsaw to cut these and I recommend clamping the wood planks to a table before cutting
  • Cut the handles as shown

Step 4: Barrel ?

  • I don't know what to call this part, I will just call it a barrel
  • We need to cut ten slots to hold the rubber bands at a distance of 10mm
  • I used a mitre box hand saw, Not all lengths were at same dept, use a matchstick to level these later
  • And give a rounded edge to the bottom one

Step 5: Main Body

  • Fix the upper barrel on the handle
  • Keeping distance of 6 mm to 7mm between them, fix the lower barrel below
  • This gap between upper and lower barrel, works as a channel for the trigger to move freely and in line

Step 6: Trigger

  • To give it a short gun's pump action, I used half rounded wooden strip
  • The trigger initially was made at 45 degree angle, later adjusted to 30 degrees
  • Using a 6mm bolt to hold left and right triggers
  • I added small wooden piece between the right and left tiggers, to guide it's movement within the gap

Step 7: Testing

Load the gun with 10 rounds of rubber band and test on a target


  • add a motor and make this an automatic
  • auto load rounds
  • bigger

Please share comments and suggestions to improve this design further

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    Fun project. Thanks for sharing with the community.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks, means alot coming from you