Simple Minute Rubberband Gun


Introduction: Simple Minute Rubberband Gun

About: I ' m 12 and I French . I create crazy but small K'nex guns or something in K'nex ... I love Zelda on Wii or other warfare games . My best Kn'ex gun are : FFRS 001 ( Sligshot Sniper ) , V.G.N 013 ( Automatic...

Hello !

This is a simple rubberband gun . It's very small but powerful .

There isn't need instructions because it's very simple ...


- Very small
- Easy to build
- So simple

- No very accurate
- So simple ...

See you the next gun !

- Guiguivinvin -



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    This would be really good to have a war with your friends since it is easy to produce and doesn't take many pieces. 3.5*