Spinning Freefall Lift, a Knex Ball Machine Lift




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Hi everyone

Here the instructions for the new lift in my knex ball machine Dragonfire.
I have changed the lift a little bit, more exactly the entrance.
In the vid of Dragonfire, you can see that there are several balls rolling to the arm at the same time, but the arm can lift only one ball at time, that's why there is an extra path (path 4).
In this new version there is another way to bring the ball to the entrance of the arm.
Now only one ball can roll to the arm, and not two (or more) at the same time.
Much better!

If something is not clear enough, let me know!


PS: Thanks to KneXtreme for the name of this lift!

Step 1: Piece List

First, you have to count the pieces.
All the pieces are named by the original color.

green 67
white 44
blue 81
yellow 26
red 67
grey 44

dark-grey 20
light-grey 2
orange 10
red 14
green 10
yellow 69
white 11
purple 122
blue 12

tan clip 8
blue clip 5
Y-clip 16
blue spacer 22
silver spacer 25
small blue gear 2 
medium red gear 2
medium yellow gear 1
large yellow gear 1
blue* knex motor 1

TOTAL: 682

And off course you'll need some knex balls!

*I used a new knex motor. They exist in different colors.
Use the blue one, that one has the best speed.
You can't use a green one cause it turns to fast.

Step 2: Entrance

Step 3: Gearing

Step 4: Exit

Step 5: Top

Step 6: The Arm: Middle Part

Step 7: The Arm: Entrance

Step 8: The Arm: Exit

Step 9: Completing the Arm

Step 10: Attaching the Arm + Side Support

Step 11: Finished!

You're done!
Thanks for building my lift. (or watching the ible only)
When you have used it in your ball machine, just give me some credit and let me now.
Then I'll add a photo of your Spinning Freefall Lift to this step!

See you!




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    Yes it's necessary but you could use another gear combination.
    But I'm not sure if that would work.
    This combination has just the best rotation speed cause if it turns to slow or to fast it won't work anymore.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Mooie lift! Het meachanisme dat er voor zorgt dat er steeds maar een bal in kan is echt geweldig! Denk je dat die ook nog werkt met de nieuwe soort ballen?

    15 replies

    Als het je lukt mag je er zeker instructies van maken! Misschien dat ik binnenkort eens een andere probeer te maken voor de nieuwe ballen.

    Nope, if it was a freefall i'd already be long finished. I'm also braking the world record of the worlds biggest knex ball machine looping :D


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Yes I almost gave up and then the gate worked! :) You can use it for a next ball machine! ;D