Kettle Cooking for Travel Food on a Budget




Introduction: Kettle Cooking for Travel Food on a Budget

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Travelling is great, but hotel bills are not so great. And when you check the food bill, especially when you have kids, you just might get a heart attack!

Yes, bed and breakfast is reasonable at times, but what about the rest of the times?

Let me show you how you can have quick healthy meals with minimum cost and fuss!

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Step 1: Meet Mrs Kettle - Your Best Friend

Most hotels provide an electrical kettle and iron. If they don't provide one, and you are not a mom (yes, mom's with small kids travel with it along with an iron and perhaps a hand blender) I'm guessing you would be traveling with a small electrical kettle after this instructable if you want to save up on food cost!

So for tools you need -

A kettle

kitchen foil

Grocery -



Instant noodles

the above is the list for the demonstration I'm about to show. You can use rice and oats and simple vegetables for steaming and even sausages!

Step 2: Mashed Potatoes

This is super simple.

Fill up water a bit below the maximum point. Peal and drop potatoes in the kettle. Make sure the water is not above the maximum line. Close and lid and boil.

This kettle does not shut off automatically, so I switched off the plug and pricked with a fork to see if it was done. It was done quite well and was easy to mash too.

While the potatoes were being boiled I I fried an egg too! check out the next step to see how I did that!

Step 3: Fry an Egg!

Make a bowl with kitchen foil. It's not rocket science :-) just crunch up a square piece of foil in the ends and raise the edges higher making a wall!

Place it on top of the kettle while the water is boiling with the potatoes. If you prefer you can add a dot of butter for lubrication in the center of the foil.

Break an egg either on the foil or in a bowl ( I always break the egg in a separate bowl just in case the egg has spoiled ). Add salt and pepper to taste. Pour the egg in to the foil bowl. Now watch your egg being fried! To speed up the process you can either make a lid from foil or use any lid you can find around (I kind of ran out of the foil hence the lid).

Cover with a foil. Your egg will be steam fried now while your potatoes are being baked! Cool huh? You can use this same method to steam fry sausages and veggies!

Step 4: Noodles?? Why Not?

How about something really substantial? Let's try noodles shall we? I used an instant noodle pack.

Boil some water. Do not add more water, just sufficient for the noodles. Once the water has boiled add the noodles cakes into the water. Let it boil. Now add the seasoning provided in the packet. Stir and let it cook for 2 minutes and your noodles is ready! You can cook rice or even oats this way.

Now serve up into a plate and enjoy your meal! This is a super cool method to use even when you are in a hurry to watch your favorite game! Very quick and very little mess!

Step 5: Clean Up!

Now that you have used your newest buddy to your hearts content make sure to clean it well. Soak with water and wash well so that nothing is left behind. It should be ready to make your tea next!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as I enjoyed making it! If you think this is deserving of your precious vote , I would really appreciate it!. Thank you.

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    1 year ago

    Another thing I've read about (not sure where) is ironing bread & cheese in aluminum foil, for 'grilled' cheese sandwiches; also using a pringles-type tube, as a solar hot-dog cooker, in the back of your car window (untinted) on long car trips.


    4 years ago

    Good ideas, but please don't use hotel kettles for cooking food in. The person using the kettle after you might have food allergies or dietary needs in conflict with the ingredients in your 'chicken noodles' or steamed eggs. People expect kettles to be used with water only and you can't clean them in a hotel room to an allergy-free standard. Thanks


    Reply 4 years ago

    Your welcome. So far I have used only my kettles as I carry them around as I have children and I don't want to depend on hotels. :-)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! It was fun experimenting :-)