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I find a quote from Bill Gates makes a very good description. "Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one."


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  • The legality of such actions is entirely based on the license the software is under. If it's free, most likely it's open sourced and it's totally fine. If you bought the software, probably not. As for installing executables in such a way, good luck, but most likely it probably won't work. This method really only works with text characters just based off of the fact it's comprised of DOS commands. Binary executables aren't limited to text characters so you might find difficulty copying everything into a batch file.

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  • Most likely, not easily. The way this code runs on startup is from being placed in the startup folder. There may be a setting in Windows to run the startup folder when waking from sleep, but there isn't an easy fix in the code. Sorry.

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  • Saying "ok" can also advance the script if I recall correctly. You may also be able to look into an API for speech recognition in visual basic script. Back when I wrote this, I wasn't aware of that option, but if I were to try and rewrite this, I would probably use the API. In short, there isn't an easy way that comes to mind to solve your issue, but more advanced methods might be able to.

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