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Retiring the Forums

After more than a decade, Instructables has decided to retire our forums. Starting in October we will no longer allow site members to post new forum topics. The existing forum content will remain online and accessible through 2020 to provide everyone the opportunity to save any relevant information. In the spring of 2021, we plan to take the forums offline entirely.This decision was not made lightly. For many years we considered these pages the heart of the community. However, times have changed. It’s with some sadness that we need to acknowledge this and adapt.Our biggest clue that it was time to retire the forums came as our site traffic more-than-doubled over the last few months. We observed that the number of Instructables being published increased, the number of comments increased, the amount of favoriting increased, and just about every other measurable form of participation on this website also increased. The one notable thing that did not increase was the number of forum topics being published. We continued to receive, on average, about one a day.This forced us to look at some hard truths. The first is that the world has changed. In 2005 our forums offered a big tent to the maker community at a time when there were few places to go and interact socially with a cross-section of like-minded individuals. However, most of the conversations that used to happen here have now moved to either social media, Reddit, or niche forums elsewhere on the internet. No one builds general discussion forums like ours anymore, and most others have gone extinct a long time ago. The other hard truth we had to reconcile with is that fundamentally our core business is not running a forum. Nevertheless, we spend a lot of time keeping them up and running. For every valid forum topic that gets posted on the site, we get about 50 forum topics that get caught by our spam filter and end up having to be reviewed and deleted. In addition, the forums are based on some of the oldest code on our website, which means they tend to break often. Keeping them up and running distracts energy from our very small team that could be better used elsewhere. That said, there are now more places than ever that you can go to discuss making online. For starters, you could connect with us on Twitter or Instagram where we have a thriving community. You should also check out some of these awesome staff-recommended channels and sites:https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY/https://www.reddit.com/r/somethingimade/https://www.facebook.com/groups/iliketomakestuffhttps://www.reddit.com/r/woodworking/https://www.reddit.com/r/turning/https://www.facebook.com/groups/1470897969674485/https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/https://www.facebook.com/groups/FunctionalUseful3D...https://forum.arduino.cc/https://www.reddit.com/r/arduino/https://forums.adafruit.com/https://www.therpf.com/forums/https://www.ravelry.com/discussWe thank everyone for all of their contributions to these forums over the years and the community you helped make flourish. We welcome everyone to share your thoughts, feelings, or memories below.

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Welcome to Instructables

On this page you can find links to some of our most frequently asked questions. What is this site? Instructables is a community for people who like to make things. Our community shares what they make in a step-by-step format that we call an Instructable.How do I post an Instructable? We offer a free and easy online class to coach you through posting your first Instructable or you can just wing it and start a new one today. How do I get help improving my Instructable?Ask the community for help in The Clinic. How does my Instructable get featured? The best way to get your projects featured is by following the Featuring Guidelines. Where can I learn more about contests? Our Contest FAQ has all of the information that you need to know about contests. What contests are launching soon? Check out our list of upcoming contests. Are you on social media? Yes! Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. How do I contact Instructables directly? The best way to contact us is through our Contact Page.

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I want to glue mountain bike tire to a longboard wheel Answered

Hi there,In about a month I will receive my new electric longboard and I want to do a little upgrade which I saw on the internet, but I have some concerns about the glue they suggested since none did long term testing on it.So here is the idea:1. Get some MTB tire and cut it into strips with length same as circumference of the longboard wheel.2. Sand and clean with alcohol both surfaces3. Apply glue on both surfaces, push them together and keep it under medium pressure for at least 24 -48 hours til the glue cures.I saw 2 people who did this, one of them used some strong adhesive double sided tape, and the other some dollar store super glue (which is bad idea, after curing it becomes brittle, not really suitable for wheel), both of them wrote, that it held pretty well, but they did not ride it like this in long term.I got a good tip from someone to use E6000 glue, E6000 is strong, vibration proof, elastic, waterproof,... but it's more designed for wood and metal surface, which is not my case, since the longboard wheel is PU and the MTB tire is some kind of rubber.Things to keep in mind:1. Glue must withstand high pressure (105kg person standing on board where the weight is distributed to 4 wheels when standing still, now count with road cracks, turning,... where the pressure from the weight will skyrocket for few milliseconds) 2. Glue must withstand higher and lower temperatures and wet conditions, let's say the sun shines on the road whole day while ambient temperature is 35 degrees celsius, wheels will heat up, or in winter where the temperature of the road will be 5 or more degrees of celsius, Or if I ride through a puddle, same thing.3. Glue must absorb shocks, so it cannot be brittle when cured.What I came up on the internet there are 2 choices:1. E6000 (I have it at home, but currently I have no materials to test it)2. Permabond 731 (which I did not find in any online store in our country)Please suggest me at least 2 best possible glues.Before & After images in attachmentThank you

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creative bike handlebar grip ideas?

I'm looking for creative solutions for items to use for bicycle handlebar grips. I often get alot of bikes/partial bikes from people and end up fixing them up and giving them to friends who need them or trading them for other bikes, but the problem is that most bikes I get are missing the handlebar grips, and I don't want to spend 5-10 dollars on a set of grips just so I can give the bike away. I would like to be able to go to the hardware store and buy the objects in bulk for pretty cheap. Just post ANY ideas you have, thanks.

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How do I build a small log cabin with alder wood.

I want to build a small log cabin with alder logs I have handy but want to use as little as possible, but big enough for me and some friends to sleep in.

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what paintball gun do you have

What paintball gun do you have?

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If I'm clicking on publish, its coming "Please add at least one image to your introduction." This means what?

I made my first instructable. Then I clicked on publish button. After that it's coming as I mentioned above. Someone please help me with this.

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Replaceable lid for a tin can Answered

I would like to come up with an easy way to hold a lid on the top of a tin can that I am using as a squirrel feeder. The feed flows out of the bottom of the can, and the top of the can is protected by a removable lid. The lid must be easily removed, but when replaced, won't blow off or get knocked off by birds, squirrels, or other critters. The inside of the can cannot be obstructed because it will be full of sunflower seeds.

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Question about dumpster diving in Tennessee

Anyone know if it's legal in Tennessee? I keep calling the police but they just keep saying no instantally. Best as i can they they are assuming I'm looking to steal ID's or meth supplies (big probs with that here). I don't mind the risk of getting yelled at the the store guys but i don't want to get arrested. Also I'm not dumb enough to dig around in private dumpsters here, I'd sooner get arrested than shot to pieces LOL :P

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Best size sifting screen for gold panning? Answered

What is the best size sifting pan for general gold panning?? Im not doing fines or anything like that just panning out in the woods. I got by with a homemade one last year but if I wanted to buy just one for this season what is the best size?? Will a 1/4 inch work well?? 

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like war tanks and trucks

List: t-74 jsdf type-74 main battle tank m8 ww2 u.s. m8 howitzer motor carriage jeep ww2 u.s. willys jeep greif ww2 german isdkfz 250/3 halftrack t34 ww2 russian t34/85medium tank sherman ww2 u.s. m4a3 mediun tank M16 WWII U.S. M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage PANTHER WWII German PzKpfw. V Medium Tank TIGER 1 WWII German PzKpfw. VI Heavy Tank P40 WWII U.S. Curtis P40 Warhawk P38 WWII U.S. Lockheed P38 Lightning P51 WWII U.S. North American P51 Mustang F-14 TOMCAT U.S. Navy Grumman F-14 Tomcat P-3 ORIAN U.S. Navy Lockheed P-3 Orion CHURCHILL WWII British Churchill Mk.VII Infantry Tank POST?????

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Analysing your test results for Aspergers Syndrome

A free for all, discussion on self analysis of your test http://www.rdos.net/eng/ picture (a pie graph) or Aspie-Rating-Picture (ARP) and final score Please try not to post pictures here, leave that for https://www.instructables.com/community/test/ Can somebody volunteer their non-Aspie picture, for the purposes of this discussion. Mine is here temporarily.

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Can someone help me figure out how to make Nerf hunting darts that will kill birds? Answered

I wanna kill feral birds but I'm only allowed a Nerf gun. Help me!

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Which chemical is used in detergents and bleach

I wanted to know the name of the chemicals used in detergents.

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Building materials for kayak?

HI there I was wondring if anyone has ever considered/ tried building a solid bottom kayak out of recycled plastic (maybe a bin)? I loved the ease of carrying and price of my inflatable kayak but hate how easy it is to puncture in running water. I'd like to make something thats light to carry to the water and can stand being bashed around a bit. I was thinking of cutting some pannels out of any plastic I can get my paws on, stitch and gluing them together to form a sort of pea pod shape and then lining the edge with some of that foam stuff they make floats out of. Any thoughts?

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DIY archimedes screw 4-5 feet long

Hi.I'd like to build a garden marble run from the top of a 3 metre high wind spinner structure. But it would not be convenient to have to climb to the top every time to replace the marbles.Since it's a wind spinner, I could use the top drum to turn an Archimedes screw to lift the marbles back up. But how do I make the screw. It would have to be as light as possible, though the object need not be a marble as opposed to a table tennis ball, say. The screw would be 4 or 5 feet long from the top of the drum to the lowest wind spinner level. I enclose a video. Thanks. Cheers, Laurence

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how do you make homemade air rifle pellets .177"(4.5mm) .22"(5.5mm)?

I have been searching websites for ages looking to see if their are any ads for presses/dies/moulds/punches so i can make my own air rifle pellets....with no luck at all....any/all hlp will be very much appreciated....rich40

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I want to put an electric motor or pedal assist hub on a 4-wheel Surrey Limousine Delux Bike & looking for help other than the Hitchhiker attachment which is $2k. any ideas?

I own a 4 pedal 7 speed (model "Limousine Delux") Surrey Bike (pictured below) which is a 6 adult & 2 child Surrey bike * I want to put either a electric pedal assist wheel like the Hitchhiker assist wheel (pictured below) for Surrey or electric motor that has enough power for the amount of people I am trying to carry. The Hitchhiker is way too much ($1999).. Any affordable ideas?

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Favorite "Annoying Orange" quotes

Favorite "Annoying Orange" quotes! If you are an "Annoying Orange" fan join my group!

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Would layers of microfiber cloth work as an effective N95 air filter substitute?

Hello, as many of you know, there are some devastating fires in California right now. My family and friends live nearby to these fires, and are being exposed to toxic levels of smoke and air pollution. Due to the disaster situation, many stores that sell n95 masks have sold out or are price gouging people who need them. I have been trying to figure out an effective solution where they could use household materials to approximate the particulate filtering properties of the n95 filter. I was thinking they could make some kind of respirator style mask with the main face mask made of cardboard and duct tape, ad make a "cartridge" for the mask out of a cardboard cylinder stuffed with layers of microfiber cleaning cloth, or potentially other air filtering material, or even activated charcoal if it is available.I understand that such filters are not an ideal substitute but when the air is completely off the scale for toxicity, anything is better than nothing. Does anyone have any input on this? Is this worthwhile at all? Is there another commonly available material that you would reccomend other than microfiber cleaning cloths? -ilpug

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Diy zen backyard garden ideas


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I need help with remote controls.

Can any one point me in the right direction on remote controls. I have a lift installed in my van for my wheel chair. The chair and lift total is about 400 pounds. I have a guy tell my that it would take a special unit to lift that much. The lift has all the motors necessary to operate it. I only want to run the motors remotely because of the way the wires keep getting caught in the lift. Can anyony help me? Thank you in advance for any you can give.

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Test yourself for Aspergers Syndrome

Aspergers Syndrome has only been recognized since about 1995, we call ourselves Aspies. Try this test http://www.rdos.net/eng/ make sure you follow the instructions the results will only survive for an hour, so download them ASAP, the picture (a pie graph) or Aspie-Rating-Picture (ARP) and final score, you can chose to show to people, but the questions and answers are very personal, keep those to yourself. I plan to put my ARP here, that is something us Aspies enjoy displaying, something to be proud of, I hope that other Aspie group members put theirs on. Your Aspie score: 181 of 200 Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 28 of 200 You are very likely an Aspie It is possible to cheat to get a high score on the ARP, so I am thinking that ARPs can be voted off by members if members find the ARP unbelievable when comparing the member's ARP with said member's profile and activities on Instructables. Aspies don't practice discrimination, so even if you don't have Aspergers Syndrome, consider yourself as a honorary Aspie and sign up anyway. Visit https://www.instructables.com/community/Analysing-your-test-results-for-Aspergers-Syndrome/ A free for all, discussion on self analysis of your test picture (a pie graph) or Aspie-Rating-Picture (ARP) and final score Another link for Aspies is http://www.psychforums.com. I will dig out more shortly, I have list somewhere, but that one was not it I recall.

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How to build a super-thrust blower out of electric blowers to drive a paraglider ?

I want to build a paramotor which is electric and not propeller driven. Therefore, I want 'hand dryer' type blowing technology to provide sufficient thrust. Does anyone know if large super blowers are available in portable electric form ? Could this work ? How much thrust does the propeller create ?

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how do I make colored surf wax?

How do i color homemade surf wax and how do i make it smell different?

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Is it possible to connect 2 motion detectors on a light circuit so it will sense movement coming from either direction??

What I'm trying to do is light a 50' long breeze way regardless of which end you enter. As it is now It only lights from 1 end. I'd think if you wire 2 motion detectors in parallel (Black-black, red-red, and white-white) then used the switched output (red) and neutral (white) to power the light it would work as I described. 

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Does the Swiss Room Box inspire you? Without violating international patent laws, how about making something similar? Answered

Besides the price (over $8K, plus overseas shipping) it seems to take up an awful lot of space, and has some features like the uncomfortable looking chairs I wouldn't use.  But the idea of something that coud fit in a trunk of a car or the back of a minivan that could be used for camping is really intriguing!  Alas, I don't have the engineering skills to design what I'm imagining, but I have to believe there's someone who could use good ol' Yankee ingenuity and probably improve on the Swiss design.  If you Google it, there's a video that shows how theirs works.  Thanks for reading my question.  Suzanne

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Sell my phone online

Can I sell my phone online to get the best price?

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Ramset 22 blank loads - fired from a derringer 22 short?

Will the Ramset propellant damage the gun? or does it depend on the power level of the Ramset?

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Change Ariens 911175 mower belt

My Ariens 911175 walk behind mower is the one with the metal cover protecting the belt. There is a small sheet metal cover belt guide on top of the transmission.It is almost impossible to access one of the 3 screws. Currently it's a 2 hour ordeal. Next time I plan on cutting an access hole in the top of the deck.Does anyone have a better solution?Thanks, Robert

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Please am just 18 years old and live with my unemployed mumany online job with small payment, i can manage

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Quirky tip on how to propagate roses?

Recently I found this little quirky tip on how to propagate roses/ bushes and I was wondering if it was true? In the little tidbit, they tell you to use a cutting of a rose of course and then put a little cinnamon on one of the ends that you intend to grow roots. Then poke that end in to a potato. Then bury that part with the potato into the ground. After I guess eventually you get a new rose bush. I was wondering can this actually work? Or is this just bait to get you to read more of their articles?

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Americans bomb Kiteman: miss by sixty years.

A Royal Navy bomb disposal unit has been called to an unexploded bomb discovered on a Suffolk beach.Experts in the unit think the bomb was dropped by a US aircraft in World War II, while returning to an airbase.Houses and schools within half a mile of the site at Felixstowe harbour have been evacuated while the unit works on the device.As I type, a bomb-disposal expert has been on the TV to say it may be a 500-pounder.BBC storyLocal pressEDIT: It's a German bomb, not American. You can tell your lawyers to relax.

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Pop up tent

I want to try and make a pop up beach tent. What is the metal used that will allow it to pop up and fold down please.thanks

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losing nerf darts

Any one have any suggestions on how not to lose darts? cuz i just hate that!

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Can you get rabies from eating the meat of a rabid animal? Answered

For instance, you kill a squirrel that happens to be rabid, cook the meat and eat it (not the brains, of course). Could you contract rabies?

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Question about bicycle cassette

HI,I bought an Shimano HG-50 8 speed cassette.When fitted, I could see that it did not seem to be exactly true.For example, if I turn it backwards with my fingers and use a spoke as a reference point, it deviates by at least 1mmI took everything apart and tightened up the free-hub.The free-hub run perfectly true.It was still the same when reassembled.So I sent off for another HG-50 ( intending to send the defective one back).The newest HG-50 was the same.When I try I put on another new cassette ( an HG model but very old stock) it runs true ( it is a 7 speed with a spacer).Does anyone have any helpful input.Thank you

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How should i go about making my Spring-Action Airsoft Pistol semi auto?

Okay so i'm suiting up my old Airstrike 240 pistol to be semi auto. Though i'm not sure how to go about this. I know i want it to be electric, powered by a motor, but i'm not sure which one i should get or if this is even possible. If someone can give me a wevsite i can go to to look at motors i can figure out how to install it. Thanks.

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Ears Popping While Running?

Whenever I run a 5k, I'm finding that my ears start to pop part way through. It makes everything louder, including my breathing, and is extremely distracting. One website mentioned dehydration as a factor, another said something about blood pressure...does anyone know about it? Thanks!

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Car wouldn’t start

I have Ford Focus 1.6 diesel. I left it for a week in airpark and when I came back trouble happened! Once I started the engine the battery light turned on then after driving for half hour ice light came on, soon after the airbag light and steering wheel light turned on too! After this the stereo turned of lost power and the light were getting shortened. The steering wheel got stiff and could only steer very little, I was in big trouble so I went on to low speed lane and had to drive for another 10 km in dark and in danger because whippers stopped working while was raining a little! I managed to bring the car home due to a luck of time and no cars because it was 2-3 am. Later on the car started but switched of in 2 min and doesn’t start after that! Can someone help what is going on with it please thanks.

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Fixing a mosquito bite quickly!

You suffer for days after one of these tiny vampires got you?The itching drives you mad?And unlike some people your bites always get worse from day two onwards?If so, then you might have the same problem as I have...No matter how much hate and disgust you show, these mozzies just love you.And as this wouldn't be bad enough your body totally overreacts every time.A bite for me meant numbing cremes or sprays, anti-histamines and if doubt putting a heavy duty bandaid over it so if I forget the scratching won't do too much harm.Despite all this 5 to 6 days until the itch, swelling and irritation stop...A few weeks ago while fishing I had a nice chat with a man way into his 80's already.He laughed when I started to spray all uncovered parts of my body with tropical strenght insect repellent.Told him my reasons and then he said I should try something he used during his army times for bites of unknown critters.In the jungle they often relied on local guides and they provided a solution that seems to be totally forgotten these day - even I did not know it LOLTheory behind it...If you know these "insect bite clicker" then you already know how it is put into comercial use - without ringing much relief.Whenever something bad enters the body there is a reaction to fight it off or dispose of it.Problem with insect bites, be it mozzies or sand flies, is that all this bad stuff is concentrated in a very tiny area.And being mostly skin tissue makes it hard to deal with it.By applying pressure and massage like motion to the bite the contaminent are spread through the tissue.If you leave a small dint with little to no color left after 2 or so minutes you doing it good.Try to use something hard here, like a spoon, bottle cap, end of a screwdriver - whatever is slightly rounded and solid.You will notice that the itch gets quite bad once the bloodflow starts again and within minutes the bite area will swell up and form a more or less evenly formed hump.The hump will be pale in color while around it the skin is slightly red from the added bloodflow.Don't scratch! Just wait until a nice hump has formed where you can clearly make out the rim.Now use the same pressure method as before and spread out the hump while constaly pushing it in and "wobbling" around to massage the area a bit.Do this as before for about 2 minutes and if you still see a destinct difference between bite aea and surrounding tissue continue for a bit longer.Should not take more than 5 minutes to have the area nice and even again.Wait again and check for new singns of swelling up - there should not be any.If there is simply repeat one last time.The remaining itch will go away within about an hour instead of days and there won't be any severe after effects from day 2 onwards either anymore.It can help to use heat as well.For example by heating up the spoon in some hot water before using it.But keep the heat at a level you can tolerate!!! Do not heat the spoon to the point where you feel pain from the heat.Try it out and report back! :)

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What should I bring to eat on a camping trip when I just got braces?

I go lightweight camping/hiking, and usually just bring granola or trail mix to eat, since it's dry and doesn't need refrigeration. Unfortunately, I just got my braces and now I can barely chew anything solid, and to make matters worse, the codes in my area make it so I can't use a stove or make a fire or anything like that. Any suggestions on what to bring for food?

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Selling Paracord Bracelets

Helo World, I want to get your feedback on something. I make these para cord key chains, dog collars, lanyards, and bracelets ect. and I am looking to sell them I'm probably going to sell them at school. I want your feedback on how I should sell them , where I should sell them and tips on selling them  Thanks

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are serrated pocket knives better than not serrated knives?

I would like to know which one lasts longer

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Fire Water Answered

Help!!!I am doing an experiment called Fire Water for my chemistry class in a couple weeks. I've been trying to find a chemical equation for this so I can better explain the combustion reaction that is occurring. Does anyone have an equation? Also, I've been trying to figure out what the diethyl ether does, so that the potassium catches fire rather than fizzing away. If anyone has any solutions, they would be much appreciated. Thanks!The reaction that I'll be performing:

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Can low gear oil lock up back tire on a moped

Topic by Muddeye