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12V Monitor LCD display Answered

I'm looking for a 12V display to monitor 12V as it changes. And display it in .1 increments. Small as possible. Can anyone point me to something cheap?


LONG time ago, I made one with 2 v increments, using standard rectangular LEDS as an indicator (6 of them), and I believe the project involved using 2 Decade counters, but I don't remember much else about it. I will have to look to see what I can find...

After some searching I found out that what I need is an LCD, not an LED display. Sounds like what I'm looking for, but I really need to see the voltage in the 1/10th or 1/100th increments. Basically what I'm wanting is to setup a reiostat(sp) that regulates the voltage going into the LCD, the LCD displays the voltage going to my monitor device, the device is making changes to other things based on the voltage. I need the voltage to be visual so I can demonstrate that to people. Thanks.

is it possible to take a small lcd screen and light / make dark single pixels in it (as in X Y) ? maybe you can use such screen + 7 bit or better ADC (8 bit are common) and some demuxes

what i think of is like a download bar that goes between 0 - 100 without actual numbers displayed

Nah i need the numbers because I need to indicate to my customers that said voltage coming from this accessory is 11.8 so my equipment sends out 12.2 to another accessory which makes it perform a certain operation based on that 12.2 voltage.

Man, I don't know how I missed that thanks! I've got 6 of those in the garage, I'll just use those! Seriously though. I'm building what amounts to a diagram of a 12 volt system with many accessories and I need to display voltages for many of these items all at once. So using a multimeter or multiple is neither functional nor professional looking.

you can disassemble the circuit and screen from the box you can build a circuit that switches the display between the sources

Hmm..Maybe..I'm still hoping there's something out there already made to do it. Stinger Electronics makes one, but it's $20 or $30, however they look really good. I know I can find those pocket multimeters for cheap and do what you suggested. However, I'm still open to other suggestions.

What's wrong with a digital panel meter? You get an easily readable at a glance display to resolutions of .001V. Basically a multimeter, but smaller as it only does what it does.

Now see that's why I posted this here. That's exactly what I'm looking for. Do you recommend one or a supplier? I need something on the order of 20 or 25 of them.

What with me not being usanian I couldn;t recommend suppliers. Any half decent electronics supplier should have them though.