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2 suggestions I have for the site. Answered

Firstly, I think we should be able to reply directly to the topics posted in the "Site updates" category.  The reason why I think this is because otherwise discussions on recent updates spill everywhere else, such as other forum topics, or ibles, or answers, and that just creates a discussion irrelevant to the original post.  This happens especially on knex instructables.

Second, I suspect this might be already done, but I think we should have an option to be notified of when someone we subscribe to posts a forum topic.  Note I said "Option" since some people might not like getting notified on when people they subscribe to post topics, while people like me might want that.  If it's already happening, I really don't see any evidence of it at all.

In any case, thanks for taking the time to hear me out.  Peace.


I agree with Kelseymh on the first point, and on the second, go to You--Settings--email alerts, and you can choose what emails you get, and when.

I have it set to send me immediate emails to alerts me of PMs, and separate daily summaries of replies and comments on my stuff, and of the stuff posted by those to whom I subscribe.

On the second, I meant being able to see it on the /you page, like you can with ibles.

The Site Updates forum itself is meant specifically as an announcements archive, not for discussion (otherwise you end up with a pointless stream of "I like it"/"I hate it", or bug reports as comments). I do think it would be helpful (and have suggested), especially for updates which have visible consequences, if Rachel (or Matt) created a Feedback topic simultaneously.

As for the forum topic note, I thought that was included in the "Subscription update" e-mail we got. I haven't paid close attention, so don't take this as "authoritative." If it's not included, you might want to create it as a bug report (and let Rachel tell us, "that's a feature, not a bug" :-).

I just noticed (and will probably write up a bug report) that the Forum Topics tab under Subscriptons shows things in the rather useless order from oldest to newest, and &sort=RECENT doesn't work :-(

Allright then, but I do see irrelevant discussions on updates in various ibles and other forum topics, most notably knex related topics.

What I meant was you know how they show when a user you subscribed to posts a new ible in "/you"? I would like to see the same done with forum topics.

To add to this comment. I always receive when one of the people I subscribed to started a new forum topic. I didn't have to do anything to get those mails either. Perhaps you need to check your notification email options DJ.
Other then that I agree with Kelseymh