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2009 fischertechnik convention Answered

ft Convention 2009: Erbes-Budeshei Germany

fischertechnik Fan Convention!

The fischertechnik fan convention will be in Erbes-Budeshei Germany. This convention (formally held in Moershausen) is the largest convention of ft fans and models in the world!

Saturday, 9/19/2009- Sunday 9/20/2009

The fischertechnik fan convention will be at Erbes-Budeshei , a small village near Alzey near (about 75 k) Frankfurt am Maim in Germany. Knobloch GmbH is hosting this year's convention, and moved it from Moershausen to Erbes-Budeshei.

All fischertechnik fans!

If you are interested in what people are developing with fischertechnik, this is the event to attend. German companies Knobloch, LPE, and fischertechnik will have a presence. There will be a presentation on the new awesome TX ROBO controller!




Even if I could make it all the way to Germany (I have a hard enough time getting out of my ow state  LOL),  my Deutsch is very weak. 

1.Just do it. I have never met a more hospitable,charming, and intelligent group of people. I appreciate the fact that the convention is held in a small village.

2. This is an opportunity to learn German. I speak little German, and was able to interact with people. Many Germans and Dutch speak English. My friend Frank speaks better English than I do!

I will announce this year's convention in a seperate listing. Info can be found at http://www.ftconvention.de/

Thanks for posting!-r

I wish I could afford it, even if only to see the wonderful architechture that my Dad described when he was over there, many years ago before his demise.

A friend of mine told me the hardest thing is to commit to the decision to go. Once you commit, it all comes together. There should  be instructables on how to travel inexpensively. Hey, *I* was able to do it. If I can do it, anyone can. -r

Well, at the rate my wife allows me to save,  I'll have about $50 traveling money saved up until then.  I don't think I can rent a dinghy to cross the ocean for that :-)   Really, I haven't the resources.

The May/June 2010 issue of Robot Magazine just ran my article "2009 fischertechnik FAN CONVENTION" . Very nice.

Someone posted this image of the bags for the convention. This is a great event to attend! Thought to share.