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35mm USB Drive Answered

Well I just joined today and was wondering if anyone has done this yet? A 35mm USB Drive mod, it came out looking pretty decent so I figured I'd do an instructable on it if no one has done or seen a usb like this one.


. Here they are. Yeah, I need a better camera (or maybe just a better photographer).

Picture 001.jpg

. Go for it! If you need more encouragement, search this site for "Kiteman's Law" . Neat project, BTW. I like it.

Search? Heck, I have it on my Bookmarks Toolbar, just so that when someone asks "Should I post this?" I can respond in under ten seconds.

Bernard, that's awesome! I'm headed over to the Instructable now...See you there...

And I'm done go here if I did any mistakes anywhere on it or anything that needs clarification care to help me by pointing them out?

Oh I see, then when I get a new idea for another instructable I'll make it then. Thanks for the search keywords, and now I'm also checking out the other laws that he's written.

. Why wait? You may die before then!
. I have a few rolls of film in the fridge that I'll probably never expose and some USB drives laying around. It sounds like something Weissensteinburg might be interested in (he's a photog). Don't make us wait!
. Kiteman is one of the regulars around here. Pretty nice guy, even if he is a Limey. heehee

Haha, I just went to walk my puppy around (the one set as my avatar) and my is she hyper xD at least I scared her with my yoyo enough to go to her sleeping area (my brother's bed) and now she's taking a nap. Oh I fudged up the wording on that one I meant that I'll make the next instructable when I figure out what it is not this usb one xD I may just do this instructable tonight or tomorrow.

I remember rolls of film... uhhh... about 5 or 6 years ago, lol