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48 " Plasma screen, possible use for project? Answered

Since the plasma TV I found in a dumpster this month does not work (missing the power supply board), I took the boards apart for parts. Now I arrived at the screen. To my surprise it was no LCD, but a plasma screen.  As I understand, every pixel has 3 miniature fluorescent tubes in it. Would it be possible to use /convert as a light fixture?

(some specs: V=5.25 V, Va= 65V,   Vs=  125V,   max 300W when white)


You could find ahigh voltage supply out of a lcd or something and use the backlight as a overhead Light

Now that's interesting. Do you know how the thing's wired-up?
You are going to need a replacement power supply though.


Not possible: I demolished several of the boards inside already. I tried to light it up by putting a plasma globe nearby, but nothing happened. Many ribbon wires enter the screen via small/ wide circuit boards. I will try to put some voltage on a horizontal + vertical ribbon cable, to see if anything lights up. If not, it will have to go to recycling.

The only thing I'll add is "be careful with current". I once exploded a neon bulb by not restricting current flow.