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8051micro controller programming Answered

hi friends.................... i am working with 8051micro controller programming,I have created HEX file using  keil C compiler and proload to burn the HEX file in to the micro controller .iam using serial communication
BUT ...........MY computer is not detecting the programmer nor micro controller.........why?...............is there something wrong  with my PC ?


WHICH "8051", there are 100s of them. What circuit ?

What's the program you are trying to write ? Find a nice simple piece of code to initialise the timers, and set up serial comms, then dump a single character to the serial port.


will proload4.1 work for AT89S52 home made programmer?? please reply fast

Like I said, and L. has confirmed WHAT are you trying to program, and what with ?

Atmel have the Flip programmer.
NXP have the Flashmagic programmer, both require a working serial port on your PC and on your 8051 board to work.


Have you correct drivers installed and operational?


i don't no much about it can u please elaborate and give me the idea of driver which is needed and how to install

I don't know, exactly what have you got?