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87' f-150 engine Answered

87' ford f-150 it has a small exhaust leak that no one can find, and the engine is not the best but it goes from point a to point b but i want to make it like new should i get a new engine or try to rebuilt it like new. 




6 years ago

Are you sure the heater core isn't leaking? Does it smell like exhaust, or does it smell sweet, like antifreeze? A heater core or fitting is a cheap, easy fix.

Why do you think there is an exhaust-leak if no one can see it?


the exhaust is causeing a fog boar on the inside windsheild and it is in a medium sized semi-circle on the passenger side

It couldn't be some other source of moisture?
I'd worry about fog on the inside windshield - can you smell exhaust?


If you've never rebuilt an engine don't try to learn on this one.

Take it to a trusted mechanic shop and get a bid on a rebuild and new (rebuilt) engine.  You can buy an new crate engine starting about twice the price of a good rebuilt engine.

Do you really have a worn out engine?  The exhaust leak doesn't have anything to do with how worn out the engine is.