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900 leaf symbol 900 silver pin where is this from? Answered

silver pin of some sorts not sure where this was from or what the hallmark means or how much it would be worth
cant find any information on it any would be great


pictures of the item


It looks like a barrette for holding back longhair. fits with it coming from Mexico


4 years ago

That's Mexican silver, the 900 intaglio was used on sterling silver from 1900 to 1920. The leaf or tree symbol is the maker's mark, but I have no idea who that particular mark represents. Be aware though, counterfeiting of vintage jewelry is practically a cottage industry in Mexico.

thank you so much. i took it into the Canadian coin association today it is silver for sure. the lady said it was African so guessing she was wrong but she tried lol
thanks again

Nope, its definitely Mexican or intended to appear of Mexican origin. The character on the front of the piece, the one in the middle is Mictlantecuhtli (I think that is the correct spelling), the Aztec god of death. I presume the characters to each side are his dead minions.