want someone to help me in making some electronic items

I want to make a group of members who will talk about their ideas. They will ask  question to each other. They will share what they have made. message me if you want to join the group. or you can comment below

Posted by yhdesai 5 years ago

Bell Ringing (or Light Flashing) Circuit

There's a dead simple circuit which I've built before, but can neither remember, nor find online. Just a capacitor, relay, and a few resistors to make a circuit which flashes on + off. Can anyone here find this, or re-recreate it?

Posted by Toga_Dan 2 years ago

How to drop 14v from you car battery to 6.3 volts and able to run at 10 amps

I need to know how to figure what size resistor i would need to drop 14v dc from my cars battery down to 6.3volts being able to run at 8 to 10 amps to run to a project And the wattage of the resistor?

Posted by syncdram 10 years ago

Electronic music class

We are running a eight weeks long electronic music class at Karkhana where kids build their own electronic music instrument and upload the instruction to make it in insturctable.com website. 

Posted by sunojshrestha 4 years ago

favorite electronic kits?

I was wondering if anyone had some favorite electronic kits? There just seem to be a lot out there these days and a lot of places selling them. I'm just curious.

Posted by randofo 11 years ago

Looking for Electronic Technician...Will Pay $$$

I'm looking for someone to do some electronic mods to some devices for a fee. It's a project for an invention. I'm in Jacksonville, Florida, but that's not important. We could communicate via email or phone.

Posted by daveyandgolie 10 years ago

Electronic Disabler?

Is there something that exists that can wirelessly short-circuit electronics? I haven't found anything on Google. I'm pretty sure i read something about a guy making something called an F-Ray that did this, but that was in Tesla's lifetime I think. In short I want to build something that can over-voltage or short circuit electronic devices/machines. I don't care if it ruins them or temporarily disables them.

Posted by Jordo 10 years ago


Please i need help on how to go about building an electronic billboard that will serve as sign post. I promised some one i was going to take on this project funnily and now its something serious that it has now been made my school project. Please I need your help. they said they want it big like about 20'X15' feet and i don't even know a reliable source that sells the outdoor LED. your suggestions will be welcomed thank you.

Posted by johny002 2 years ago

In need of piezo

Anyone knows where I can get piezo? At my local electronics shop the aren't any. I am trying to look for them but won't appear, any guess where?

Posted by TobaTobias 6 years ago

need electronic builder

I got a project that i will need  help with i got a small entertanment center and want to have a little light show  from my ps3 i play fps games like mw3 and battlefield  and want to have a leds blink flash when i shoot or when music is playing  if some one could make a very simple  diagram on how to build or contact me

Posted by solid nrg 6 years ago

Repair of Electronic choke for 4'tube light

I tried to repair two electronic chokes for 4' fluorescent tubes but cdn't succeed. If any one kindly help me by providing a step by step guide with the test voltages etc. at important points in the circuit, I will be ever grateful. The following things have been already done/checked. Physical checking of any defect/damage/burning marks etc., DC voltage after rectification is OK, Filter capacitor (DC voltage  after rectification ) is checked OK, Other electrolytic capacitors chked to be OK, one of the 13005 transistors was found defective - changed with a new one, but no result. Voltages at the transistor terminals seem to be OK.. May pls write to me directly. B.N.Bhattacharya bnber_2004@yahoo.co.in

Posted by bnber3451 1 year ago

Electronic Components Seach Made Easy

Whether its up to the minute, accurate stock and inventory or the fact that all distributors are either franchised or authorized gives no need to worry as every part can traced directly back to the original manufacturer. Most of the selected distributors offer datasheets, short descriptions and RoHs status. The search includes distributors for high volume inventory as well as catalog distributors for your prototype needs from distributors worldwide, including USA , Europe and Asia. Hopefully you ladies and gentlemen find it useful. http://www.Clickonstock.com

Posted by CompsWiz 10 years ago


Can i use the capitor (i cant spell good) in a disposible camera for my projects instead of buying new ones

Posted by lil jon168 9 years ago

Electronic tether to tether my father's rollator to him

My father lives independently but has poor mobility and dementia.  He frequently walks away from his rollator and then gets trapped when he realises he has left it elsewhere in his home.  A physical tether would be impractical and might actually increase his risk of falling.  I think he would benefit from an electronic tether that would sound an alarm whenever he moved more than, say, three feet from the rollator. There does not appear to be a commercially-available product to meet such a need. Giving him a passive RFID tag to wear and attaching a light-weight alarm to the rollator that polls the tag every few seconds might generate a workable solution, but I don't have sufficient experience with RFID to generate a solution in a reasonable time-scale.  I would probably favour CMOS timers and logic over a microcontroller for similar reasons. Does anyone have a project that could be adapted, or expertise that could be applied, to this task?

Posted by okthought 5 years ago

circuit diagram requst

I am making a life sized 'operation' game for a fund raising event. I am fine with construction and artwork, but need a circuit diagram for the electronics, can anyone help please? Doyou recall the kids operation game where you have to remove bones without causing the buzzer to sound or the red nose to flash? I want a circuit (battery powered) which when tripped by some one touching the probe against the metal edge will make the nose flash for about three seconds and also trip the buzzer to sound for about the same time. Any one know how to do this please?

Posted by batjonesy 10 years ago

Wondering What Kind of aTransistor I Need

I'm looking for a transistor that can control 12V from arduino which I believe is a 5V signal? If I'm wrong, I need what it gives off but I'm looking for one to control motors that are 12V. Thanks!

Posted by MackeFeet 6 years ago

Crystal installation - does it matter?

I'm having some problems with a tranmiter i made. It hasnt been working as the sound is odd. i noticed when u touch the crystal the sound changes. so, Does it matter which way a crystal goes in? is there any + - sides?

Posted by Killa-X 10 years ago

Need advice and help for capacitor circuit design

Hi all Instructables friends,       I have been viewing instructables for quite some time and I like it very much, thanks to all the contributor here, I really learn a lot. This is my first post here, and I only have basic electronic ideas, never soldier or build any circuit, so please be patient if I made any stupid things :) I have an idea in mind, not sure whether it is possible to implement or not, so I need electronic experts here to give their advice. I have a very small palm size solar panel. need to build a circuit that can do the following : 1) The solar panel need to charge a small capacitor with a small capacitance, let say capacitor A 2) Then when this capacitor A is fully charge, it will charge capacitor B, which has higher capacitance. 3) The process of charging the capacitors with incrementally larger capacitance capacitor can continue to go on and on until some  level that I can make meaningful usage out of it, for example, run a corei5 laptop. (most likely I will use super capacitor at the last) My questions: 1) Is the above idea possible/feasible ? 2) If it is possible, will the capacitor lost energy very fast after some time? 3) I know people may suggest me to use battery, but I prefer capacitor or battery because battery life is very short compared to battery and it's not eco friendly either. 4) Any other concerns/warnings/advices are greatly welcome. Thanks :D

Posted by myuser001 6 years ago

how to make connection on a stripboard

I have a little problem. I have a stripboard with all copper dots separated, so there is not a single connection between them. I wonder how can I get connection between my components? I imagine that I could solder a wire to each pin and solder the other end to the right place, then solder a new wire on the same wire...... Is there a better way?  :D

Posted by sxdemon 8 years ago

Smoking Pot(entiometer)

I have hooked up a 5k pot to this thing http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11304, and it dims it ok but1) how do I get a fuller range of dimming? it only dims towards the last 45 degrees. Any higher value (10k, +) gives worse results. Do I need 1k pot? Is there a way to make the 5k work better?2) even when the pot is all the down, the led is still dimly lit. Please make it go away.3) Do I need to use all three terminals on the pot?As you can tell from my questions, I am slightly above doofus level so please be kind.

Posted by darryllicht 10 years ago

electronic tornado simulator

Anyone knows how this works? there is no instructable how to do it with a electronic solution. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P54M9X42y1M&feature=related

Posted by itge13 6 years ago

For electronic n00bs

This topic is made to help all who don't know a lot (or even anything) about electronics. Here people can ask simple questons without opening a new topic.

Posted by Dantex 10 years ago

Need Electronics help

Anyone know a simple circuit that will let me test to see if my transistor is burned out?

Posted by Shadowmang 10 years ago

Online Places to get Electronic Componenets

Hi, I need to know a big fat list of online places to get electronic components, if you know of some then here is the place to post them!!!

Posted by wesie42 10 years ago

Looking for Electronic Tech ...Will Pay $$$

I'm looking for someone to do some electronic mods to some devices for a fee. It's a project for an invention. I'm in Jacksonville, Florida, but that's not important. We could communicate via email or phone.

Posted by daveyandgolie 10 years ago


Can I use Arudino Uno instead of  the Arduino pro mini 328?  I am interested in the following Project so please help    http://www.engineersgarage.com/contribution/intelligent-letter-box-using-arduino-and-gsm

Posted by RanjitE1 4 years ago

Electronic Level

I need to level a 32' long machine. Lengthwise is easy, but along it's width is a pain. I have to check in about 8 places along the machine. This takes awhile to do with only one precision level. Since these levels are about $120 each it is not realistic to buy eight. I need to save time and effort. I was thinking of trying to build a bunch of electronic levels to place in their designated areas so I can find the "level" of each area without moving a level to it. Any ideas?

Posted by Monger 9 years ago

Quick electronic question

I need a 20k R2R resistor network (for making another project on the net) and I'm ordering from mouser and the only ones they have are out of stock, so I want to build one. I know how to hook the resistors relative to one another (a quick look at wikipedia solved that), the only thing I'm wondering about it the values... To make a 20k R2R network do I need: 10k and 20k resistors? or 20k and 40k resistors? I think it's 10k and 20k, but I'm not sure

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

electronic window frame

If anybody could help me out that would be great...  I saw plans for this a few years back but lost them. The idea is to use 4 laptop screens in a mock 4-pane window frame. There was a hard drive and power supply behind the frame that would put a picture up so you are looking at a different view everday like the Eiffel Tower, or Golden Gate Bridge, etc. Hang in an empty space on the wall and its like a fake window with a killer view!!! Sound like a potential favorite? 

Posted by kbowman 6 years ago

electronic problem solving

Here's a problem that I can solve, it's for a portable rechargable usb charger. The original plan used mini relays, but they consumed too much energy, so I need to solve this somehow. There's 1 usb port, I need it so whenever you plug it in a computer it powers the charging circuit, but when it's not plugged in and some other thing, such as an ipod is attached to the same usb port, the boost circuit (i'm using a lithium battery) connects to the usb port, but it doesn't charge the battery in an inefficient cycle. The boost circuit I'm using is the max1709.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

How to administer a tiny painful (but safe) electric shock...

I have no electronic's experience, but I need to develop a tiny device that can administer an electric shock for just like 1 sec that is strong enough to hurt, but is safe.  And it has to be no larger in diameter than a US quarter coin, and no thicker than maybe the face of a watch.

Posted by Dolmetscher007 3 years ago

Methods of identifying location of miniatures for electronic wargame?

Greetings, I want to make a wargame with miniatures, and somehow have a computer detect the locations of the pieces so that is can keep track of things such as their health and experience. Ideas: - oOptically with a camera and barcodes on each piece, but that would require the surface be transparent with the barcodes underneath. - Is there is possible to determine the exact location of RFIDs? Any ideas? Thanks

Posted by NeuroPulse 8 years ago

Electronic/Electrical Pinouts

. Pinouts.ru has pinout diagrams for just about everything.. From their home page: "We are collecting information about hardware interfaces of modern and obsolete hardware, including pinouts of ports, expansion slots, and other connectors of computers and different digital devices. This information is essential for everyone who wants to analyze insights of modern computer hardware, explore ways it's works, design devices with computer connection."

Posted by NachoMahma 10 years ago

Powering LEDS with mains power.

What if you made a voltage divider with high-value  resistors, and then rectify the signal?  Is that dangerous?

Posted by flagrantfouler 8 years ago

Simple Electronic Help

I'm currently building a small hybrid solar panel car for a school sompetition(runs off of batteries or solar), and I need a bit of wiring help, here's my problem and some other stuff. I have 2 SPDT switches and 1 DPDT switch. I'm using one of the spdt switch for on and off, the other to switch from solar to battery, but i need help for the dpdt. There's 2 sets of solar panels (2 pairs of 3 hooked in series, for simplicity sake, I'm just going to say 2 solar panels), and I want to hook them up to the dpdt switch and the motor and the battery so that: I can turn on/off the motor (easy), switch between solar and battery (easy), and switch between paralell solarpanels or series (what I'm having problems with), any help?

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

How is that switch called in english?

Hello everyone, for my instructable I need to know how that switch is called in english. Thank you for helping! Mischka

Posted by mischka 6 years ago

Schematics please.

I wish Instructables would show circuit diagrams (schematics) of their projects electrical circuits. I hate trying to figure it out from the photos. We are big boys and can understand schematics.

Posted by warren631 4 years ago

Supply sources

I want to build my own small "boom box". I want to be able to use it play CD's, usb thumb drives, mini plug aux in etc. Can anyone suggest a source for the components for such a project?

Posted by vinstruct3 4 years ago

What bike is this?

Hi, I have this bike and I have no idea what model it is. I was wondering if anyone knows what it is. https://c1.iggcdn.com/indiegogo-media-prod-cld/image/upload/c_limit,f_auto,w_620/v1495536303/fkejslljkduzq3ixdhbb.jpg Thanks!

Posted by Eileensmacircle 1 year ago

DIY Drum Pad that Controls MIDI Device (Korg nanopad)

Hi all, I'm working on a project which involves a pipe like structure with something like a DIY electronic drum pad on top. (like a stand alone drum) When the pad is hit it, triggers a key on a MIDI device such as the KORG nanopad http://korg.com/Product.aspx?pd=415 under the actual drum itself. This nanopad acts as a remote control for tracks created using music software on my laptop. So when the pad is hit, it starts a track. Problem is, I have no idea how I will make the connection from the pad to the MIDI device. I was thinking about using a Peizo signal but am lost as to how to wire it up or if thats possible. If I use this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Electronic-Drum-Pad/ should I be able to simply solder the Peizo wires into the nano keypad relatively easily?  Long shot but if anyone has even the slightest idea what I'm getting at here, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by Bass Cadet 8 years ago

Measuring oscillation of a multi tool

I have a harbor freight oscillating multitool that is advertised as oscillating between 10k and 20k oscillations per minute. In reality to speed control goes from 0 opm to an unknown value. I’m trying to set the tool to oscillate at 35 Hz. What is the best way to measure the frequency of the tool and set it to 35 Hz?

Posted by rednax718 9 months ago

Please Identify Weird Component.

The metal disk is a component, physically broken in an RCA f32450 tv.  The blue capacitor was sent by sears as a replacement.  Yeah, I don't think that's the right part, guys.  The component was near the  built in fuse, has very low resistance ~  3 ohms from 1 face to the other,  and used to have it's leads soldered directly to it's surface where the diagonal mark is. My theory is that it is designed to break if the tv is jarred.  Sort of a mechanical impact sensor. Does anyone else know with any certainty?

Posted by Toga_Dan 6 years ago

USB Driver

I got a USB cable fro the dollar store today for, well, one dollar. I was wondering if there was a way I could control the voltage output from my computer. I stripped the cable (it was male to male), and tested the output with my multimeter, too. I am getting about 5vdc, is that normal? I thought I got more out of the USB port. Like I said, I was wondering about any opensource usb control program I could use to control the USB voltage. Is this even possible? Also, I can't program AT ALL, or understand it, either.(if it matters)

Posted by John Smith 11 years ago

Disposable camera innards

I was taking apart a disposable camera today and found this thing. It looks like it is probably a coil of some sort, and it has a little brother hanging out on another part of the circuitboard. The big one is about 1 cm across, and the little one is about 5mm. What, precisely is it, what does it do, how does it do it, and if I replaced it with a bigger one, what would happen? In idiot-english, please, I'm not well-versed on electrical devices. The little one, especially, reminds me of an ultra-small high-tension coil. Is that what it is? Does it perform precisely the same duty in this circuit?

Posted by Rishnai 10 years ago

Help:wiring a SPST rocker switch

I need help. how do i attach a SPST mini rocker switch. it has three things( i dont know the word) coming from the bottom. one is line, the other is load and the last is neutral. 16A 125V AC ON-OFF Illuminated can i connect this to a DC 12V 2.6W computer fan with a red wire and a black wire running from the fan? how would i connect the power source(a 9V battery) to the fan while having the switch connected to turn it on and off? thank you sooooooooo much for any help

Posted by ledzep567 10 years ago

Need help. How to ground high voltage.

Hello, I am in need of a little help. I recently purchased a small Holmes fan with filter as I had a coupon, it was normally 15 dollars, but the coupon was $10 off. When I first bought it I intended to convert it into a electrostatic precipitator, then when I got it home I realized it already had a built in ionizer, which simplified my idea as I can use that as the hv power supply. I am going to use alternating high and grounded metal plates in place of the filter. I was wondering what is the best way to ground the plates? The fan doesn't have a grounding wire.

Posted by rbneville 6 years ago

Electrically conductive clear resin or additive?

I'm looking to craft some tiny 2mm buttons for a smartwatch face plate. I've got the design down, but I can't get the screen to register the presses. After some digging I learned enough about touch screens to know why. The buttons are going to be cast in a clear orange resin designed to pick up light from the screen below them. Does anyone know of a clear additive or resin material that can sufficiently conduct electricity over a distance of no more that 5mm? If you have any scraps of clear white or clear orange resin. Try using it as a stylus on a smart phone or tablet. If the screen registers the press, let me know please! Also, first time posting here, so bare with me if I have overlooked any sort of etiquette. 

Posted by rgorman4 3 years ago

How to fix the switch on a neon sign?

Hi everyone! I have one of those nice Heineken neon sign that i've found in a antique shop. I payed only 10$. The thing is, the guy told me there's a little problem with the switch... I was thinking that I could fix that. When I opened the plastic box and saw the switch I thought to myself '' how am I gonna fix that'' I bought a switch that you install directly on the wire, looks like the one we have on the wall to open the light in a room. (You know the same kind of switch that has a little 'wheel' that you turn to put on or off). I need your help dear Instructable comunity, what should I do, and how? Thanks a million times in advance!! Nick

Posted by Nicolas N GenevièveC 2 years ago

need help identifying component

I've got an old kenwood turntable, and it's having problems. Its a linear drive arm style turntable, meaning the needle/stylus arm travels in a straight line instead of an arc. The motor that drives this arm back and forth has a smallish flywheel type attachment (it looks like a fan blade, kinda). This little flywheel/fanblade turns through a very small gate that looks like a miniature stonehenge. I think this part is faulty, because the motor spins just fine (albiet with no control) with the part removed.  So it looks like some kind of photo sensor, and I need a new one. The part is about 3/8 of inch tall, with two bits on each side about 1/8" wide, with an 1/8" gap between.  Unfortunately, my digital camera is broken, so I can't take a picture of it. IF anyone knows what i'm talking about, some advice about where to find a replacement and what the part is called, I would be very, very happy.   

Posted by marcward86 9 years ago

Help with a school project on solar power

Hi. I have a science fair coming up in May and I want to do my project on solar power but I really don't know too much about electricity. This is my plan, please correct me where I'm wrong and tell me if there's a better way to do certain things: I am going to buy a 10w 12v solar panel (I might be able to get a 40w for a bargain) which will charge a battery. Would it be better to get a 12v lead acid battery or a 12v lithium battery? Lithium batteries have DC jacks instead of normal terminals on lead acid batteries so how would I connect the battery in parallel to the 2 devices I want to power? A splitter like this would work but it connects it in series? Although I suppose it doesn't matter because I just need to show that it works at the expo but I'd like to use it now and then. The battery will connect to a 12v LED light and a 12v to 5v USB charger. What about diodes? Do I need them? How will I make sure that the device charging doesn't get fried? Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. EDIT: A charge controller isn't necessary, is it? I'd also like to add in a switch to cut off power to the USB ports, power to the light and power to the battery from the solar panel. This would cause a problem if everything was connected in series.

Posted by Charly_ZA 4 years ago