Heated glove?

50 inch of nichrome and 48 inch of heat shrink laced into a parade glove how much power do I need to give so it won't go over 110 temp

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LED Gloves

I was in a bar tonight and there were these guys with these weird LED gloves and were doing this little show where they wave their hands arounds and it looked really awesome. Seems pretty simple. They have 16 watch size batteries linked up to super bright LEDs. I kinda thought that was a good project to try instead of buying a pair for 100 dollars that are considered quality.  I really don't even know how to go about this.  They're called Light Show Rave Gloves. Here's a video of what they look like afterwords. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwNCnMNs6ww&feature;=player_embedded

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Game Gloves

I've been looking online recently for some sort of "glove" that you would wear for gaming, instead of having a keyboard. Didnt really find anything.. at least in my price range. So i am going to get the Makey Makey tomorrow from a trade with a friend, i figured this was my best bet. My idea for this glove would be that it have either foil on the tips or that sewing yarn that can be used as wire. There would be a thin Aluminum Sheet that you would tap with the appropriate finger. The aluminum sheet would act as the ground. My other idead would be instead of having the Aluminum Sheet have the tech yarn in the palm of your hand, but this would get uncomfortable after time. I want to make this so i could possibly in the future have two gloves one for each hand. Also, if i was to use the special yarn for electronics, i would have to wear to gloves since the yarn would weave in and out of the glove grounding to your finger. Most likely going to be working on this tomorrow or as soon as i can get some cheap gloves. I'll upload pictures then. any suggestions?

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lacrosse gloves

Hey im going to upload an instructable on how to make your own lacrosse gloves 4 cheep. so tell me your favorite design and ill try to make them. these are my favorite. the warrior Brass monkey gloves. I play defence so the extra knuckle protection helps alot.

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Fire Glove

Ok listen up guys, i have a science project and i wanna do this one thing really badly but i fear my hand might be badly destroyed in this process i want to make a glove where i could snap my finger and make a spark with some kind of flint and then hold a flame with a fuel source like timber or something... i'm thinking of buying a heat resistant glove so i don't get burned alive XD but any ideas would be helpful.

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how to coat cotton gloves with rubber? Answered

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Battery Operated Gloves

Can anyone tell me how to make my own battery oeprated heated gloves, and what parts I need to make them with, and if possiable wher to obtain the materials. Thanks

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Feedback on glove tutorial?

I made this instructable on how to make gloves the other day and I was hoping for some feedback from some fresh eyes. It's a pretty advanced topic, but I'd like to see if people without sewing experience can glean something from it too. Do the diagrams make sense? Is the pace okay? Any concrit is appreciated. Instructable is here: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Gloves/

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frog fingers/gloves?

Hi! i'm working on a frog costume among several animals for halloween, and the frog hands have me stuck. The plans are for a red eyed tree frog, so it needs 4 long digits, with slightly larger tips for the distal pads/suckers, and only a small amount of web between the digits. I don't think it will be a problem to settle for 5 fingers, I'm more concerned with length, shape, and the maybe the webbing. Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated. Thanks, David

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Electro magnetic Gloves

So, we've seen magnetic gloves..but we don't always want the magnets. So, instead of taking off the glove, why not make an electro magnetic glove? Do you guys like the idea? Should I pursue it? Make an instructable on it?

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Glove Taser Help

Can anyone please tell me if i need a special kind of drill to drill the holes in the box. I was asking because isn't ABS a type of plastic???

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Electromegnetic Levatation Glove?

I've seen some devices which use electromagnets controlled by microchips (like this https://www.instructables.com/id/Electromagnetic-Floater/) to levitate small objects. I'm wondering if that same technology could be put into a sort of glove, allowing the user to levitate small metallic or magnetic objects, and maybe even pull or shoot* them? It would have a small electromagnet in each fingertip, as well as a larger one on the palm. All electromagnets could pull upwards on the object if the palm is facing down, and the object was below them. Only the fingertips would pull if it's facing up, and the object is above the palm, (but slightly below the level of the fingertips) The problem would be sensing where the object is, and adjusting the power of each magnet based on that position, and the the position of the electromagnets. *using actual magnetic repulsion would be tricky, but you could, say, have the object sit in the palm of the hand, with fingers outstretched,  then have it attracted to the electromagnets in the fingers, which turn off just as it passes by them. It retains its momentum and shoots out. So, if anyone want to confirm if this is feasible or not (or even want to make it), please post!

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How to make a pair of heated gloves? Answered

I like to make my own pair of heated gloves using 1.5 volt battery as the power source and I would like to use a small button battery and not a standard D size battery to powere the wire in the gloves. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase Nicrome wire that is in a fiber glass silcone jacket and where to purchase a battery holder that would accomiadte a button battery.

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How can I create an electromagnetic field strong enough to attract metallic objects of about 8-6inches from me? Answered

Trying to see how I can upgrade my  magnetic glove by increasing the strength of the electromagnetic field around it presently I can attract objects just 2-3 inches and by calculation if I increase the voltage to 18v from 9v but it would result into I^2R loss besides if I can successfully increase the strength then I would be talking of how to regulate the field using muscle sensors and an arduino board .

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LED workgloves, any interest?

Ever needed both hands in a dark place? Wanted all the light in the world at your fingertips? Fingeritivley speaking that is. Haven't seen these before, but i'm sure they exist. Seems simple and works better than what I had expected. The principle should explain itself, but if anyone would like "steps" then I can put an "Ible" together. Led workglove; Self contained battery pack with rechargable "flat" 3.6v Lithi-ion. Now just to get a Dremel and blowtorch in there. So did I do good, or have you seen better? Feel free to comment.

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is it possible to make lightning gloves?

A friend of mine is offering me big bucks if i build him  a pair of lightning gloves which would shoot large sparks or lightning from one glove to the other. now because ive never built a voltage multiplier befor ei would like to know if theres any problems with my idea which is i get a  small 12v battery pack for racing car i connect that bttery (with a resistor ) to a transformer i then make a voltage multiplier with hv capasitors and diodes to multiply the voltage until a certain voltage is obtained. however i do not know how hoigh the voltage should be so that it is not lethal, but can jump at least one meter from one glove to the other. also as a safety precaution a large copper wire suit should be worn which me and my friend used on my uncles high voltage vandegraf generator whish shot 20m lighnting at us in our loighting suits ontop of our diving suits , and we never felt a thing. anyways, can you please tell e the specs of everything i will need to acomplish my mission?

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Longboard sliding gloves material?

I already have a longboard, but I'm making one this summer... (new instructable.. stay tuned!) I'm now making a pair of longboard sliding gloves for palm-down slides... what is the best material for the palm disk.. ABS, teflon, PVC? ( The thing in the back of the gloves is my homemade flattened ABS pipe.)

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DIY knitted iPhone gloves? Answered

I know there are some commercial products that can let you use your touch phone without removing your gloves, but most of them look really gaudy or cheap. Is there a material that I can preferably knit with that would let me use my phone without damaging it or letting precious heat escape my fingers? These are the commercial products:http://www.tavoproducts.com/http://www.dotsgloves.com/

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What Should I do? Answered

This isnt really a "make it" question, but I don't know where else to ask it. I have a friend who just started playing lacrosse this year. This is my fourth year. He thinks he is some sort of lacrosse prodigy or something. He also thinks that he has to best everyone. I get new gloves, guess what, he goes out and buys better ones. He already has like 8 sticks, yet he hasnt even played in that many games! Everything I say he claims is wrong, and he thinks that he is better than everyone! What should I do?

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How to operate the Iphone's touchscreen with gloves on.

Now that it's 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I normally wear some thick gloves to keep my hands warm. But whenever I need to use my Iphone, I need to slip them off to operate the touchscreen. I heard that the Iphone touchscreen recognizes the electrical resistance of the skin to measure where you're touching it, but I don't know if this is true. I was wondering if there was any method to perhaps simulate the resistance of my skin on the fingertips of my gloves using some substance. The problem is, I don't what to use. Also, if what I heard was wrong, I would appreciate any other suggestions on how to use the touchscreen without taking my gloves off.

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USB heated Gloves mod Qs

I recently received a pair of USB powered heated gloves. Unfortunately they have a big bulky switch that hangs too closely to your hands and dangles around when you type. I'm looking to mod the gloves to have a less clunky switch, something more streamlined. The gloves have three setting, High (II), Off (O), and Low (I). There's a pic of what the inside looks like. I'm trying to figure out how the circuit works. I would assume it was just one setting is full power and the other has the resistor in it, but the resistor appears to be soldered to two leads on the switch. Does the wiring of it mean it skips the resistor when it's in the high position? Also what type of resistor is that (the big grey type) can it be substituted for a smaller one of equal value? It's not that important, I'm just curious, because I think I'm actually going to make the mod only have the High setting and probably without the switch since I could just unplug them instead of adding in a switch.I think the heating elements might be wired in series because the top pad doesn't get as hot at the bottom (or maybe they're just different temperature pads?).And I'd like to add a battery pack option. What would be the ideal (smallest) batttery setup I could use? (5 volts right?) Would a 9v battery overwork the thermal pads or just make them hotter?I was also thinking of changing the connecttion to a connector like this (LINK) a might be a little smaller, thoughts? Also what wires on the USB are pos and neg?

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Need help creating a taser glove

Im looking for any 1 to help me with the capacitor wiring in https://www.instructables.com/id/Tazer-Glove/ i have all the supplies i just need a few pictures or clear videos showing me what to soder 

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ball bearing longboard sliding gloves!!!!

Someone please make some gloves wth bearings in them for longboard sliding!!!!!

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Accelerometer glove for HID development platform

Anyone interested in a glove with accelerometer built-into every finger and data collected via BLE processor? Would it interest you to develop HID algorithm to replace a mouse for gaming or control to a rc car, or a drone? I'm working on something like this and want to gauge interest level.

Topic by senses36 2 years ago

Accelerometer glove for HID development platform

Anyone interested in a glove with accelerometer built-into every finger and data collected via BLE processor? Would it interest you to develop HID algorithm to replace a mouse for gaming or control to a rc car, or a drone? I'm working on something like this and want to gauge interest level.

Topic by senses36 2 years ago

Rock Paper Scissors Arduino Glove

This glove lets you play Rock Paper Scissors against an Arduino opponent. The sensors on two fingers along with an accelerometer detect when you play and it puts out its own move on the screen. Even better, this looks like it was done by Grathio who is sporting an Instructables shirt in the video. Nice one! Link via Neatorama

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flex sensor glove with max/msp

Basically the situation is that i’m in my final year of university and wanted to do something ambitious for my final major project. I wanted to make a glove to control effects built in max/msp. I wanted to know if anyone has personally tried this, how difficult it was to make it work with max and what materials they used (flex sensors etc). Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

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Is there a way to make magnetic gloves coated in liquid nitrogen to control metal?

I know that you can make some metals float by coating the magnet in liquid nitrogen. How can I make a pair of magnetic gloves and will my idea work?

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How do you make Sasuke's arm bands? (From Naruto) ..the black ones btw

I'm cosplaying this character in an anime convention, but can't figure out how to make these...I'masassasd 

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What lacrosse gloves should I get? Answered

I need some new lacrosse gloves. I have played for four years, and I still have horrible, beginner gloves. I play defenseman (long pole, goalie's left side) and I want gloves that will do the job. I don't want to pay over $45, and I may be able to buy used. Any suggestions? (he gloves must also last through my high school lacrosse career, which I will start next year.)

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What is the best wire for generating heat? Answered

I am making an Instructable for some contests. The basic concept is below: -Put two peltier modules on each bloodline on the neck -Put small heat sinks that takes advantage of wind on the other sides of the peltier modules -Use the electricity generated by the peltier modules (While skiing in ~20F) on a heat-generating device located near the hands -Cover the parts that I can with some fabric and possibly build it into a neck warmer or face mask So my question here is: What kind of wire should I use to generate the heat on my hands? I'm looking for high-efficiency and fast to generate the heat Also, do you see any flaws in my concept that I should change? Lastly, the most important question I feel I should ask here is: Will the peltier modules generate enough electricity to make a significant difference on the heat of my hands? My hands get cold enough to hurt when I go back into room temperature if that helps.

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i want to build a "force lightning" glove.

I would like to build a "force lightning" glove. Purely for show, no arcing over great distances, not looking to "throw" the lightning, just have it crackle around the hand and between the fingers. Any suggestions where to start would be greatly appreciated.

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how could a glove be made into a faraday cage?

would wrapping foil/wire mesh around it work? and would it be effective(and by effective i mean the wearer doesnt get zapped)?

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Which lacrosse gloves do I choose? Answered

I recently got a coupon for 25% any Warrior or Brine item at a lacrosse store. I need new gloves, and I have narrowed it down to two pairs. Should I get the Warrior Riot Custom (red-black-white.)? (25% off of $120) The first lacrosse glove with inerchangeable - SWITCH CUFFS - for instant customization right off the retail shelf Each Riot glove comes with 2 cuffs - one home and one away Mix and match your stock cuffs or purchase accessory SWITCH CUFFS - available in multiple colorways and designs The Riot glove features a new tighter fitting pattern for the perfect snug fit The single layered palm gives you by far the best touch on your stick and makes it feel like you aren't even wearing gloves Breakaway Lacrosse exclusive color in Black, Red and White Leather. Or should I get the Brine King Superlight Custom (red-white)? (25% off of $100) Introducing the 1st glove in the Brine Superlight Series where dramatic amounts of weight have been removed by the use of high-tech materials and manufacturing processes. The King Superlight boasts the lightest weight in the Brine family, coming in at 6 oz! Dual material build of high end leather and high grade nylon knit. Superb Back hand venting and dual density foam make this glove a fortress for you hands. New palm design that allows for ultimate air flow. Great mobility and flexibility with an adjustable floating cuff. Ventilator moisture-management performance liner. Breathable mesh palm inserts and finger gussets. Breakaway Lacrosse Exclusive Color, Red Leather, White Mesh and White Print

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Nintendo Power Glove Bluetooth controller for iPhone

Hola. Here is my current lust for an accessory for my iPhone. I would like to strip down a Nintendo Power Glove and replace the guts with the innards of a current bluetooth accessory (if one exists) that has all of these features; answer call, hang up, play/pause, next/previous, volume up/down, and hopefully home button for voice control. Anything else you can think of to add to the list would be helpful considering there are a great deal of buttons on the glove. Now I don't know what bluetooth signals are required for these functions and I'm pretty sure that the remote voice control isn't available, but maybe with a little of your help this might be a pretty fun toy. Tell me what you think.

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How to mend a small nick in a Playtex Living Glove? Answered

I use these gloves all the time to do dishes. They are a pretty sturdy glove. I like using the hottest water possible when hand washing dishes, pot and pans. But no matter how careful I try to be not to put a cut or tear in them, I usually do...and it's always my right glove. Is there some waterproof tape or glue to mend these. This last pair has just a tiny nick, but water still gets inside the glove. Thank you for any help in advance.

Question by amnartist 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how do i put 2 gloves together and make the seal between the two wateright? Answered

I know this is a strange question but i am working on a project and i need to fill a glove with mineral oil and then put another glove inside of that glove so the oil surrounds the hand. the problem i am having with this is the seal i am trying to make it with hot glue by putting the 2 gloves around a cup then putting a ring of hot glue around the inner glove then folding down the lower glove. my first attempt failed and my second has multiple holes that are hard to patch. any ideas on how to do this easily? i only have four gloves 2 for practice and 2 for the prototype which will enter a competition on the 26th. PS: i am kinda in a hurry i have until the 23rd to get this project done.

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How can I turn my converse hightops into gloves?

I want to get rid of these shoes but, I decided to still bring it to use. I was wondering how to turn it into a glove.

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Michael Jackson and his huge glove! (awesome video)

This is so delightfully bizarre. An Internet project gets the help of online volunteers to locate Michael's white glove in each frame of a performance of Billy Jean. With that data others can make some crazy tweaks to it. This one is by far the best of the bunch.Really, just click the link and watch the video. It's great. awesome white glove footagevia Make

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what kind of buttons can i put on a glove? Answered

i have a project im working on, and i need to put(or make) some kind of buttons on the finger tips of a glove. nothing complicated, just basic switches that will complete a circuit when i touch stuff. any ideas?

Question by thealeks 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How to stop your fingers from freezing while walking in cold weather, besides just wearing gloves? Answered

Would wearing mittens over the gloves help. I recently realized that the more properly your head is covered, the longer it takes your gloved hands to freeze

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Damaged right ring finger

Right ring finger glove Hi all does anyone know if there is a glove for 1 finger only, I recently damaged my right ring finger and want to cover it up - without having to buy normal gloves I have looked on the internet... but can't find ?

Question by jay77 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

If i hook up a laser pointer to a fiber-optic cable, will the laser still exit the cable while lighting it up? Answered

I want to make a power-glove style party glove. I want to hook up laser pointers to each finger, but i figured it would be cooler if i could get the glove to light up. So to save myself some soldering, would i be able to shine the lasers through fiber optic cables to light up the glove itself, while still having the laser beams exit the ends of the fiber optic cables?

Question by kamikaze33 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How do i wiring my Cyber Glove (Arduino Mega + Flex Sensors + Bluetooth + Gyroscope) ?

Hi guys! I need  a help on wiring for my Cyber Glove and i'll be using  1) Arduino Mega 2) Bluetooth Module (Cytron) & Bluetooth Shield (Cytron) 3) 2 Flex Sensors 4) 3 Gyroscope Can anyone help me on the wiring by showing the schematic and etc.  Thanks :)

Question by naqibzainudin 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

eTextile Lounge: Featured Project for Tuesday 21 June: Touch Glove

Tuesday 21 June 2011 8PM denver time The innovator of the Touch Glove Instructable will talk about her project on the eTextile Lounge. Join us Tuesday's at 8PM on lynne bruning's uStream channel for eTextile tips, tricks and innovations.

Topic by Lynne Bruning 7 years ago

who out there likes balloon/glove guns aswell as me? beacause i dont know anybody who does. Answered

Please post pics of ones you made.

Question by DELETED_chrizw123 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Sensing electromagnetic fields with a glove - how could I manage it? Answered

Basically, I once read about a guy (an electronics professor I think in Kent University) who had some magnetic sensors implanted into his nervous system in his left arm and now he can feel electomagnetic fields as a kind of pressure. I would like to replicate this in glove format, to preclude the need for experimental surgery. I think it could be done by combining a magnetic sensor (do you even get them?) with a vibrating device and placing the resulting component into a glove. Let me know if I'm barking up the wrong tree or if there's a better way to achieve such a thing. I know hardly anything about electronics but I am a quick learner and if you explain well I will remember.

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Could i use a baseball mitt to play softball?

I'm playing softball this year and i don't have a glove but i don't know what to buy.

Question by patriotsman 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Making a Fake Fire

Hi Friends, have you heard about a Fake Fire? I have been looking a way to DIY a fake fire, however, I couldn't find the element. but today just made a fireproof glove to make some awesome effect. could you give me a comment after watched?Of course, in case of you trap in a danger fire, with this my emergency glove, you could also use your hand to remove any hot items without any hurt. https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-FireProof-Glove/

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Could you slide on a ripstik?

Like this but on a ripstik.....?

Question by Zaphod Beeblebrox 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago