download pdf?

Whart happened to pdf download?

Posted by bill50 5 years ago

Can't get PDF's

Running Mac Snow Leopard Safari - Clicking on PDF icon gets page with pdf link as usual, and shows me still logged in, but lately option-clicking on pdf link ends up downloading a .html file instead of the pdf.

Posted by rking 8 years ago

Pictures will download in pdf

Does anyone know why the picture won't download in the pdf intructions? I am using Safari. Thanks

Posted by dnmonsen 8 years ago

pdf destroyed?

Https:// Adob reader version 9.4.0 says "this file damaged".

Posted by ksimagineer 8 years ago

Download PDF broke?

I started noticing that occasionally download the pdf would break  due to server error. Now it seems as it is entirely broken. I can no longer download the pdf or even view it on a new web tab...

Posted by ChefJohn1955 4 years ago

Anyone have a hard time download'n the PDF

Hey anyone have'n a hard time save'n or even download'n the pdf~s on here?!

Posted by nabzaf 9 years ago

Bugged PDF generating


Posted by padovan 2 years ago

Signed up for PRO but can't dl PDFs

I just get error messages.

Posted by danlamb 5 years ago

Problems with PDF

I'm having problems downloading PDF's. When I click PDF in the second link, the page opens on a new tab reloading the second link's page effectively looping. Since I have just 'upgraded' to Adobe ver 9.1I had wanted to know if this is a temporary site problem or just me.

Posted by Karroo Oakey 9 years ago

print pdf not working

Https:// no pdf and the error 0 PageResult values not setResin Professional 3.0.23 (built Mon, 22 Jan 2007 02:25:17 PST)

Posted by Microbe 9 years ago

Cannot download PDF

I am a Pro memberships. However, today, I cannot download PDF file from any project pages The page was refresh and showed the same contents every time that I click download button.   Please help. 

Posted by ลุงพงษ์ล 2 years ago

Pictures on PDF

When I look at my instructable 'Step-by-step' or 'View all steps on one page' all the pictures do appear. But when I look at the PDF I can see that some of the pictures are missed out. Does anyone know why this happens?

Posted by ramhardikar 9 years ago

PDF uploaded in poor quality

I just added a pdf to my instrcuctable, but when I went to view it after I published it the pages were rotated and the quality very poor.  I uploaded the same pdf to Google Drive and provided a link, and if you use that link the quality is fine and it is not rotated.  Any suggestions? Step 2 of this:

Posted by DickB1 3 years ago

PDF Download

Hi guys I don't know where to post so I decided to post here. When I am looking at a instuctable and when I click the download PDF I can download it can someone tell me why this is I tried it on 3 different PC's

Posted by Cybergeek004 9 years ago

PDF Generation - New Step, New page

It would be nice if each new step of an 'able started a new page in the generated document. See attached screenshot for example.

Posted by jimbotheconflictor 6 years ago

PDF Error

Hello everyone. I am Kashif Raza from Pakistan. Since a few day i am facing a problem with PDF files. After downloading the file when i open it it gives me the error "There was an error opening this document. The file damaged and could not be repaired". I used many PDF reader softwares but all in vain. Now i am usin Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Sorry about my English as it is not my Mother or National Language).

Posted by raza896 9 years ago

Can the PDF be Reset?

I just published my first Instructable. Actually I published it a couple weeks ago unfinished, and updated it as I went along. But I just got around to Downloading the PDF. And it is as the 'ible was when I first published it. Is there any way of updating it without unpublishing it, so I can stop looking like a newb?

Posted by ArtisanEclectic 6 years ago

PDF is not updating when editing the instructable

Hi guys. I've noticed that the PDF version of the instructable does not update when I edit it. Here is an example: when I click "Download", the PDF file contains content, that was published the first time. None of my edits are reflected in there. Pretty sure it's a server side problem, but just in case I'm using Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 on MacOS 10.12.6.

Posted by rzinurov 1 year ago

Can't download .pdf file

Hi. I tried to download or save the pdf file from the article but the page link show "0 PageResult values not set Resin Professional 3.0.23 (built Mon, 22 Jan 2007 02:25:17 PST) " that I tried to using Click on the link below to download your PDF. If you are having trouble downloading the PDF, try right clicking your mouse and choosing 'Save Link As...' or Ctrl + click if you're using a Mac and not work too. And can't use some download manager> how i resolved the problem Help me pls. thank

Posted by sesame180 9 years ago

Cannot download the pdf documents under firefox or internet explorer

Hello, i have a window 7, using internet explorer or firefox. i am unable to download the pdf document.  A window appear telling me that the document is corrupted and cannot be repaired. I tried on three document in the weldin category. As i am a pro member since 3 or 4 hours, i did not had the time to try other document. Is there a setting to heve to be able to download pdf documents? thanks in advance

Posted by kirribilli 8 years ago

unable to open pdf

My customer has recently encountered a problem when trying to open most of their pdfs that they have been referencing for years on their pc.  Reader has a popup box that says "Adobe Reader could not open 'file.pdf' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded I have tried various programs to recover/restore/repair them, they all say the files aren't PDF files.  I have not paid for any recovery programs but would be willing to if they can demonstrate they can fix the problem first.

Posted by HanaB 3 years ago


Is there a way when downloading a PDF, to obtain a document with larger characters. The letters are quite small when you have glasses and you try to read an instructable on your tablet on the work bench Thanks in advance

Posted by kirribilli 6 years ago

Getting Annoying, PDF

This is getting annoying I just bought one year subscription two days ago. I am trying to download the PDF and it is not letting me download. Also when I go to different page each time it is asking me to login. And when I try to download the PDF it logs me out. It is also telling me to by new subscription, so please fix these problems. Other than that, in my account it says that I will be charged for new subscription after one year automatically. I would like to cancel automatic subscription option. I do like this site it is best online source for new projects but it is not well organized. For help, contact, account information and no Phone line were we can get customer service. So please reply me as soon as possible. My user name is patel.raj. If this problem going to be continued I would like to cancel my current subscription and want refund.

Posted by patel.raj 8 years ago

downloading a pattern with step-by-step-instructions, that has been posted in Instructable

I have permission from Mirka Hokkanen, to download (  I subscribed to this Instructale site as it informed me I would be able to download all of the pattern and instructions at once and pics and text would follow in order rather than piece-meal after the download.  I downloaded into Word and am trying to downsize pics and delete references to make fewer pages; however, with doing so things aren't staying together as promised.  Please advise on how to do this.  I do NOT have the full PDF loaded on my computer and prefer to use Word for downloads. Thanks. Omakam

Posted by omakam 6 years ago

pdf view and print

Change the pdf view and print format! Now when you click on the pdf icon (if you want the instrcucable to be viewed in pdf format) in the instructable you have selected, another page opens and you have to click on the pdf name to view/print in the pdf format. i suggest that when you click on the 1st view of the pdf icon, it immediately opens the pdf....therefore one less step!

Posted by lehmannheinz 10 years ago

pdf view and print change request

Once one has selected an instructable, one has several viewing choices. If you want to view it as a pdf, you now have to click on the pdf icon. A second page comes up. You again select the pdf by filename and the pdf opens. It would be great if the pdf icon were to directly display the pdf, rather than having another page come up to view as pdf and then to have to click on the pdf file. One has already chosen to view the instructable as a it's an extra unnecessary step. I suggest that clicking on the pdf icon directly brings up the instructable in pdf format.

Posted by lehmannheinz 10 years ago

Broken PDF

This instructable has a broken pdf download No PDF since May 13th Have tried both explorer and chrome

Posted by rengisedeht 4 years ago


hey guys tryed gettin some pdfs but no pictures will come up help

Posted by chicochan 8 years ago

cant download a pdf file

I cannot download the pdf file it keeps sending me to sign in

Posted by gailportugal 6 years ago

pdf file does not download as pdf

I just downloaded what was supposed to be a pdf from  When I hit the download button, it downloaded it as a file with no attributes. I couldn't open the file. When I added .pdf to the filename, it worked, so it is a pdf file, it's just not downloading as a pdf file. I'm on a windows machine running 7, using Chrome.

Posted by fxblf 1 year ago

PDF won't download

PDF won't download: No irrigation raised bed gardening system (Hugelkultur) (It goes through all the steps and the tab in Safari (iPad) says that  a PDF downloaded, but there's no file there.

Posted by hartpete 6 years ago

pdf corrupted

Hi, I am trying to download the pdf instructions for this instructable but the pdf shows 0 bytes and is corrupted. instructable any help ? thank you, Lef

Posted by lefx 4 years ago

pdf images

Just today, I am no longer able to see images in pdf versions of the instructable, the images are still there for individual viewing though!

Posted by lehmannheinz 10 years ago

101 Crafty Gifts pdf downloads as zero byte file

I tried downloading this PDF and it is a zero byte file.  How can I get this as a PDF?  Thanks!

Posted by susantr 7 years ago

PDF download document is not updated with changes when Instructable is republished

I made a few edits to an Instructable and when I republished it the changes where not updated in the PDF download document.  If I create a customer PDF I see the edits I made but not in the default PDF.

Posted by johnhaddad 4 years ago

pdf files will not download

PDF files will not download, I am using firefox  3.6.10 on a Windows 7 O.S. PDF files from other sites are  downloading OK . I paid for a pro membership  specifically to enable this feature.

Posted by nick50 8 years ago

Customized PDF Files

I looked but didn't see anything, but that doesn't mean that it is not here somewhere.  If it is please send me where to look. Every time I try to download the custom PDF file it says "failed to load PDF Document.

Posted by BJdaWonderKid 7 years ago

pdf downloads

Entered my Pro subscription yesterday.  Tried to download pdf on LED Cube 8x8x8.  Unable to download???? Thanks in advance for your prompt response. Doie

Posted by doie 7 years ago

PDF Downloads

Hello, I am a new Pro user and when I try to download Instructables PDF's I am directed back to the PDF download page. Some Instructables will allow me to download their PDF's however. I don't see anything common to the instructables that either work or don't, so I am pretty confused. If it helps at all, the custom PDF download does not work at all. Thanks for the help.

Posted by Rendman 9 years ago

Images not included in PDF Download

Downloaded the PDF for "How to make a backpack by rlciavar" using the "Download Custom PDF" button with the default Custom Download settings.  The PDF did not include the images in each of the steps.  Using desktop PC with Windows 7 and Firefox 47.0.1.  Url for the project:

Posted by rysy07605 2 years ago

Custom PDF not working

Lately, when downloading a custom PDF everything is included no matter what I un-check.  Not sure if it's my computer, happened at work and now at home.

Posted by target022 6 years ago

PDF Instructables are great - let's have more!

I think it's great that we're able to download a PDF version of our 'Ibles, but it seems to only work with recently-published ones. Is it possible to convert old Instructables to PDFs also? Thanks for looking into this.

Posted by LanceMakes 6 years ago

PDF Doesn't Update to Reflect Project Changes

I made several edits to an Instructable yesterday and the PDF file doesn't show any of those edits. I would guess that the PDF file is cached, but that cache should be cleared after edits are made so that premium users can download a PDF that reflects the current version.

Posted by ehstechdept 1 year ago

Custom PDF not working correctly

When I go to make a custom PDF, I remove the Header, Comments, and related instructables. However, tonight it is still showing the header and related instructables..

Posted by josheggleston 7 years ago

Why can't I Download the PDF files

I can not download any pdf files to my computer.  I wants me to become a member and I already am.

Posted by chris3rd 7 years ago

PDF marked 'damaged and could not be repaired"

I'm finding this problem every time I try to access the PDF files. It comes up marked that: "The file is damaged and couuld not be repaired." Help!! Everything else works fine, including the PDF files from other sources!

Posted by ShanniTe 7 years ago

More PDF issues

I've been trying to download a PDF file of my instructable, but when I uncheck the boxes for header and related instructables or any other custom box, it still sends the whole thing.

Posted by robbtoberfest 6 years ago

Download/Print PDF not working

Each time I try to download a PDF on my iPad all it does is refresh the page. When I try on my MacBook, every time I click on the PDF icon, it requests me to sign in again and then redirects to the first step in instructions. The Print PDF link on both my iPad and MacBook are unresponsive. All the other links work. Help?

Posted by littlemermaid93 6 years ago

PDF's will not download

When I try to download a PDF, This is the message I get.  Is it just me????????????? Please excuse me, that was very impolite! - javax.servlet.ServletException: com.instructables.exception.NotPermittedException: user ID MIRBC79GJQED8YN may not update instructable ID EQ3B9AXF42X3ISL Exception

Posted by RicknJude 7 years ago

download PDF ...Gone?

Has the option to download Instructables in PDF format been removed or changed?  I cannot seem to find this option on any of the 'structables pages today.  Please, please tell me this is a temporary glitch!

Posted by Denger 5 years ago