3M Pocket Projector

3M ProjectorLooking forward to this mini projector.

Posted by texas62 10 years ago

Projector Light Bulbs are too expensive, Lets make an LED based one!

The idea is very simple PRojector Bulbs last average 2000 hours and cost $500 plus dlls. Lets make an LED based projector that will last at least 15 times that and cost under a hundred.With these: http://www.lumiledsfuture.com/products/line.cfm?lineId=2And this instructable:https://www.instructables.com/id/Power-LED_s---simplest-light-with-constant-current/Yes, light issues due to wavelength variations are expected as well as fan issues but all is needed is an old projector and +/- 10 high power LEDs and lots of instructa- bility.I am currently hunting for a damaged projector to experiment with...Please feel free to commentCheers!

Posted by dejabox 11 years ago

DIY R2D2 projector

Hi All, So I had this idea of putting a pico projector into an R2D2 body so I can recreate the Princess Leia Hologram moment. I wanted to get some suggestions on what sort of materials I should use to build the body of the R2D2 droid. I see some people mold using styrafoam and I was thinking of going that direction but would it be better to use something sturdier just to house the projector? I also want something that would look cool but I dont have a 3d printer or any experience using plastic molds.  The projector is an AAXA p4 pico projector: Dimensions: 141*71*31 mm  Weight: 0.4 lbs Anything tips to keep in mind before I start construction?

Posted by hoppaloppa 6 years ago

Multiply your projector image with a prism & mirrors

I am experimenting with the idea of having several "cloned screens" out of one projector. The principle of light being split by a prism may yield very good results if colors are correctly displayed when using the prism with two mirrors to split the light in two directions. I will try this with an overhead projector first but if anybody has any suggestions please feel free to comment. Having the same image duplicated has a lot of advantages for projected movies in the park and businesses. Superbolw! Hockey! times two!

Posted by dejabox 11 years ago

Barco Cine 600s CRT projector

I have for sale here a late 1980's Barco Cine600 CRT projector. Powers up ok but I've no idea how to plug anything into it. I can imagine in the right hands there is nothing wrong with it, but i'm no expert so sold as seen £200 I'm in South England and can deliver it anywhere in a 25 mile radius from Salisbury in Wiltshire. £200

Posted by tobychan 5 years ago

Short throw projector w/ auto pwr on/off

OK- looking to upgrade an exhibit that is currently using two old kodak slide projectors on an image blender to a screen that is only about 5' from the lenses. This is a rear projection scenario and I need the following criteria met: Projector must be capable of throwing up a 62" diagonal image from only about 5', maybe a few inches less. The projector must be able to be programmed to turn on (main and lamp power) and off at certain times. Whether this is done via the firmware (menu settings) in the projector itself or via RS232 commands is up to you but I don't know much about RS232 software and its capabilities as far as interfacing with a projector. I think there might be some projectors out there that automatically power on when a source is detected as well, perhaps this is part of a solution?? The application is as an exhibit in a museum. We can't afford to task someone with physically turning this on and off every day so if the process can be automated, great. This exhibit will ideally rear project an image to a screen that our visitors stand in front of. The image can be supplied by either a looping DVD or from a PC app such as Powerpoint as they are static images. One concern at power off is that power is initially only removed from the lamp of the projector and then from the fan after it has cooled the lamp sufficiently. If all power is removed from the projector at once, the fan will not run and the lamp will fail prematurely. If there are solutions outside of the box like other display technologies that I've not thought of, please share. Large plasma and / or LCD screens of that size however are cost prohibitive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. z

Posted by zootron 10 years ago

Short throw projector w/ auto pwr on/off

OK- looking to upgrade an exhibit that is currently using two old kodak slide projectors on an image blender to a screen that is only about 5' from the lenses. This is a rear projection scenario and I need the following criteria met: Projector must be capable of throwing up a 62" diagonal image from only about 5', maybe a few inches less. The projector must be able to be programmed to turn on (main and lamp power) and off at certain times. Whether this is done via the firmware (menu settings) in the projector itself or via RS232 commands is up to you but I don't know much about RS232 software and its capabilities as far as interfacing with a projector. I think there might be some projectors out there that automatically power on when a source is detected as well, perhaps this is part of a solution?? The application is as an exhibit in a museum. We can't afford to task someone with physically turning this on and off every day so if the process can be automated, great. This exhibit will ideally rear project an image to a screen that our visitors stand in front of. The image can be supplied by either a looping DVD or from a PC app such as Powerpoint as they are static images. One concern at power off is that power is initially only removed from the lamp of the projector and then from the fan after it has cooled the lamp sufficiently. If all power is removed from the projector at once, the fan will not run and the lamp will fail prematurely. If there are solutions outside of the box like other display technologies that I've not thought of, please share. Large plasma and / or LCD screens of that size however are cost prohibitive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. z

Posted by zootron 10 years ago

Overhead Projector

I have 2 overhead projectors that blow their bulbs. At $18-20 apiece I don't have the money to experiment with them anymore to figure out why. Has anyone got an idea how to convert one to use something like a standard Halogen or Xenon light? I would also need to keep the fan functional as well since any strong light is going to get very hot. I use them in my fiber art studio to project ideas onto paper for patterns.

Posted by CrystalDyes 10 years ago

DIY Small Image Projector PLEASE HELP!!

Hi there, This site seems quite informative but still couldn't find what I am looking for, I really hope you can help me. I am actually trying to achieve the exact opposite of what most people try to do with their DIY projector builds. I am trying to make a "small image" projector. I have tried using all kinds of combinations of focal calculations but cant seem to get the result that I am looking for. I will be honest with you, I am very new to this and still acquainting myself with it. I want to build a projector that can project an image as small as 10mm across to as large as about 50mm - 70mm across without loss of image clarity. I also want to be able to project the image from a short distance, up to maybe 300mm away. I will use a 7" LCD (1280x800) and want to be able to build this projector no larger than an A4 size sheet of paper. is this achievable? if so, how would I go about building it? would you be able to give me any advice, ideas?   Any ideas are welcome as my head is about to explode :-(   Cheers Jon

Posted by jwindsor2 3 years ago

Transparent LCD's

Do all digital picture frames (eg http://www.edgetechcorp.com/accessories/digital-picture-frame.asp) have transparent LCD's? Like if you take it apart, could the LCD still work but it is transparent? So you could turn it into a projector with a very powerful light?Thanks!

Posted by icinnamon 10 years ago

I want an older model/gently used projector...

I was wondering if any had any advice/sources on how to get an older model/used projector. I am using it to mod a big screen to keep using the large screen without the expensive and near-impossible job of fixing the inside circuitry. I am not too concerned with HD capability, since I will only be using it to play old video game systems (non-HD), so all I really need is Red/White/Yellow A/V input and a resolution of 640x480 max. It has to be NTSC compliant, so somewhere in the US or Canada would probably be my only choices. If anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated!

Posted by victus_maestro 9 years ago

I'm getting seriously frustrated with this DIY iPod projector.

I am trying to make a video projector for my iPod touch using a cardboard box, mirror and a magnifying glass lens. When I put my iPod over the mirror, it projects onto the wall but I can JUST vaguely see the picture. It's not clear at all. What do you guys suggest? Smaller mirror? Moving something closer or farther to the lens? Smaller lens? It's really starting to p*ss me off. I want to know what some of you might recommend. Below are the blueprints I roughly sketched up on MSPaint.

Posted by Zachintosh 7 years ago

How can I make a cheap projector screen and free-standing frame?

Dear all, recently I commissioned and received a portable-ish movie projection unit that will let us show movies almost anywhere - in back yards, against buildings, in parking lots, and so on. It's designed for a guerrilla cinema experience for the community. See here for more information and a cheesy video I made for it. However, there remains one big issue: The screen and its frame. This is for the occasions we won't have a white blank wall to use. Can you geniuses come up with any suggestions? There are a number of features that are necessary in both elements:- 1. The screen Lightweight Cheap-ish Rolls up Doesn't easily crease, dent, rip, etc Isn't easily damaged by a small amount of fog/rain Can accommodate up to 12ft wide 16:9 images 2. The frame Lightweight Cheap-ish Can be quickly and easily disassembled to be carried short distances Is adjustable in terms of height and length (not essential, but would be nice) The screen can easily be attached to it Do you have any ideas as to how this would be possible? If so, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

Posted by gubbins4ever 7 years ago

just a thought... (ds projector)

Just a thought i had when i saw all of these led projectors on here. and then i saw a ds sitting on the table then i though, what if there was a such a thing as a ndsl projector?! how i believe it would be contructed, at  least the case anyways, would be to detach the top screen from the bottom. then to use the screen as you would any other in a diy projector, keeping in mind that it has to stay connected to the ds. then build half a ds arcade stand for the ds, and build the rest of the projector. would this be plausible? or would it be impossible?

Posted by zack247 8 years ago

Near Wall Wide Angle Projector

Sony will be releasing a 4k projector called the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector, later this year or sometime in the future. It's a very nice looking setup of having the projector built into a cabinet that sits right along the wall it's projecting on, freeing up walking space. The only problem is it will be $30,000-40,000. I'm curious to see if it's possible to build something that accomplishes the same setup with current projectors, being able to project a decent quality image at a large scale from only a foot away from the wall. 

Posted by chello2k9 4 years ago

temporary video projector bulb fix

has anyone ever had a bulb go out on you while using your video projector and not had money to fix it i came across a way to temporary to fix it but i dont know if it will work for all projectors so im getting peoples opinion on if i should put this up as an instructable. please let me know what you think

Posted by kane89 8 years ago

Hiding ceiling projector

UPDATE! made some progress and have it all set up, its in the finishing touches area now. :) Items used- -12 in AC linear actuator -3 way switch - 4x draw slides - MDF - PVC - ceiling tile - various sizes of wood for frame for the actuator. ______________________________________________________________________________________ I have an idea for my ceiling mounted projector to hide in the ceiling tile and then lower down when a button is pressed. however I have no idea how to execute it. in theory I would need a motor to pull up and lower down the tile that the projector is mounted to and then run the cables down the wall to a switch. but I turn to you instructables to tell me how to make the motor stop when the tile is low enough on the cable and when it rises back into place with the other tiles. Sort of like an automatic window on a car. with the push of a button it goes into place and when the button is pushed again it rises back.?

Posted by cooy 6 years ago

Big Screen Digital Canvas?

Ok, my parents have an old unusable 52" rear projection television.(projector is busted) I'm a filmmaker/digital sculptor and I want to convert the tv into a large digital canvas that I connect to my computer and can interact with using either the Maxell "Penit" digital pen, or one of these two other digital pens. (http://www.expedata.net/products/digitalmobile.html) I still have to test the pens to see if they can even live feed information to the computer. I am thinking it should be possible to use some type of bare computer LCD screen as the foundation of a rebuilt rear projector. Anybody have any specific ideas about how to put this together?

Posted by Butch007 11 years ago

Help about homegrown crystal

I want to grow a crystal which is something written inside it and when you put some light on it, text will reflect on wall. is it even possible? any idea about how to do it guys?(also ladies :D)

Posted by ashbazg 2 years ago

Over head Projector

Hello, All I need a bit of help, I have an Over Head Projector [O.H.P] that I really want to make into a projector for my home P/C I have a couple of L.C.D from laptops. Even 2 [O.H.P] L.C.D from View Sonic, But no cables !!!. for the View Sonic units. Any Ides. Phil. Austin,Tx Stay - Safe

Posted by ourPlaygrnd 11 years ago

projector from old rear projection computer monitor?

Is it possible? because what i want to do is hook up my laptop to a old computer monitor and have it project the image onto my wall thanks fidgety2

Posted by fidgety2 8 years ago

Is it safe to put a really powerful lamp in a 2000 lumen DLP projector?

I bought my Mitsubishi SD205U projector used. Eventually, the bulb is going to fail, and I want to know some stuff before it dies. I plan on buying an LED, driver, and heatsink off of Ebay, and modding the projector to use it. The best lens I can find it 60-80 degrees. A bunch of the light will go into the projector, will this damage anything? And other than the wasted light, will it hurt the image quality? Next question, can I put a much more powerful LED in it without damaging anything? Finally, is there anything I should know of before attempting this project?

Posted by laptopdude90 3 years ago

High voltage lamp driver

I have a high voltage lamp driver that i took out of an old projector, I want to know if i wil be able to make a jacobs ladder or plasma globe with it? It supplies 25kv or 12.5kv on each of the two wires? it was used to power the lamp of the projector and it connected directly with the lamp wires. PLEASE HELP!

Posted by Francoisler 4 years ago

Carnival Backpiece Costume with Portable Projector?

Hi there Instructable-philes, This is my first post (question) so please go gentle on me.  I would like to create a Carnival backpiece that is Television set Screen with a portable projector playing a loop of video.  So when people see my it looks as if I am coming out of a television set.  I know the technology is there, I am hoping someone in this fabulous forum could at least point me in the right direction regarding a How-to or something they noticed as similar to my idea. Thanks in advance for your help! DishnRob

Posted by dshnrob 2 years ago

Epson/Acer projector (A/V Contest)

Hi... I just want to say, that i think that occurred a mistake ;x in https://www.instructables.com/contest/av2012/ in the part: Any Instructable project that relates to the categories included in A/V, including but not limited to home theater, speaker building, car audio, audio hacks, audio recording and playback, film, televisions, projectors, video recording and playback is eligible. Enter your A/V project and have a chance at winning an """""Epson HD Projector""""", Samsung HDTV or a sweet set of Koss headphones. says the winner wins a epson project, when the photo already shows an acer one... and in https://www.instructables.com/contest/av2012/?show=PRIZES says: Three First Prize winners will receive an """"Acer® H5360 3D-DLP Projector""""" and an Instructables prize pack. so, i just want to help...i dont have much knowledge, i just want to help :D this is the best site ever! after all, i have a question: can i apply for a contest( Instructables Design Competition for being precise), even if I'm from Brazil?  

Posted by ItzRulez 5 years ago

ipod Video Laser Projector

Thought you guys might want to take a peek at my upcoming instructables. I've decieded that instead of making lots of private mistakes and depriving you of the failed projects I'll make a website to house all my projects before htey become instructables. Here's my latest:ipod laser video projectorYou can get all the info on how/why i think it'll work there along with some pics and video.Some pics and video for here: Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions on how to build a case that can hold mirrors and lasers very precisely in a small footprint. Thanks!-bg

Posted by lamedust 10 years ago

DIY projector using phone LCD screen.

Hello every body. My first post on these forums, and here goes. I have been looking into projectors and considering the cheaper route of building my own. As I want the projector to be HD and small at the same time, I figured one of the newer phone screens would be suitable (which I have located a reseller of). I do not have any particular screens in mind. To get to the point though, are there any controllers out there that would allow me to connect a screen with dvi / hdmi? As with larger tft panels where you can buy a kit, or such as the device used to bridge the LVDS to hdmi connectors (one example here). I have been unsuccessful in my search for these so far. I assume that most of the screens use different connectors rather than a common standard data connector, which could hinder this. Thanks for your time.

Posted by naunak 5 years ago

Projecting onto glass

Alright here's my question, I know I've seen it done a couple places, the first image I could find as an example was just this :http://www.en.dnp.dk/data/4418/3791/4418.jpg# (just see below)What kind of glass do I need to do something like this? I'd like to build a table of sorts out of glass with a projector built into the frame under it to project upwards onto the glass, then eventually perhaps adding an IR sensor and work towards building a touchscreen/MS-Surface-like table. Any thoughts? Obviously its not normal glass or the projector would just pass through it

Posted by ianidas 10 years ago

Multiple Monitor Switcher

Basically i was wondering if someone would help me design a multiple computer multiple display switch box. so i have two desktop computers both support dual monitors so i would connect all 4 dvi connectors to the switch box it would then switch those two computers between dual monitors and a projector. this would be done by a easy access button. im thinking something like this http://www.belkin.com/uk/switch2/ except with more ports kinda. any help would be greatly apreciated.

Posted by romansoldiers 8 years ago

Any thoughts on constructing a lamp to project a spherical starfield?

So, I have a friend's birthday coming up, and she's a creative dreamer type.  I stumbled upon an unattributed image of a lamp that projects a starfield, and immediately thought, "absolutely perfect!  but, can I make it?" so, after a bit of thought,  I came up with most of a plan... the base unit would have two dimmer switches on it: one for the lamp, the other for a small motor. a stand would exit the base at about 15-20 degrees from vertical, and support the motor. a small brush and ring system, or commercial electrical routing system would pass electricity to the lamp, which would be surrounded by a spherical (or n sided polygonal) lampshade that is translucent, passing very little light, except where it is drilled to create stars My primary question is, has anyone seen something similar commercially?  aimed more at the design crowd than at kids or science buffs? My secondary question is, what would be a good way to produce the star-screens, so as to not hand drill 2000 holes or so.

Posted by gschoppe 7 years ago

DIY Projector and Almost complete Multimedia Desktop computer

> For Sale or Trade<=The descriptions for the ads are in the craigslist ads provided. Everything that I'm selling is in great shape, no scratches, etc. I can answer any questions you have and I am more than willing to negotiate.I would prefer pickup but if you want me to ship I want to get exact shipping/packing prices so it may take time.

Posted by Starstryke25 9 years ago

lcd cropping software?

I just built a DIY projector for my room (basically an overhead with an lcd and fans slapped on). Many people that do this use a 15 inch screen, but my family recently burnt out the backlight of a 17", so I used that. Anyways, since the stage of the overheadprojector can't see the whole LCD, some parts of the image get cut off. Is there some sort of software to essentially shrink a screen so that I can get the whole image viewable to the projector?

Posted by guyfrom7up 9 years ago

Connect PC to old(ish) Projector: Connection

Hey, I got an old projector from my school from my school recently, that has a video in, and i have managed to make it wok with my DVD player. My question now is, is it  possible to connect it to my computer? It only has One RCA  (Actually, I'm not sure its called RCA. The cable that plugs into it looks like this http://www.darlingtoncomputerrepairs.co.uk/images/so123447.jpg) video in cable. I was wondering if this http://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-PC-TV-Converter-Box/dp/B002CMAW20/ref=sr_1_6?s=electronics&ie;=UTF8&qid;=1324852028&sr;=1-6 would work? Does anyone know please? Thanks in advance

Posted by schumi23 6 years ago

Uses for old and broken projectors/overheads

Our school, for some reason has a lot of partially dismantled and broken projectors. This year, all the classrooms have also been installed with a fancier ceiling-projector that connects to laptops and computers instead of just reflecting pieces of overhead paper. Because it was only recently that the school greenhouse came into use, it's been used as storage. While we could recycle them, I think they could be turned into something useful (preferably for the greenhouse), but I don't have any ideas. I'd like some ideas or for someone to try and build something. The only idea I've had was to turn it into a planter or pot, but apparently the bulbs won't work with plant lights and wouldn't be bright enough.

Posted by Fii 7 years ago

Cheaper method for 3D screen

Hey everyone.  I am new to instructables but you guys have really inspired me to see what I can come up with.  By taking a few ideas I have come across on the net, around here, and a quick epiphany after watching a 3d movie, I have an idea.  (sorry for post formatting, still trying to figure this out) I am trying to pull the parts together right now but if someone could build it first they could have the instructable.  Well, to the idea then.  Basically, using 2 ideas from Johnny Chung Lee(a grad from Carnegie Mellon University) that he has released to the public with software(found at johnnylee.net), any 2 digital projectors, and several polarized glasses received from movie theaters you can build your own 3d projection system with eye tracking to add perspective. The two projects of johnny Lee's we are using are Wii-mote eye tracking and Projector Stitching.  Projector stitching will be used to automatically calibrate the projectors to perfectly overlap so the offset images are accurate(absolutely critical for 3d images) so we don't have to and the eye tracking would be used by software to add perspective to any live 3d environment/game(not necessary).  The polarized glasses are used both by the projectors and the user so atleast 2 pairs would have to be acquired.  Lenses are placed in front of the projector to filter out all but the correct pole of light.  This will dim the projector slightly as light is being lossed but what you get is cheap polarized image.  I have tested this and it does work if you project light through the back of the lens(the eye side).  The only thing that presents a problem is the projection surface.  Most surfaces scatter and remove polarization from light.  The screens at movie theaters are specially made to not do this.  I am still researching a cheap material that has this property so I can use it but if any of you find it first have at it.  I just want the instructable up so we can see what we can do with it.  What you get with this setup is two overlapping images that can be filtered effectively between the two eyes.  This is what enables a 3d image to be sent.  Add in the eye tracking and you have a 3d image that adjusts based on the position of the users head.  This adds an amazing degree of interactivity to a 1 player game as now you have depth added to the experience and moving actually does something for the game.

Posted by critterfluffy 8 years ago

Miniature Stage Light LED Projector

Hello inventors!!!! How are you? A long time ago I had an Idea! Make a toy theater or better a miniature stage box computerized. I've already made everything but now I need projector and motors for sets design. Before, I would like to start with Lights. There are a lot of project in this site with leds and the best way to create my theater lights is to use led pixel modules connected an Arduino! Now, everything sounds right and simple but is not really like that, because I want perfection! Do you know how to made miniatures stage lights? And also beautiful to see? I mean not just a tube with a diode inside? I work on stage as an artist and choreographer and I love lights. There are 3 kind of that... and I would like to realize all three. Image 1 - Simple spot (simple light) image 2/3 - Spot with Gobos/Images(that's amazing, do you know this kind of projector that can project images (called gobos)? I found on internet these pens that you can see below. They are perfect to made it but the problem is that you have to buy 5000pcs minimum....! So how to create it? where I can find the lens? The well? It will be amazing if we can also install a little step motor drived by arduino that is able to change gobos!!!) image 4 - Motorized Spot ( we can put together this two spots and made one that can move. We can use maybe 2 Servo motors! With that we can made them change directions but servos are so big...! a simplest and little idea?) All these light source are a single led that have a WS2801 chip to drive colors independently so the first one is simple to made...What about the second one? Thank you inventors!

Posted by mungle 6 years ago

How can I project a night sky on a tent ceiling?

I'm getting married in September and I want a night sky projected on the tent at my wedding. I love the images from Harry Potter in the Great Hall (I know that it won't look exactly like it because of the tent angles). The tent is a 40'X40' open sided. I only care that the upper half is projected. The bottom edge surrounding the tent is going to have string lights wrapped in grapevines possibly with wisteria and amaranthus hanging from it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this work, and how to rig the projectors to the tent ceiling poles?

Posted by lpfan3217 6 years ago

projecting my laptop

Ok so i decided to build the overhead lcd projector https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Projector-on-the-Cheap/ But i would really like to be able to project my laptop screen, how would I make the lcd screen show what my laptop is showing. My macbook has a mini-DVI port in it. can this be done?

Posted by astrozombies138 11 years ago

Guessing game for you...

We have a lot of LCD projectors at school.As you may, or may not, know, they work by splitting the light from a bulb into three beams, shinging them through three different-coloured LCD filters and them re-combining the beams to form a full-colour image on the screen.One of our projectors developed an odd blotch in the image, and a few minutes' furtle by our IT technician found that one of the LCD filters had packed up - the layers had delaminated slightly.Cost of a brand-new projector - 465GBP.Care to guess the price of a replacement LCD unit?

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Pinhole Slide Projector

Hi! I have no idea whether this is the right place to post this topic, but it does say 'burning questions' and that's what this is, so here goes. :-) I've had this idea for a kind of pinhole lense slide projector. The (very basic) diagram is pretty self explanatory, and I was wondering if anyone's tried/heard of anything like this, and whether it could work? Do you think a 100 LED torch would be bright enough? Also, if I'm right in thinking that LEDs don't get hot, there shouldn't be a risk of overheating/fire should there? Thanks! Looking forward to hearing what you think! :-)

Posted by MissPennyFarthing 9 years ago

Need a 19.5VDC battery pack for my micro projector

I'm looking to build or buy a battery pack to power my LG HW301G projector. The specs say: LG HW301G 19.5 VDC 4.9 A (on the projector label) 100W (per the manual specs) I'd like to carry it around for guerrilla projection projects. Battery pack(s) should fit on a utility belt or in a backpack. I was thinking about a pack of 13 AA batteries in typical battery holders, paralleling 4 together to maybe get an hour of projection time, but I'm worried the normal wiring that comes with those holders might not handle the current. Anyone have any ideas? Stuart

Posted by unklstuart 3 years ago

Set up a Kodak 4200 projector to digitize slides

I've just posted an ible for quick, dirty, and cheap slide digitizing.  It's fine for iffy slides from a 110 camera.  But there is a box of perhaps several thousand slides made by serious photographers in the family.  I would like to digitize them (and would have access to a better camera than my point and shoot digital).  I've seen YouTubes of slide projectors combined with cameras to automate the process. I just picked up a 4200 Kodak projector (with a stack loader) for another purpose at Goodwill.   Can anyone make an ible for setting it up for digitizing with a Canon Power Shot  S70?

Posted by mole1 4 years ago

Need help to realize an idea: "Projector-Ruler"

Hello there, thanks for attention. I have an idea "Projector Ruler" ,which can show a ruler or other measuring tools on the wall, so that can help people to read the information of target easily. My concept have won international design awards, including Spark Design Award and IDEA. I think this idea is possible, potential ,and required by the market. You can see more detail in video or by following link: P-Ruler I plan to realize this concept. However, my study background can't enough support me to implement it. So, I need someone who understand the principle of projector, rangefinder or other related knowledge to help me to build this idea. I hope that we can group a team to generate it and co-found it. (The funds can come from Kickstarter :D). If you're interested, please contact me or make a comment. Thank you. P-Ruler from Chang Yu-Chung on Vimeo.

Posted by Yu-Chung 1 year ago

35 mm film belt

i work at a movie theater, and we always have old pieces of the film strips. lately i've been considering making some of this old film strip into a belt, by laying it on top of the other pieces and weaving thread into the little holes on the edges. but i've been thinking about how i'd attach a belt buckle, or anything to clip it together for that matter. anyone have any ideas how i could do this?

Posted by wish2snowboard 7 years ago

Basic spinning stage light

I'm looking for a light that I can place on the floor that would shine onto a projector screen. Something that spins with a spiral display. Either the light itself spins. Or possibly has the ability to place a filter onto a steady light and the filter spins. I'm in a band and i'm looking for something that would be strong enough to show this light display behind the drums as we play. The light and the projector screen would be relatively close to each other.

Posted by Ellyni 8 years ago

VHS Camcorder, Overhead projector, Boomboxes, and some other stuff.

Hey, I recently contacted my school (I'm in 9h grade) asking if they had any old equipment i could have, and they said yes. I have decided that i would *only* take 2 overhead projectors (you put a 'transparent sheet on, and projects) 3-4 boomboxes, and most importantly, a VHS camcorder. I just couldn't let that camcorder go to waste, so i decided i would take it, but now I'm wondering, what can i do with it? Also, for the overhead projectors, any ideas what i could use them for? I know, i can get the mirrors/lenses/bulbs, and fan and everything in them, but is there anything i could use them for (i know about LCD overhead projector, anything else?)

Posted by schumi23 6 years ago

Slide projector video display

Hi, first time posting, and I would like some basic advice on a problem i am encountering with a project.I am attempting to convert an old slide projector (single slide variety) into a video projector. Light output will be fine once I get a higher wattage bulb, and temperature is not a real issue. The problem i have is that, i need a display (around 2x2 inch) and I am not sure where to get one that you could hook up to  an external input. I have, however, found a few old cell phone screens. Does anyone think that this would work, and if you know of any, could you please post some helpful web sites on how to wire these displays. Also, if you know of any ready-made displays that would be suitable to tear apart and use, that would be useful.much appreciated, thanks.

Posted by kiffer360 9 years ago

Candle Powered Shadow Projector

If anyone has seen the movie "Sleepy Hollow" starring Johnny Depp, you must have noticed the scene where the little boy lights the candles in the punched tin can, the can starts to spin from the heat of the candles, and the punched holes in the can are shapes, a cat, a witch, a tree, etc, and these shapes are actually projected onto the walls, projected and spinning very, very slowly.  As you know this movie is set in the late 1800's, so it is not any kind of electrical thing.  I would love some ideas on how to make one of these, I don't even know what they are called, I have looked for one on ebay and here on instructables....I've been calling it a "shadow projector" but that probably isn't right.  It is an awesome little contraption, great for halloween or anytime, depending on the theme of the pictures punched on it.  Any ideas/photos/clues would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Posted by zowi420 7 years ago

Hitachi LCD laptop display connection

K im trying to make a HITACHI LCD PANEL TX31D33VC1CAD into a lcd projector using an old overhead projector. however, im having a hard time looking for the schematics on which wire connections control the display (meaning which wires makes the picture.) any websites or pointers on where i can find it?

Posted by KT Gadget 10 years ago

Anyone know how to make those trippy/psychedelic light shows?

You know those "acid shows" or "light shows" that were really popular in the sixties? (I think Joshua White was a pretty famous light show artist...) Anyone know how to make cool ones? I mean... it seems pretty simple, and I get the basic concept. Colored filters, swirls of colored oil... and water... and alcohol maybe, And a projector... but is there a "proper" way or something? Probably not... but anything you know on the sibject helps. Any ideas? Or... instructbales? Oh. P.S. An instructable on Underwater Light shows would be welcome too. Woah. I just had an awesome idea. But I'm keeping it to myself for now.

Posted by iamthemargerineman 10 years ago