Adapters to use?

Hi i was instructed to use 5v 150ma power supply, for a device i want to power but i dont have that particular adapter. Can i use an 5v 2A adapter for the device. Is it safe to use this adapter?????????

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adaptive making

Alright, fellow Instructablers, I need help. I'm not usually a forum-poster; I like lurking. But I'm getting a little desperate. About a month ago, I was in a bit of a car accident. The airbags went off as I was trying to turn away from the telephone pole, and so my right wrist was in front of the steering wheel when the bags went off. This means that my right wrist (yes, I'm right handed) is still recovering, with the current diagnosis of "soft tissue injury with a sprain on top." I'm going to see a hand specialist, but in the mean time, it's quite the wrist brace. Though I can use my fingers, I can't do much without pain/stiffness/etc. So here's the problem that I'm posing to you: what can I make? I'm going stir-crazy. I knit, I woodwork, I play with wire and jewelry making, I draw, I take things apart... I'm willing to learn any new medium and play with any new toys. But I can't use my wrist. So, what adaptive techniques or simple projects or mediums do you suggest until I'm back to full powers? TL;DR: Can't use my wrist, but want to keep making things. Ideas?

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Need a WiFi Adapter Answered

Does anybody know of a WiFi Adapter that can work on a Windows XP PC and work with a Dual band WiFi router? (my router is NetGear, if that's important) and that is not $30 or more? I don't care if its used, as long as it works and wont die any time soon (obviously) I've been looking on amazon, I've found a few decent ones and cheap but to be honest... i don't know which to get, which is why I'm asking here to be 100% sure or.. close enough to 100%

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The Adaptive Knex Rifle

I almost sold all 35+ pounds worth of Knex, but am glad I didn't. I have resurrected my old mag fed design and will be posting it here on Instructables.

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WiFi to Ethernet adapter?

I'm trying to wire my house up with WiFi but the computer that i have now doesn't support WiFi (as in there is no way to get a signal). I there an adapter that plugs into my Ethernet jack in my computer that allows it to use WiFi?

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IDE to USB adapter Answered

All i need is a picture of how its put together. an IDE to USB 2.0 adapter one that i could use for my 250gb IDE hard drive as an external. i have seen them pre made. Easy Ide, google it.

Asked by egammoc 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

USB to Ethernet Adapter Answered

I need to make a USB to Ethernet Adapter, Is it just a pin-to-pin conversion or do I need something else? I know that Ethernet has 8 pins and USB has 4, I just don't know how I would wire those up.?

Asked by Jordo 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how much essential current rating for adapter for same voltage supply the microcontroller board

i have a avr micro controller development board for which i have to require a 12volt/500 mamp adapter but  i have a 12volt/1amp adapter .Can i use the  1 amp rating adapter for same voltage?

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will this work? Answered

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AC Adapter - wrong amperage?

My dvd player's ac adapter died, and while your forum on opening it up to fix it was great, it is not a simple short that can be soldered. This is a basic electronics 101 question. The old adapter put out 9v 2.2 a. I have an adapter that puts out 9v 3.0a that fits. Will I fry the dvd player by trying it out? or will it only take what it needs? Thanks for your advice. JB

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Is there anyway to chage the Amperage rating on a power adapter?

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help powering breast pump from ac adapter? Answered

i bought my wife a breast pump cheap off ebay and it didnt come with an ac adapter. it runs off of 2 aa batteries but that gets expensive. from research i know the one that is supposed to come with it puts out 3v and 500ma. i have an old one with the right plug but it puts out 9v and 600ma. i have various other "wall worts" but none put out 3v. is there a way to use a resistor to make this work? i can buy a new adapter from the company but its $25, which is 3 times what i paid for the pump. thanks for any help.

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Arduino Leonardo doesn't work when i connect an AC adapter to it.

I just got an Arduino Leonardo. Everything works great when i am powering it with the usb cable. I can upload sketches and all of that but once i take out the usb cable and i put in the 2.1mm jack of the AC-DC adapter the sketch doesn't run. It is a simple blink L.E.D sketch. Help needed!

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How do I connect an apple "Mini DVI To Video Adapter" to a TV

I just bought an Apple "Mini DVI To Video Adapter" from micro center and my TV doesnt seem to read it at all? So far I have done this.1 Opened Mini DVI adapter carefully without breaking it2 Plugged into my macbooks mini DVI port 3 Plugged a standard S video cable from my macbook to my TV 4 Opened up the correct video output on my tv5 Got no signal on the correct input : (6 Jiggled the adapter around and my macbooks screen went blue for a second 7 nothing on the TV still8 Got frustrated and posted a forum thread about itWhat am I doing wrong can someone please help me!And yes I am using a Macbook and this Adapter

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I bought a Coby Dual Position CD/MD/MP3 Cassette Adapter, my car's cassette player ejects it.

According to the car's manual, these adapters should work. When the player ejects the adapter, I get an error message that suggests that the tape is too tight. How can I loosen up the gears so the adapter will work? Regular cassette tapes work, but not this adapter.

Asked by tcup 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

I have an A-C adapter with adjustable voltage..

It can put out several different D-C voltages. It only puts out 2.1 amps. Does anyone know how to increase the amperage output?

Asked by topothemtn 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

18V motor running of a 19V laptop charger

I do not understand how people can do this.  I have wired an 18V portable motor directly to a 19V 3.16A laptop power adapter and the motor kicks and kicks constantly but does not spin. The power adapter has more than 19V tested with a multimeter. I did see reports that power adapters for laptops have a controller built into them to do some kind of regulating and thought this might be a problem and this motor has spun ok at times.  What could the problem be?

Asked by nbaker3 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Electricity for the challenged

I have a US plug AC/DC power adapter and need to get a European version. The specks on the adapter are input: 120VAC 60Hz 24 W and the output: 10 VDC 1400mA. I really don't have a clue as to what all these numbers mean but understand at a bare minimum I need something with a 10 VDC output. I've looked around at some shops and can find adapters that say 9v 1000mA and others that are 12v 1500mA. Do I need to get the exact voltage (I presume the v stands for volts)? What about the amperes ( I believe that mA is some increment of amperage)? Can I fudge the numbers a bit to save money and time instead of trying to get the exact configuration of the original adapter? Thanks for any help in clarifying this for me.

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how do I make a joiner between a smoothbore (non-grooved) motor shaft & a bike gear sprocket? Answered

I have a small piece of brass stock and I want to join the motor & the sprocket with it, I have limited tools & its going to be part of a future instructable. I need some help on how to design it update: due to some answers I've gotten, I'm not using the brass stock, I'm using a larger block of alluminum, it an inch thick so it would be hard to heat.

Asked by The Ideanator 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Make an x10 Camera power adapter from another adapter?

I don't have an adapter for it but I want to wire an adapter to the power cord of the camera. The ratings for the camera are 12VDC and 80 mA max. What adapter would I need? How would I wire the power cord to a batery pack? The camera's power cord has a red wire, a white wire, and copper wire around the insulted ones.

Posted by TonyfromPrego 12 years ago

HP Power adapter problems?

Hello, I have a HP Smart AC/Auto/Air Combo Adapter, and today it began to fail. To get it to work I have to shake the adapter itself mulitple times, and then it starts to work, and works without a problem. It has only begun to do this occasionally, but it is getting really annoying. Does anyone know what could be wrong with it? Thanks!

Asked by xtjacob0 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Hacking a cassette tape adapter?

Hey everyone!  I was wondering, would it be possible to use the head in one of those cassette-to-AUX adapters as a tape reading head? Finding a new magnetic tape head is like hunting for hen's teeth, so it'd be nice if that were an option.  Many thanks!

Asked by DrRorschach 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Eos t3i power adapter

I just bought my first real camera. The canon t3i. I want to order an ac adapter for the unit. The one made by canon, is 69  bucks, but i have seen other branded ac adapters for 14.99 of course this raises all kinds of questions, is the canon overpriced? Probably.  Is the chaper brand going to harm my camera? I dont know. Maybe some of you can shed light or convince me to buy the OEM ac adapter.... 

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Universal DC to DC adapter?

Does anyone know where to purchase a universal DC to DC adapter? I'm trying to run a webcam off of a specific amount of electricity from a battery pack. 

Posted by DarrenG 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Power supply/Adapter Question

Okay i've recently bpught an rc battery quick charger. the input on it just says 12-13.8v i do have a standard 110 to 12v @ 400mA Should the ma Matter? you can hook the battery up to a 12v battery in order to power it also. basicly i'm wanting to know if i could use my ac adaper to power it. Thanks in advance

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Shop Vacuum Hose Adapters

The more I try and understand the nightmare that the shop vacuum hose and adapter issue has become, the more I have to believe Washington was involved in its design. There is apparently no more oversight of this industry than there was over Wall Street and the banks that led to the second great depression... Can someone tell me where a person can find a source that makes real problem solving adapters, and tells you the true inside and outside diameters of both ends instead of contributing to the confusion of this national mystery? Thanks

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iPod Cassette Adapter Help?

Hey so I used to use a $30 Dynex Cassette adapter to play my iPod in my tape deck. My deck is a Pioneer KEH-P1010. Anyway, it was a real pain to get it going at first, but then it worked perfectly. I broke the adapter and so I decided to buy a cheap-o $5 "iWorld Cassette Adapter". The three instructions are (literally): 1 - Place the cassette into your car's cassette player. 2 - Insert the audio plug into your iPod®/MP3's headphone jack. 3 - Press play and enjoy your music. Sounds simple enough, right? I've tried it numerous times with my iPod Touch 64gb (same iPod as with the previous adapter) along with my mom's iPod Nano (the newer generation from last year), putting the cassette in both ways (text facing up and down). Each time I try, I can hear the deck spinning as it tries to read the cassette (with a "(---)" flashing on the display), but it always kicks back to the radio. Any thoughts on why this happens or how I can get it to work? A friend of mine had bought the same model (from the same store) and said it worked great (hence my purchasing of it), so I'm sure it should work on some level.

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Male and Female ports/adapters

I just realized why computer or plumbing parts are called male and female. The female one is the one you stick something into right? The male one is the one you stick into something. I'm just saying who ever named them must have a weird mind. I realized this when one of my friends made a joke, so please don't say I am perverted.

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9V adapter instead of 12V?

Hi,i have a led strip of 12V. but i dont have a adapter of 12V. so i am using a 9V adapter. does this damage the adapter or the led strip ?? thank you

Asked by pratheekprakash 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Is there such thing as a USB adapter for iPods?

Asked by B-mag 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

adapter Bluetooth for hd external

Hello, by chance could you tell me if possible and replaced the cable from my external hd ultilizando an adapter Bluetooth

Asked by 9 years ago

connect bluetooth adapter to phone ? Answered

Hi guys  so i've watched this video it's about how to increase bluetooth range ( ) and i want to connect it to my android phone 'Note 4' via OTG USB so can i do that ?

Asked by omarb22 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

tapping into trailer electrical adapter

Because I am an OCD nerd I am already looking forward to next Christmas... and wondering if I can hang a wreath on my spare tire -- and light it using my jeep's trailer electrical hookup. Thanks for any info!!

Posted by Purple Chez 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Bluetooth adapter for car audio

Dear all, I have a Skoda audio system integrated into my Skoda which has a cd reader plus a cd changer, but  only a CD button(no AUX available). I would like to stick inside the audio system a Bluetooth receiver so I can listen to music stored in my phone. The goal is to solder a Bluetooth receiver to the audio system without loosing the cd functionality. On top of that I would like to be able to change from one source to the other without having to use an external button like a 3PDT switch. Thanks in advance, Pedro

Posted by pcardoso73 2 years ago

Usb to audio out adapter?

Some stereos now have female usb sockets built into them to play music from a memory stick. Mine does not, which is why I am looking to make/buy a usb to 3.5mm audio out device that can read the files on my memory stick and output them as audio. I have done a concept picture using professional editing software 'Paint', but the sd card reader is not really that necessary. It could also be battery powered, the picture is just a basic idea of what I want. I have spare computers I could raid for parts if I need. Any help would be appreciated either building or buying such a device, but low costs for both are a big need.

Asked by swass1 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Laptop Charger/Adapter Tester

I was wondering if anyone had an idea of making something that could test a laptop charger? It could have all the different sized sockets for all the types of chargers there are and a display for showing the output voltage. We have hundreds of chargers laying around and didn't want to go through the process of testing them all with a multimeter. Any help will be appreciated :) Cheers LukeSC1993

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Is there a Gamecube to Xbox 360 controller adapter?

Is there a Gamecube to Xbox 360 controller adapter? I want to use my Gamecube Steering Wheel on my Xbox 360.

Asked by cibertech 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What would I search for an adapter for this?

I am trying to make headphones for my xbox etc. and I am wondering what to search the internet for to aquire an adapter for these kind of cables?

Asked by thomas9666 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

what is the best usb wifi adapter? (on the cheap)? Answered

What is the best usb wifi adapter? [that will not kill my wallet.]I want to have a super long-range wifi adapter .that i can use for thx to any one that helps!

Asked by cheating-master 10 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Homemade digital camera telescope adapter

After calling my last diy project a success I decided to give another one a shot and am attempting to make an adapter for my easyshare c813 but all I ever see through the cam viewer is just blackness. I was hoping maybe someone here would have had some experience with this and could maybe point me in the right direction. My adapter so far consists of a couple layers of a pringles can wrapped and tapped with electrical tape inside and out. Ive seen similar contraptions made out of film canisters that work just fine even on webcams but Im having no such luck myself.

Posted by kithso 10 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

whats the best way to open a laptop's ac adapter?

I have a Compaq v2000 laptop with a faulty lead inside the AC adapter's strain relief. I want to cut the cable and resolder it inside the adapter, but I need to get it open... it appears to be heat sealed (no visible screws, but a recessed plastic seam) what is the best way to open it up? btw, I'm quite comfortable working with large capacitors, before you ask. help?

Posted by gschoppe 10 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

My DC adapter has AC output is that right?

Hey guys i obviously need more sleep. I brought a wall adapter so i could make a huge amount of LED flash to music. Now that i have it home I released i have a different one than i intended to pick up. Its 12VDC 2.5A i only wanted the 1A mostly cos it was cheaper. Will the extra 1.5A make a huge difference especially to the TIP31? The adapter actually has AC Adapter written on it and the packaging says Switchmode Regulated Plugback. I'm gonna need a multimeter before i plug the LED's to the power or will it be safe to just go by the numbers on the adapter? Thanks

Asked by Scotty3000 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Is it possible to replace 4 AC adapters with one larger one?

I'm trying to link 4 strands of LED lights together and use one power source.  Currently each strand requires a model: DAV-3612 AC Adapter.  I would like to connect all four strands and use only one adapter, but would need a more powerful adapter. . . . I think.

Asked by Chiefchaz 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

does a small ethernet to ethernet wireless adapter exist? Answered

I need to know in order to use the internet and get updates on xbmc because the wifi program doesn't work but ethernet does so can anyone help me as far as where to get such an adapeter or where I can get some parts to make it.

Asked by nerd7473 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

easy way to make a 6 volt 2 amp ac adapter?

adapter is for a digital camera.

Asked by green20528 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Stock yagi anntenna repair?

I have a stock yagi wifi antenna,purchased online. An accicent broke the wifi adapter. Can I repair this using a USB wifi adapter? If so can someone please give me instructions. I live in a remote area and I miss my games.Thanks to all. P.S. This is an outdoor antenna,beam type.

Asked by craftyomie 7 years ago

What is the best way to plug 12v LED rope light in to a wall socket?

I recently got my hands on some 12v 1a 1/2" rope light that I want to be able to plug in to a normal wall socket. I've looked around for adapters but the only thing I've found is generic 12v 1a ac adapters. My question then is: what is the best way to plug the lights in to the wall? Buy the generic ones and wire them to the lights myself?

Asked by ChrisTower 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

is there a cable that makes the sync port on a ipod nano2nd ind a headphone jack?

my ipod nano 2nd gen headphone jack broke and i was wondering if anyone has a link to make them or to buy one the cable has to go from the wide adapter for like a dock to a headphone jack female

Asked by miky19522 7 years ago