How to make room cooler using air cooler?

I have recently purchased an kenstar air cooler.It has a 12 litre capacity.,but the cooling is not there for the whole room.Can anyone tell me how to make my room cooler as if I'm using a air conditioner.I want my whole room to be very cool.

Asked by pvinay 8 years ago

What can I do with warm (45 degC) air?

Hi, I got an Air-Con today - I'm pleased with it. The exhaust vent shoots air out at 45 degC - other than blowing bright paper windmills with it, are there any suggestions what I can do the warm air, given that it is Summer and I don't particularly want to vent it into another room - I did think about my greenhouse - any others ideas?

Asked by kevinhannan 8 years ago

how to make a virus?

Asked by lynersz 9 years ago

Are there any ducting experts in the house, please?

Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I need to install some air ducting, but appreciate that my knowledge is seriously lacking. I have explored wiki, google, etc, but to no avail. However, if you know, please advise me! Essentially I need to understand the rules of ducting; where fan intakes/outtakes can be placed, how much ducting can preceed the fans etc. Also what do I need to consider when using Y flanges to combine/separate air-flows. Anybody know, please? Many thanks ;-)

Asked by kevinhannan 8 years ago

how to load a program into a chip?

I am willing to know about how to load a program into a chip

Asked by s07ece20 8 years ago

air canon? Answered

I don't no if it is legal to build a air canon in canada. thanks to answer me

Asked by copper tube 7 years ago

Air pump

Does anybody know how to make a air pump for an aquarium?? I need it for a Humidifier.

Posted by kris142 10 years ago

Air Jelly

I can not wait until they come out with air peanut butter.

Posted by Tetranitrate 10 years ago

green air cooler Answered

Is there a way of cooling the air without directly using electricity? using ice cubes or something. my power bill is already very scary

Asked by mrsthursday 9 years ago

how to make a fire extinguisher air gun?

The materials u need 

Asked by the modder 11 months ago

How to put air conditioner in wall?

Want to put my window air conditioner thru wall instead of window, how should it be supported and insulater for us northerners.

Asked by wwille 9 years ago

What can I do with an old air soft gun? Answered

 I love air soft. So much, that I broke one of my guns. what could I do with it ?

Asked by Quest for Questions 8 years ago

how to build an air conditioner into a wall?

27"x28" in size 220v unit, I want to put in wall instead of window

Asked by wwille 9 years ago

how to make a small hand held portable rechargeable bicycle air pump??

How to make a small hand held portable rechargeable bicycle air pump??which can be either attached to the bicycle or be handy.I was kind of thinking to make a compressor operated by bicycle itself when one is cycling and air is pumped into a cylinder.Now when the air in the tyre is low one can use the air from the cylinder to refill it.But i need technical help,and how-tos? as well as financial help?

Asked by 9 years ago

What infomation are needed to calculate fps for an air canon? Answered

I know that fps is speed unit, and I'm trying to calculate the initial speed(or the power) for my air canon. Information I have: 1: value of the air chamber 2: psi 3: diameter of the barrel 4: length of the barrel 5: diameter of the air release valve will those information be enough? How to calculate fps or power from information above?

Asked by 9 years ago

Savage Air Rifle?

I have a Savage model 600 .177 cal.air rifle. Can you tell me who actually made this gun and approx.when it was made. Thank you for your help.

Asked by 9 years ago

2002 VENTURE V-6 ?


Asked by fmbaseball 8 years ago

how make to low cost jet engine?

Air craft

Asked by robin john 9 years ago

Can I replace a stock horn with a small air horn on a 2009 Silverado with out causing any computer or other problems?

This model of Silverado has only 1 horn and is not very loud .

Asked by PSH2009 8 years ago

How to make a home made air cooler?

I want to cool the air inside the cabin of a my boat but I don't have room to install even the smallest of air conditioners.  I would like to build something like a swamp cooler (Evaporative Cooler) but without the evaporative part.   I don't want to blow additional humidity around in the cabin.  I can use a pump to get a never ending supply of cold lake water.  I'm wondering if putting a fan in front of a radiator cooled with lake water will give me any sort of a reasonable deltaT on the air flowing through it?  Basically using a radiator in reverse.  Anyone have any thoughts on if this works? what kind of radiator to use?  and if I can get any reasonable temp drop on the air going through the radiator? 

Asked by CrackKills 6 years ago

how to make activated charcoal filter? Answered

Powdered coconut shell charcoal have to adhere to artificial sponge to make air filter

Asked by 9 years ago

Bad idea to put fans in air duct? Answered

Im not sure what its called but the end of the air duct I guess. I wanted to put some computer fans in them and I wasnt sure if this was a bad idea. My rooms hot and the rest of the house isnt. I get cool air through there but doesnt come out far enough to get around the room, I figured if I put fans it would help and im not sure if fans in there is a bad idea. I already have a fan in my room but doesnt help.

Asked by Munchys 8 years ago

how to make activated charcoal filter?

Powdered coconut shell charcoal have to adhere to artificial sponge to make air filter

Asked by 9 years ago

peltier device air con

Hey guys I am working on a project, my first, and am wondering if any one is willing to offer advice. the simple setup uses a swamp cooler to blow cold air over a radiator. the radiator cools down water that is connected to a peltier.if my theory is half accurate (which at best it is) I should be able to make the peltier quite a few degrees below the ambient temperature.

Posted by plucas1 4 years ago

air mouse?

Hi everyone,  I was checking out this ible' and i was wondering if that could be adapted for a mouse.  If you could give me basic instructions, or a website. i dont know how i would hook up right and left clicking but ill think about it.-kieran?

Asked by qballcat 8 years ago

Pump pressured confetti cannon

I am hoping to build a football pump (or similar) pressured confetti gun, it would fire by pumping air thus making pressure for when you fire it will fire into the air, maybe 1-2 metres perhaps. Any help. Also it needs to be built by october 25

Asked by Michaelgoode 7 years ago

Single Piston Air engine

Hi all, need help/ advice in designing a single piston air engine, It is part of a mechanical engineering course I am currently studying, the only parameters i was given are - Single cylinder with vertically displaced piston with rotation of the input shaft on a horizontal axis - free standing with an operating envelope of 300mm x 300mm x 300mm - accommodate a nominal piston diameter of 20mm - engine capacity of 6.0cc / 6000mm (cubed) Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance

Posted by DavidO242 7 months ago

How do I effectively (and cheaply) cool a rom in a warm day?

Of course I cannot afford an air conditioner, and a simple vent is not enough. Is there any way to cool my room?

Asked by wgarciamachmar 9 years ago

one way air valves (like on a football,basketball etc)

Looking for valves see photo (ok don't uploader not working) Well a valve that you stick an inflator needle into like on a soccer ball, basket ball etc. Need 12-50 or so. Anyone have a source? I've searched but no luck, it might be I just haven't phrased it right but... TIA Danneauxs

Posted by danneauxs 5 years ago

Start gun?

I seek plans / ideas on how to build a devise that will make the sound of a shot gun.The purpose is for starting yacht races so a means of producing "smoke" would be handy have looked at air cannons ? I want noise not launch capabilities. why not use a shot gun? it is practically impossible to own a gun in Australia.

Asked by snitz 9 years ago

I am in desperate need of a deflation valve for a queen sheridan air mattress

It is a white valve cap that has two small tabs for grasping. I, unfortunately let a neighbor borrow the mattress and just didnt realize the valve was missing until The mattress is made in China (where else?) and is from Australia

Asked by sunnyb13 9 years ago

Can a home made AC unit be run through a mini fridge?

When making an air conditioning unit, would it be possible to run the system through the inside of a mini-fridge, rather than a bucket of ice? maybe drill some holes and put the system inside, in a little bin of water.

Asked by roboman827 8 years ago

dos the size of a parachute matter ? Answered

I'm doing a science fair project on parachutes and need advice 

Asked by adamray2106 6 months ago

Airsoft firing real bullets

Can an all-metal airsoft gun truly be modded to fire a .223cal round, as they are approximately the same diameter

Asked by 5H4D03 8 years ago

flywheel pulley size?

I need to know what size compressor flywheel pulley to use for a 3450 rpm motor compressor 1500 rpm dia. 13 3/4"

Asked by block1102 4 years ago

Could I use a car vacuum cleaner to make an ice chest evap cooler ?

I have been reading through the various evap cooler ibles and was wondering if a car vacuum cleaner could be used instead of a fan It's already set up to plug into cig lighter and has forced air flowing in & out. I haven't finished my coffee yet so brain isn't functioning well enough figure out if I'd need a hose attached or which end of vacuum would would go into the cooler opening.

Asked by dulciquilt 7 years ago

where to buy mechanical supplies?

Hi,  I am looking to build and assemble a dehumidifier, where can i buy the different components and parts specifically  in the UK...or any other part of the world (as a last resort) Thanks, Mimi

Asked by ketsev 4 years ago


Why does an AC of 1.5 Ton with 1 to 5 Star rating differ in power consumption though they all have the same compressor. I fail to understand how a 1 Star AC consumes more current than a 5 star rated AC?

Posted by Dipankar 2 years ago

Newbie DIY icebox AC

I'm building a DIY, small AC unit using a desk fan, ice, and an ice box cooler. The fan I'm using is the one below. I'm planning on making tubes connected to the sides. I will insert the tubes inside the cooling box (I'm not sure where is best... Above or below the ice?) I'm also thinking about where to put the holes for the air to go in. Should I put them below the ice, above the ice, or does it not matter? Also for the ice: salt water ice, or frozen bottles in salt water ice mixture, dry ice, or just plain ice? What do you think? I'm hoping to have the ice last the night. 

Posted by daiquirikiss 5 years ago

How do I empty water from a Fedders stand alone a/c unit SFPM07F2B?

Water is leaking from my Fedders a/c unit. I can't find any water tray or even how to open the unit. How do I empty the water?

Asked by 8 years ago

How to stop your fingers from freezing while walking in cold weather, besides just wearing gloves? Answered

Would wearing mittens over the gloves help. I recently realized that the more properly your head is covered, the longer it takes your gloved hands to freeze

Asked by hyacinth.persad 9 years ago

I want a home cooling system effective for Temp. upto 46 centigrade.

I am in need of an effective and simple home cooling system to stand with outside temperature upto 45-47 degree centigrade. How an evaporative cooler can be made more effective. my email is

Asked by vivekgade 9 years ago

What are some detailed plans for making a t-shirt cannon?

I am the spirit director for my school and need some plans to make a t-shirt cannon! If you know a site where they sell reasonably priced ones, please let me know. We're on a really tight budget but i think it'll be awesome if we get one.

Asked by hvhs 9 years ago