Is there a Portable Door Lock that can be used for apartments, hotels, etc. that can be operated from outside the door?

I live in an apartment and the complex doesn't allow me to change the locks or install something permanently. What I would like to do is put something on the inside of the door that I could operate from outside. The whole purpose is to secure my apartment when I am not there but still do it within the apartment complex's guidelines. Any ideas?

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Beautiful Crystal Covered Apartment

Copper-sulfate crystals are lovely with their rich blue color. So lovely that artist Roger Hiorn completely covered the inside of an apartment in London with them. This was done by sealing it and pumping in 75,000 liters of supersaturated solution. After it had cooled and been drained off, the doors have been opened for visitors to come in two or three at a time. This can only be done since the apartment was set to be demolished. Stop by before it closes on Nov. 30 and gets destroyed. Link

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How to Apartment

I just moved from Yakima to Spokane, WA:  a drive that should have taken four hours, but took seven and a half.  I am currently tired. Anywho, because I am fairly new to apartment life (this upcoming apartment will be my second), I have a few questions: 1.  Although I thoroughly cleaned my previous apartment, I am unsure if I will receive my deposit back.  Even though I am in another city, are there any ways to ensure my deposit is returned besides sending a pipe bomb? 2.  My new apartment complex is about five times larger than my last.  Should I be a hermit, or should I introduce myself to my neighbors?  Any other tips on apartment living are greatly appreciated!

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Answer this question and be featured on my next instructable.The first person to answer correct wins. Answered

Brad lives on the 20th floor of an apartment building. Every day he goes down to the 1st floor on the elevator and rides back up to the fifteenth on the elevator and walks the remaining five floors back up to his apartment. Why?

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Ideas for apartment for college living!

Hey everyone! I'm about to move into a new house for my senior year of college and I was wondering if there were any cool ideas for decorations that we can put up. An example would be like the hanging bottles with lights on them for our outside porch, easy and would look extremely legit. Unfortunately that is where all my ideas end so I was wondering if anyone else could share how they decked out their living space. Thanks!

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does any one know how to store a bike ascetically Answered

Does any one know how to store a bike but still make it look good or maybe cover the bike. out side is not okay I live in an apartment complex with no yard. cheap is good, i do work at a fastener house so nuts and bolts and such are not a problem?

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Logistical Concerns: Building a Garden on my Apartment Patio

Edit/Update: I AM BACK (for those of you that know me, which is no one, :( womp) and I have decided to do this. I have moved apartments and am now on a nice first floor apartment with a large patio. I am planning things out and going to do some math this week. I am just curious, is there anything like this out there? I know I've seen those hanging gardens where the water trickles down? That is only good enough to grow herbs/small plants etc. Anything else? Thanks for your time everyone. I found this website today, and I have to say that I am glad I did! I've literally spent hours scouring the guides and have this idea in mind. Even through the questions I pose here, I must always keep in mind, "Will it work?" So please keep that question in mind as well. I have a space on my apartment patio that is fairly large (I will get exact measurements at a later time). I will need an elevated garden (with a trough w/reservoir below to capture the water, I live on the second floor and I can't let it run down below). Considering I eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, I'm also thinking of a compost tumbler. First question, can I put almost anything in a compost tumbler that will break down, like fruits, vegetables, grass, leaves, et cetera,? Or does food waste and yard waste need to be separate? I live in Southern California, so my patio gets about 5-6 hours of direct sunlight. I've also been reading that compost bins need some humidity as well. I was thinking of using the reservoir under the garden to put in the compost tumbler from time to time? Would this be effective/necessary? Slugs might not be a problem because I'm on the second floor, but I'm thinking of keeping and Aloe plant out there and use the Aloe spray I saw in a guide. We do have squirrels, but are they attracted to Tomatoes, Cabbage, Basil, et cetera? If so, I will need to build some sort of cage that will keep them out. Is this practical, necessary, and ultimately effective? Thanks for your time ladies and gentlemen. If I do end up going through with this I will record the whole thing and put a guide up!

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Awesome Uses For An Empty Room

I currently have a 2 bedroom apartment, in which the second room has zero use... I only got it because it was like 30 dollars more expensive than the 1 bedroom, that being said, I want to use my second bedroom for something and don't know what. I was thinking a project room... but I think I want something more creative then that. I am already thinking of removing the doorand replacing it with a secret mirror door so it becomes a "hidden room"... in this hidden room I was thinking of having a HAM Radio operation, with some other stuff... but honestly I just don't know what I want to do with it. If you had a spare room "collecting dust" what would you do with it? I finally don't have my mom telling me "you can't do that, thats silly" or anything like that... so wild ideas are acceptable! PS: I was just thinking, keep in mind this is an apartment, so I can't nail, drill, or do anything to my walls... and my noise level has to be somewhat low... Otherwise it would be a recording studio.

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Transformer Apartment

This guy's 330 sq. ft. apartment transforms into about 24 different rooms thanks to a custom designed track system. I wish I had something like this when I lived in New York City.

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can you help in cat-proofing a balcony? Answered

My sister is moving into a new apartment, and is bringing her two cats ,zap and kiff, along. the problem is, she wants to be able to let them out onto the patio of the new place, without worrying about them running away. the patio has a fence four feet high all the way around it, and the upstairs tenants have a balcony above, so our original plan was to screen it in and make a screened in patio. unfortunately, the managers of the complex say that all of the patios must be the same, and screening it in would create a large aesthetic difference between the apartments. does anyone have any ideas about how to keep the cats from jumping over the fence without changing the look of the apartment?

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Building a Platform Bed in an Apartment?

I just moved to a new state/city after graduating college and moved out here with just what I could fit in my car. So i had to buy a few essentials after I got out here mostly a bed, but I didnt want to spend a ton of money  so I just bought a mattress I saw some posts about building a platform bed but I still have some problems doing this I need to be able to build it in my apartment, which has plenty of room because I have no furnitire And I also need to be able to transport it in my car. I can transport long boards by putting down the back seats and opening up the trunk but I wont be able to transport much else. Any ideas???

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Setting up a new apartment, what would you do?

Greetings all, I am soon to move to South Korea and will be sharing a bachelor with my wife on her ESL teaching contract.  I would like to see how many instructables we can take advantage of while there and want to get input from this totally awesome community and what they have used/would suggest to use. Our Goals: - Reduce energy use - Increase healthy environment/food/liquid intake - make best use of small area - nothing permanently altering structure of apartment. Example: The first problem we have to overcome is the problem of a single bed.  While it is easy to say 'just go out and buy a double or an air mattress'.  The problem is that we have to keep the original bed and have zero storage space.  The idea that I found which could potentially help through the use of a Loft Bed instructable which would help us 'lift' the single bed out of our way and allow use to effectively use it for any guest that may stay over as well as get a bigger bed into the apartment. I also saw a really neat instructable using Tesla CD-Turbine and thought maybe there may be some useful electricity to be gained since there is no water bill. Also any number of various LED projects for lights and such. I used this instructable for water filtering at home and will do so while in Korea. Any other ideas would be welcomed!

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Apartment deck child-proofing and screening in ideas?

Have an apartment desk, with 3 foot railing around it but too much space between the "rungs" for my 3 year old. Anyone have experience circumventing this and/or screening in apartment decks? Anyone know of or have experience with pre-fabricated kits for this purpose? Essentially what I'm looking for is a way to barricade the railing so that my toddler and his toys can't slip between the rails.  Also would like to screen in the porch to ward off pests and make it somewhat rain proof. Primary requirement is that the system must be removable with minimal damage to the existing infrastructure. Thanks for any help!

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How do I find the motivation to completely declutter my entire apartment? Answered

I've had my apartment now for 7 months, but it's always cluttered; making me feel kind of lazy and sloppy. It also drains all inspiration for other projects (miniature modeling/sculpting/painting) I'd like to turn my workspace into an office, but it's all crammed into my living room; so space is an important factor here. How and where do i start decluttering? I've still got boxes filled with stuff I don't regularly use and maybe don't even need. Should i start there and then move forward to turning my workspace into an office?

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Upside Down Planters

This tutorial over on design*sponge shows you how to make some upside down planters for cheap, using supplies from around the house. I've seen some conflicting reports (mostly negative) about hanging plants upside down, but for such an easy and low-cost project it's certainly worth an experiment. Has anyone tried upside-down gardening? If so, how did it go? diy project: recycled upside down planters

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UPDATED: Today I was totally GROSSED OUT....Plus pics, and progress !

The landlord came today to "fix the walls" again, like he did a few months ago, and again 3 days ago....but his helper told him this wasn't they started tearing the Bathroom and Bedroom wall (the adjoining wall) down.  The portion towards the outside wall of the building.....they found a pipe that was leaking....a big 9 or 10 inch iron pipe......guess what?   That is the drain from upstairs for the bathroom sink, the bath tub, and the TOILET.   For over 6 months now, we have had our bedroom wall deteriorating and being soaked by SEWAGE.... The helper told me in confidence that we are not the only ones he does this too.....grrrrrrrr. Pictures have been updated with ones I took...      

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Anyone else live in an apartment with terrible neighbors?

Let's whine about it together, shall we?The man living next to me seems quite nice whenever I see him outside his apartment. He was dating someone (I had seen them together a few times), and I'm guessing they broke up recently, since all I hear coming from his apartment now is him screaming on the phone. They basically just call eachother and scream and try their hardest to hurt the other person. What is even the point? Why not just hang up? I don't really understand.So for the last hour all I've heard is a mixture of the following:"You're scandalous! I know all about you!""You're never gonna give a man a baby! You're never gonna have a baby!""SHUT THE ---- UP, CHANTRELL!""i never want you to call here again!""Stop calling me, Chantrell!""YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING! And obviously I'm everything cause you're calling me all the time!"...sigh.I think I'm going to have to move into the kitchen or living room. I can't type my paper with all the screaming, and he keeps scaring the hell out of me when he starts screaming. :|But if I move into the living room, chances are that I'll hear the drunken rednecks when they come home. Yay!

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Chemical Free Cleaning for a Student?

I am trying to eliminate chemicals in my house. Does anyone have a whole-house cleaning regimen that will do this? Right now I like to spray everything with bleach, let it sit, wipe it down.? I'm also trying to change a habit of letting everything collect until I clean it all a month later. I also have a kitty.

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How can I secure a fire safe in an apartment?

I have a small fire-rated safe that I would like to bolt down in my upstairs apartment.  I can't drill holes through the sides of it and put screws into the wall studs.  There's a single heavy bolt hole in the safe's bottom.  Does anyone have any (real) suggestions on how I might secure it to the floor?  Is there likely to be space between my floor and the ceiling below me that I can slip a brace into? EDIT: I lifted up the edge of the carpet, and it looks like the floor under the carpet padding is concrete.

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Cheap rentals in PROVO, UT? Answered

Moving to Provo in a week. I have some friends that rent a two bed. 1 bath for $450/mo. I'm looking for a 2 bed. but cant seem to find anything near that price. Does anyone know of a place that's at least $500/mo.??? I need to find something quick.

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How to take wooden pallets apart?

Asked by Lizziep 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

i live in an apartment and want to compost but dont have outdoor space to do it any help?

I want to compost in apartment but how that is the question

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How do i take apart a small clock?

This is one of those clocks that has a compartment in the back that one AA battery goes in.

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How do I take apart a lightbulb? Answered


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How do you take apart an apple earpods container?

I want to take apart an apple earpod container so i can use the case for a project

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Robot that rebuilds itself after kicked apart

As this video of a modular robot re-assembling itself after being kicked apart by its creators at the University of Pennsylvania shows, the day is soon approaching when even smashing apart our rebellious robot slaves with hammers and axes will not prevent each individually severed body part from crawling towards you across the room, a murderous and autonomous agent of servo-controlled musculature.

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Why do parachutes spread apart?

I used to think triple and double chute systems like those found on the SpaceX Dragon had special designs to cause the chutes to spread apart but I recently build a double chute system for my sugar rocket and discovered my chutes don't just spread apart, but do so approaching a 90 degree angle (probably about 75 to 80.) So why does this happen, it can't be due to the air spilling between the two because they were ten feet apart or more!  It is a very interesting concept and I wouldn't be surprised if some special engineering doesn't take place to prevent the chutes spreading too far apart.

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how do you get plastic cups apart that are stuck together?

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I'd like to take apart a DVD player/screen and have it work without the casing?

I'd like to take apart a DVD player, ideally a flat screen dvd player combo and still be able to use the player - but have the computer elements exposed any suggestions? I am looking for any suggestions as to how to take it apart to which players might be the best, I don't need large screens - am also looking at portable players and currently trying to take apart an insignia

Asked by wwischer 9 years ago

How do i take apart a sony ps3 move charging station?

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How do you take apart a Microsoft wireless laser mouse 3000?


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whats the best to ammo use for slingshots? (apart from rounds and ballbearings)

For shooting rabbits and squirels

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Is it possible to tell them apart?

Is there anyway to tell apart a bass amp speaker and a guitar amp speaker? just by looking at it? I mean without any info in the back of the speaker could you identify whether they are made for bass amp cabs or amps or for guitar amps and cabs?

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Can anyone help i toke my pc apart and cant get it back together...

The power went out during a storm when it come back on my pc didn't. stupidly i toke it apart thinking it could be the fuse. now its ALL APART and i need to know how to put it back together. its a gateway lp mini tower tb3 performance 500

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The correct way to take apart your Knex gun.

Blue Mullet is proud to present's: "How to correctly take apart a knex gun". This was mostly made just for laughs and is not to be taken seriously. If you want to take a look at my youtuube account then here is a link: The gun that was used in this video was my oodammo Rambo.

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take apart computer for kids to play with? Answered

I have an old imac that is pretty useless as a computer, I don't want to throw it away. What parts are safe for kids to play with? (i mean no hazardous materials) to play with if any? Any dangerous pieces when I do take it apart?

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Instructable where someone took apart a computer and stuck in it a picture frame (not the digital picture frame)?

Sorry, but I was just wondering if anyone remembered a instructable where someone took apart a computer and stuck it in a picture frame. I'm sure it wasn't a hanging digital picture frame. Does anyone know this instructable? Thanks.

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If I took a 5v mouse and took it apart and hooked it up to a 9V battery will it fry?

I have this mouse my friend gave me. I want to take it apart and just get the led thing out of it. It is an optical mouse. If I hooked it up to a 9V battery will the light fry?

Asked by Charthage 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Is it dangerous to take apart a honeywell space heater?

I have a broken honeywell space heater. Everything works exept it dosent heat up. Is there a way to fix it and is it dangerous?

Asked by michoi 9 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Would plugging one of two prongs of a electrical plug on different outlets have any affect on your power bill?

Here is an example : one prong of a electrical plug is plugged into an outlet in an apartment, while the other prong is plugged into an different apartment's outlet , in doing so, would there be any significant reading off both apartment's power bill/meter?

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If u cut into a snowboard, does it all peel apart? Or does it keep together?

I'm trying to make a longboard because I don't want to buy a really expensive one. I am going to make it out of a snowboard but I was wondering if I cut into the board itself does it peel apart in layers? Or does it keep and edge?

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gsmoon scooter 33cc removing piston?

i got the tranny off pull cord off engine is apart but cant get the rest apart to get the piston out can anyone help

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How do you get pallets apart!? Answered

I brought home a bunch of free pallets in hopes of making some raised garden beds but I can't get them apart. I'm trying to use a hammer and crow bar but the things are like welded together! Is there an easier way. I'd like to not cut them so I can use as much wood as possible. Thanks.

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i took my raider apart and now the dart barely gets out of the barrel Answered

I took my raider apart and now the dart barely gets out of the barrel i took a couple pieces out and dont know where half of them go somtimes the dart doesnt even get out it looks fine inside but it doesnt work

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