Robotics Aspirant

Hello Great Mind. I am interested in Robotics but I don't know where to start. I think I will be needing an instructor, too. I really need your help and advice.

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ACER Aspire 6920 Power Jack Replacement

I have an ACER ASPIRE 6920 that needs a new power jack. Can anyone tell me where I can get instructions on how to replace it? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Aspiring learner of new things

I'm struggling to learn how to get some valuable computer/building tech related things any advice on how to get started or good places to learn websites?? thanks for your help 

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Acer Aspire 1 drivers? Answered

Hi! I have an Acer Aspire 1.  I had truecrypt on it encrypting the whole harddrive... had some problems... etc. etc. etc.  I ended up just wiping the drive and upgrading from W7 starter to W7 pro.  Now I don't have a valid driver for my ethernet, WiFi, or graphics.  I tried to find the drivers on Acer's website, and ended up talking to a tech rep who of course didn't really know anything.  He told me that my computer can't run W7 pro... which obviously it can since everything else works.  He also told me that Acer will not supply the driver for my computer.  The only option he gave me is to buy recovery media from them and restore it to W7 starter.  I'm not willing to settle for that even if I have to live with it the way it is.  Just thought I would ask if anyone else has had this problem, and if so how they fixed it?  (And yes, I already Googled it a couple different times... nothing on Google worked.) Thanks in advance!  :)

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Acer travelmate 610 to slimline desktop conversion

Ok i bought this old laptop from ebay for only 15 bucks, and has the following problems 1. Dead screen(but indicators work) 2. The plastic thing and the spring on the switch arent there so i used a cable tie then yank it back and forth to get it to boot 3. Non working battery 4. DVD drive has broken eject mechnism so need to remove drive, open top, load disk, close top then slide the drive back into the comupter(yes the disc drive is removable) ok so what i want to do is to convert it into something like what myles_h did but as a slimline desktop pc meaning vertically and no screen image 1 is a stock pic of the laptop and image 2 is a pic of the idea im going to install windows me after having a look at vcamnowaa(youtube)'s success with said os as seen below or if not i'll install windows 2000 or xubuntu here's some specs: intel pentium 3 windows 2000 pro(i did not get the install cd) 256 mb ram wifi(havent got it working yet) smart card(need this to get past the bios into windows) infrared irda there's a later batch with windows xp and bluetooth btw...

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Help, with Ubuntu on Acer aspire 1 Answered

Please help, we have everything else going. Ubuntu on a netbook, that has wireless. Were can I get the driver and program to recognize the wireless card that is built in?

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will my acer aspire 5251 laptop computer run call of duty black ops.?

I antcall of duty black ops but i have a wii version that is bad to many glitches i want the pc verson but someone suggest this check your pc to see if this will work so will it run on my computer.

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New laptop, new features, how to use one? Answered

So a couple days ago I got an Acer Aspire 5670 (aka 5672wlmi) on the front it has a infrared port, and i have the drivers for it installed. I am running windows XP home edition. I have a remote from a car Dvd player, and i was wondering, is there any way i can use it to interact with my laptop? (eg change the volume, skip a song, pause videos in media player) oes anyone know or have a laptop like this that have done this?

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Dead laptop

My acer aspire 6920 laptop doesn't boot. I have tried the POWER RESET (as an option specified on the acer website), by removing the battery, unplugging, and holding the power button for 20-30 seconds. This had no effect.How it happened:I was playing a game called Warzone2100 on Ubuntu, and it FROZE, so i did a hard shutdown and then.....When I press the power button the following happens:>The Cinedash, and power button light come on . The Hard drive and Cd-rom, fan, and HDD start-up as well.>The hard drive light above the caps lock and num lock indicators flashes seven times consistently, with about a 3/4 of a second between each flash.>The system shuts off completely>(without anyone pressing the power button)The system turns back on and nothing happened.>The system requires a hard shut down.During this entire period NOTHING shows up on the screen, and the back light stays off.I think my BIOS is a PHOENIX and according to some research 7 BIOS beeps means its a bad processor. So I think my flashing light could be a Bios indicator.If my conclusion is true, do laptop processors cost ? and where would I be able to get one ?Are they easy to install ? are they interchangeable with desktop processors ?BTW My processor is an Intel Centrino T5750 Dual Core 2.0ghz.Thanks to anyone who helps me out !

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How do you use your tv as a acer aspire one laptop screen?

I have an acer aspire one but my screen is cracked and need help on how to get there without using the mouse(because of course I cant see anything.) 

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Question about the acer aspire one d250 netbook? Answered

Its a has the same features as all other netbooks but i read on a webshop site that the ram was upgradable to 4 gb is that true? It sounds kinda fake to make, a netbook with like 4 gb s of ram.

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xp modem driver for acer aspire 5720

I downgraded this laptop from Vista to XP. I have gotten all the drivers except the modem driver. I have downloaded every driver possible from the acer website with no luck if anyone has done this conversion successfully I would appreciate know what modem driver you used thanks

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xp on aspire 5515 and i closed the screen to do something and when i came back it wouldn't turn on, any fixes?

Green power light is on, the charge light is on, but nothing happens, i thought it might just be the screen, but when i hooked up my computer monitor to it , still nothing. any ideas?

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I've had a look on the laptop and can't seem to see an external plug in connection, I've also looked at usb device's but I'm hoping some one has a less expensive option.

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Can an iPod video PATA HDD be used to replace the SSD in an Acer Aspire One?

The iPod video uses a parallel ATA HDD which appears to share the same connector and interface as the Acer Aspire One solid state disk (SSD).Does anyone know if it is possible to simply replace the SSD with the PATA HDD?I know I could just try it but if someone has already done this and had success, or tried it and irreparably damaged their AAO I would love to know!Thanks!PCBPolice

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Imac help?

I have an Imac as my desktop. I also use a chomebook an a aspire at home. The wifi connection isn't working for chromebook or aspire (laptops). I've already checked the connections. I've also rebooted the router. Still no success. I don't know what else I can do to fix these issues. Help me please. Thanks

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Photography Tip (For W-burg)

Here's a good tip for you aspiring photographers!Check it out.

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how can i get my acer aspire 10 to connect to home network? it connects to other wifis but not my home network

Ok so i cant get my acer aspire 10 connected to my home internet iv tried so much and nothing helps it connected to a friends wifi in seconds and it just wont connect to my home network and im clearly using the home network right now to post this so its obviously working my cell is connected to it too so its just very irritating please help me i am loosing my mind :S

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what pc game compatible with aspire 4930G-732G32 Mn?

My computer: vista home premium centrino duo processor core 2 (2.00 GHz,3Mb L2 Cache,1066 MHz FSB) 2 GB DDR2 RAM with NVDIA GeForce 9300GS with up to2047mb turbo cache(256MB dedicated memory) but when install game still it is slow even game setting is to low.

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Which is the better laptop?

I am looking for a laptop for school. Which will deliver the better overall performance? Acer Aspire v3 Processor Type: Intel Processor Model: i7-3630QM Processor Speed: 2.4GHz Processor Core: Quad-core Cache: 6MB Operating System: Windows 8 64-bit System Memory (RAM): 6GB Type of Memory (RAM): DDR3 Hard Drive Type: SATA Graphics: GeForce GT 730M Video Memory: 2GB or Dell Inspiron 17R 5721 Processor:    Intel Core 3rd Generation i7-3537U Processor (4MB Cache, up to 3.1 GHz) Memory:    8GB RAM at 1600MHz HardDrive:    1x1TB SATA Hard Drive VideoCard:    Intel® HD Graphics 4000

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laptop lcd to desktop monitor

Is it possible to convert dead laptop lcd top desktop monitor, if so i have a acer aspire 3000 laptop

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What's your dream?

Hey folks, A quick activity for y'all Share your dream, or a word of encouragement to a fellow dreamer: Thank you! :) Cheers, Alberta

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Aspiring techie. Where do I find the skills, the tools, the work?

As a child I grew up on legos and K'nex, and I wish my first computer had come earlier in life. I want to pursue more things like programming, robotics, working on cars and lighting the neighborhood with massive LED Beacons of custom-PC goodness. I've tried some researching of certain topics on my own, but I usually run into some difficult roadbumps. Particularly, there often runs a gap between beginner and advanced knowledge I find hard to bridge. I started off great with some programming classes at college, but their department is lacking. The other significant obstacle that comes to mind is cost. It's hard to shell out for new tools and parts for every project. Do you have any advice? Where could I find an entry-level job at an electronics re-saler, or something like that? I don't really have the skills for a mechanic, but what might be a first step? Or, something pre-programming that I could learn from- particularly for game or software development? Which schools in the Midwest have more hands-on training?

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How do I know what video card I need? Answered

A few days ago, I got Skyrim for my computer, but when I went to play it, it said a shader function is not compatible with my video card.  How do I figure out what video card I need for my laptop?  It is an Acer Aspire 5516 with Windows Vista Home Edition x32.  Please help.

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2-stroke Engine Fuel

To anyone with 2 stroke engine knowledge; can mixed petrol and 2-stroke oil be used again? Or does a fresh mixture need to be created every time? 

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Which laptop AC adapters on powersshop should i buy? Answered

Link: Who can help me to make a choice

Question by WhiteTM 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

processor swap AMDC-50 FOR AMD ATHION 64 2X?

Can i swap the amd athion 64 2x out of my acer aspire 5517 that crashed and put it in my compaq presario cq57 that now has amd c-50 1.00 ghz?

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Is charging aerosol spray paint cans with home-mixed colors possible?

I have access to raw pigments and about a dozen empty aerosol cans, is there any way to utilize these two items in tandem to create unique colors of working spray paint? (c'mon Banksy, if you're out there, help an aspiring artist)

Question by expungetheworm 9 years ago

Is charging aerosol spray paint cans with home-mixed colors possible?

I have access to raw pigments and about a dozen empty aerosol cans, is there any way to utilize these two items in tandem to create unique colors of working spray paint? (c'mon Banksy, if you're out there, help an aspiring artist)

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Hi, there I need to know where to get cheap DJ equipment.? Answered

I am an aspiring DJ. And I need cheap and easy to use equipment. I am looking for turntables, mixers, synthesizers (but those are not needed). I mainly just need a double turntable. Also any tips on Dj-ing will be greatly appreciated

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Im about to buy my first car. It's come down to 3 '90s cars: Ford Aspire, Dodge Spirit, & a Geo Storm. Which is best?

I just need to get around town and (being a college student) go home once in a while to visit my family. They're all in fairly good shape and pretty ugly.

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how do i remove the bios password?

Someone gave me a laptop but there is a password on the bios so i cannot go in and re-enable the wifi card, any ways of removing the bios password without killing the laptop? (i know you can remove the cmos battery but i will only use as last resort) laptop is acer aspire 3680  -2917  thanks!

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We need a music contest!!!

I think that we need some kind of contest involving music! Instructables has had contests for photography, robotics, baking, biking, yo-yoing, and many others... so why hasn't there been one about music? There are many aspiring musicians here of Instructables and I think that we need our time to shine. That's my two cents.

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can i use s1g4 processor on socket s1g3 ? Answered

I want to upgrade my laptop to champlain processor  my laptop is ACER Aspire 4540 : AMD Turion II x2 M520 ATI Radeon HD 4200 RAM DDR2 3gb

Question by Rendydevara 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What would be a great present to make for my mom's birthday?

I am a sophomore in high school aspiring to create an awesome present for my mom. I am limited on supplies so unless it is really simple (like paper) I would like to keep the supplies list under $20. I am good in simple woodwork, intermediate electronics, and intermediate origami. Please help!

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laptop running slow. 32 bit or 64 bit?

Hi all. i have 2 Acer aspire ones, 1 has win 7 64bit (mine) the other has win 7 32bit (mothers). the specs are almost identical. Mine has 2GB ram & AMD Dual Core C60 processor. Mothers has 1GB ram & Intel N570 will upgrading her windows to 64bit give any tangible speed increase.

Question by furby 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How do you get pictures from an itouch to the computer than on instructables?

I am working with the latest gen ipod and an acer aspire one netbook, i have tried e mailing myself and i dragged the pictures to my desktop, however when i attempthe to use them in an instructable it failed to show my image, it just showed a hand, is this normal? i have never made an instructable before and i am confused.

Question by Spritie 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

GPS position transmitter? Answered

I am an aspiring pilot and would like to build a Personal Locator Beacon. I want an arduino type setup that would take my GPS data and transmit it every few minutes for 5 or 10 miles (or more depending on the legality) to a receiver that displays my last known position, my distance away, and my direction (from the receiver). Is this possible? It would also be nice to transmit my position via Morse code too in case my receiver was broken or could not be found.

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I'm looking for a fast, durable, mobile computer for less than $1000. Any suggestions?

I plan to use it for schoolwork, gaming, web browsing, travel, video calling, and pretty much everything. i (clearly) wnat a laptop, but haven't been able to find any that fit what i want other then the alienware m11x, which is usually about $1050. can anyone point me in the right direction????? I curently use an acer aspire one. i can't STAND IT anymore.  IT IS So SLOW!

Question by spizman 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Wrapped project on Probotix 4th axis for guitar neck

How many of you use a Probotix CNC? I have one and trying to cut out bodies and necks. Working great for the bodies but I also bought their 4th axis for the guitar necks. So far I have a 3d image worked up in aspire and next going to see about wrapping it on the 4th axis. I am still in the means of learning the methods on my cnc. I have the 4th axis on my probotix cnc. Listed here.

Topic by ClintonT 3 years ago

how to repair my laptop without buy a new motherboard?

I have made a pcie mini card to pcie x1, i plugged PCI (NOT PCIe) an my laptop could turned on but no display. and i was try to connect to external monitor, it doesn't show anything. my laptop is acer aspire 4540 amd turion II x2 m520,  Motherboard LA-5521P.

Question by Rendydevara 8 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

The new "face" of clocks.

Two men in their bedroom, with time on their hands... Building clocks. An elegant, simple new design of clock is being produced by two entrepreneurs in a bedroom. The spiral face rotates, clockwise, every 12 hours, slowly winding a small ball up the coiled face.  At the twelfth hour, the ball drops into the centre of the face and back to the beginning. The clock is an art piece, costing hundred of pounds, but I bet you could build your own version from off-the-shelf parts or a recycled clock. After all, the prototype was knocked together from beer cans and gaffa tape... BBC video article. Aspiral website. Advertising video: Oddly philosophical video:

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Tablet PC From Netbook? Answered

Hello Everyone :) I'm new to this community, though I'm not new to DIY projects. I hope somebody can help me out, I need some help with a proposed project of mine.  I have an old Acer Aspire one 751h and it's an 11.6 inch netbook, LED screen, and I'm willing to tear it down to make a windows tablet. I know I need a touch screen kit, but I need help choosing one, I don't mind resistive ( I know it's very hard to find a multi touch 11.6 inch touch screen kit) In fact, I would say I would prefer ressistive as It's cheaper. One more thing, is it possible to use a larger touchscreen on a smaller screen and then calibrate it? as long as it's the same aspect ratio? For the tablet case/ body, inverting the screen and using the original Acer aspire one 751h case isn't hard, but if it's possible to use perspex or a material like that ( no carbon fibre please) I would like a few pointers. I don't mind the tablet having a rectangular feel/ look, as long as it's easy and practical to build. I also have an old  8x6 inch graphics tablet with 1024 levels of sensitivity, is there any way I can use this along with the touchsreen for input? Like behind the screen.  The netbook runs Full HD content and windows 7 fine and has a 16:9 aspect ratio screen, one of the reasons I'm keen on the project . Thanks a lot ! :) 

Question by Nimer11 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Help me pick a laptop?

Ok, so I'm getting a laptop and I'm not sure if one exists with what I want but if it doesn't fine I'll wait for it to exist.  The laptop must have a core i7 processor, blu-ray writer, 1920x1080 resolution, an HDTV tuner, and a backlit keyboard.  Here's what I've been looking at: Acer Aspire 8940g, HP dv8t and dv7t, Dell XPS 16.  So I'm just wondering if you can actually buy such a laptop I know Acer has said that they offer all these options but I can't find such a laptop anywhere on the internet.  Thanks for the help! And P.S. I don't want an Alienware laptop.

Question by cdubnbird 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

CPU Overheating? Answered

I have an Acer Aspire x1700 that I am trying to fix. I have replaced the 220w psu with a Seasonic 250w because this model is known to have bad power supplies (it wouldn't power on at all with the original psu). I also replaced the original thermal paste since I removed the heatsink/fan to clean it. When I got everything back in and plugged it in, no power. I read that the graphics card (Nvidia Geforce G100) can sometimes fail and cause the pc to not power on. I removed that and turned it on. This time it had power and booted normally to the Windows desktop. After about a minute the cpu fan became very loud, like a jet taking off, then it completly shut down. Could I have not applied the thermal paste properly and it was overheating?

Question by Arya42 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

webcam from laptop turns on but doesnt communicate?

Im sorry for all of my questions. i have a webcam from a acer travelmate 5530, and i can get it to power on, but no matter which way the two data lines are it doesnt tell the computer its there. will it power the led if the +5v or gnd lines are connected wrong? its a usb webcam, but i cant get it to work, the same goes for the Orbicam i got from my old acer aspire 5670, except the led doesnt even turn on for it. i have tried installing the drivers with no luck, the webcam still fails to be noticed by the computer, laptop or not. can anyone give me any insight about this?

Question by zack247 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Tesla Costume

Hello, so this year for halloween I am hoping to go as our hero Nikola Tesla. the costume will be fairly easy I'm just planning on wearing an old suit etc. but what i really want to do is incorporate some type of electrical effect into the costume. I know a bit about electronics and can solder and figure things out when needed, all i really need is an idea of some type of electrical thing that wouldn't kill me and i can power via batteries.  in a perfect world I would like to create some type of spark gap generator between my hands but this might be too lofty an aspiration.  Anyway if anyone has any ideas specifically ones that wont kill me and aren't too hard to accomplish i would be very grateful. 

Topic by jumbohiggins 8 years ago

Is anyone skilled in metallurgical engineering?

*Yes, I know, another question involving college and my future life.*I am kind of split between mechanical engineer and metallurgical engineer. They both have some great benefits and trades that I'd love to go into, but it's difficult deciding which would be better for me.I do aspire, no matter what field I go into, to weld and do other metalworking, although I don't just want to weld for people. I know it sounds weird, but I like to take the time to know about what I am working on, and not work at "face value", if you will.So, any mechanical or metallurgical engineers who want to try to sway me one way or another, please do so now. ;-) Thanks,Bran.

Topic by Bran 11 years ago  |  last reply 8 months ago