how can i build a trickle charger?

I want to build a solar powered battery charger so i need to know how to build a trickle charger i can hook the solar panel up to

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chargers, or booster??

I was watching pages throught here watching the diferent chargers post, they all very cool like the one it was built inside of an altoids can... BUT they where all made out of bateries and none of them where made out of lithium ion cell phones like bateris and i was wondering if this proces was posible so i can try to make one what yall say??????

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Solar Chargers

I think this is where this belongs but everyone... i been looking for a good solar charger (obviously good), charge devices fast, holds alot of power, multiple slots to charge multiple devices, and atleast $50 online... or atleast $130 in stores (ya, i doint have much money), i thought i found good ones but i dont know whats actually good... so hope someone here can help me if it helps, devices i have i can charge are... hp touch pad, psp, smartphones, ps3 controllers, ect.    a laptop too but i realize or would understand that theres not really a solar charger for that (that ones not to important)

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Alkaline Charger

So, I want to try and build a charger for alkaline batteries with an Arduino.  I'll be using it to recharge 9v batteries. What I want to know is: What would the optimum charge current/voltage be?  Should I pulse the charge current? How do I detect the state of charge? How can I get ~1.6v from the arduino to charge an AA? Can I use PWM 5v? And any other useful info you may want to add. I have a ton of parts/shields/etc for arduino as well as components.  LCD's, IC's, LEDs, diodes, resistors, crystals, etc. Would also like to do a battery diagnostic utility to test health, resistance, charge, etc. Can anyone help? EDIT: So I made a quick circuit and sketch to charge an AA battery to 1.6v, using an LM317 adjustable voltage regulator. As os so far, it is working.  Now I need to figure out how to make a voltage doubler. I'm thinking something like 40-50 mA output at 10v. I have an LM324N quad op amp chip as well as one of these. How could I make a doubler circuit?

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how does a mobile phone charger work?

 i just want to know how does a cell phone charger works. i know that it uses a transformer and diodes for rectification. my actual doubt is that i have read in a news paper that there would be 30% losses when the charger is given supply and no mobile is connected. am surprised how there can be so much loss

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circuit diagram and parts to repair 24 volt 20 amp battery charger uses Scr's?

I have a MAC 242011 battery charger  ( 24 volt 20 amp automatic battery charger I need a source and a cct diagram to repair . the Scrs are not working . can you help ? I am in Ottawa Canada tel cell leave txt message 613 291 9942

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Motorola Bluetooth charger to charge 3.7v li-ion batteries Answered

I have a little bluetooth charger that outputs 5.0V and 550mA, am I able to charge 3.7v li-ion batteries with this?

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is it possible to hook a dimmer switch to a cordless tool charger to make it universal for any voltage?

I dont know much about much but i have ideas sometimes lol the question pretty much sums it up useing a dimmer switch for a light in oes house to create a uiversal battery charger for power tools dewalt ryobi bosch etc thanks for ur time

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Does anyone know how to charge this Canon XT battery without the original charger?

I left my charger behind at a friends house and need to charge the battery for my Canon XT. Any way to charge it with a regular battery charger? Thanks and Happy 2011!

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I want to download pics on my Motorola ph to my computer w/o having to buy a charger, is this possible?

I downloaded the motorola wizard but can't access it to request my pics be taken fr ph to computer.

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Can a charger made for 1600mah batteries safely and effectively charge 2500mah batteries? Answered

I have several dead battery packs for my 18v power tools.  Planning to rebuild them and figuring I might as well upgrade their run time while I'm at it.  The original battery packs are 1600mah but I can get 2500mah battery cells that are the same size for about the same price.  1) Will I still be able to charge the higher capacity batteries with the charger that came with the lower capacity ones?  2) Will it charge them to their full 2500mah capacity?  3) Will it be able to detect when they are fully charged?  4) Will it give a false positive and think they are fully charged as soon as they reach the 1600mah of the original battery packs?

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quick two wires diagram,4 wires in one blk,green,white,red,other red, blk, cell phone?what goes together?

4 wires too 2 wires how do you put them together Blk,red,green,white the other blk  ,red to get a connection for cell phone charger have to use what i have right now

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Looking for a LED curcuit that will tell me when my AA batteries are charged using solar cells?

All the DIY solar chargers seem to use a feel test or a multi meter to test if batteries are charged. Is there a curcuit utilizing an LED like those on manufactured chargers, that will let me know when my batteries are charged, and possibly put them in float mode or turn the unit off?

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laptop charger misfunctioning?

My laptop chargers output is ac 19 v. output was shorted by a wire i removed wire but now output is 43volts which part is misfunctionong?

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soler usb charger?

Hi all im trying to make a usb charger from a soler garden lite useing a 9v battyou ppl are gr8 can you help me

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Using the wrong charger?

What are the risks of using the wrong charger for rechargable batteries?  Can you do it if you don't leave the batteries on too long?  Can you get away with it if you make certain the batteries don't get too hot?  Specificially for my 18V power tools the charger I have is only intended to charge NiCad batteries.  The company that made the tools has also made different types of battery packs that are interchangable in the tools, but each battery pack comes with a different model charger.  What if I used the NiCad charger to recharge a NiMh battery pack?  What if I use the NiCad charger to recharge a Lion battery pack?

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USB Charger Help?

I'm stumped. I built a usb charger with a usb plug in and a battery holder that holds 3 triple a's. I think the output is about 5.10 volts and it charges my flip phone but will not charge my iPhone 4s? Please Help. BTW I am extremely new at electronics. Thanks.

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Smart battery charger

I am trying to build a smart charger that will charge a Ni-Mh 2/3a 1200mah 9.6v charger. By smart I mean that it will stop when the battery is full, then if it drops below, say 9.4v, it will charge it to that again. Most of them also have a discharging button that will bring the voltage down before charging it. For the charger part I found this website;=1&ArticleID;=1823Which details how to make a charger that will charge a 13.3v battery. Of course, mine is 9.6v, so it would have to be modified. The current "dumb" charger for the battery just gives it 12v @ 250ma. The smart charger also is powered off 220vac, which is not good because I live in the US. IS there a way to make it work off the 12v 250ma charger? Also, the circled components (the overlay thingy wasn't working), what are they? the no/nc one might be a switch, and the RL1 one could be...a relay?

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12v battery charger? Answered

My WiFi ISP signals were unable to reach my room. So my ISP arranged a device  on top of apartment & it was powered with 12 volts DC adapter. But makes me to work offline when power is OFF. So i want to make that device to work on 12V battery. So i need to make a charger for that battery to work as UPS. Can any one help me with circuit Diagram and components list??

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Battery charger circuit?

Hi, Can someone help with a simple battery charging circuit? It is to be attached to bicycle dynamo to charge the 4 V battery. Now the power generated by the dynamo would be fluctuating depending upon the RPM. So need to build a charger that would ensure constant supply to the battery. Preferably simple and economical circuit as this would be used on some charitable work. 

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How do you change 3.7 V to 12V?

I have 2 cellphone battery brick chargers. I took one apart and found it to have 6, 18650 LiPo batteries connected in parallel to a circuit board to charge it. I have a project that requires 12 V and I would like to use these in some fashion. I was thinking put the two parallel battery bricks in series to get 7.4 V and step up with a DC to DC converter. Which one would be appropriate?  To charge the LiPo's I was thinking of parallel connecting the two circuit boards from the 2 cellphone battery chargers to a single wire connecting to a 5V cellphone wall usb charger. The usb charger supplies 5V at max 2.4A. Any help would be appreciated! 

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What voltage is an ipod charger?

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Solar Cell Phone Chargers

Solar Cell Phone Chargers Since we all walk many hours in the sun each day, does anyone have knowledge of a functional solar charger for phones or cameras?

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Battery charger advice please? Answered

Could anyone help with advice or plans to build a battery charger where I can regulate the voltage and  amperage seperately to charge a wide range  of batteries please, had thoughts of using a computer ATX power unit for the initial power source, thank you Doc Cox

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iPhone charger connection to sound?

How do you connect an amplifier to amplify the sound through the charge connector and still be able to charge the phone for an iPhone4 instead of using the headphone out to amplify the sound?

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homemade airsoft battery charger Answered

 my friend is gonna sell me a smg for 15 dollars but without the charger. the battery is 4.8V and 400Mah. so i was wondering if i switch its plugs on it and a usb cable that i can charge it computer usb=    5V   500Mah------- to the batery-------4.8V   400Mah= battery can i use this effectively 

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Li-ion drill charger?

Hi So I've got a cordless panasonic drill for which the battery charger has been lost. I've been googlin' for a DIY way to make my own li-ion charger for the battery pack, but since these batteries seems pretty sensitive about the way they're charged, and none of the "how to:s" have focused on drill-packs (this one is 14,4v, 3,3Ah) I thought I'd ask the good people here on instructables for a pointer or two. :)

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Laptop Charger/Adapter Tester

I was wondering if anyone had an idea of making something that could test a laptop charger? It could have all the different sized sockets for all the types of chargers there are and a display for showing the output voltage. We have hundreds of chargers laying around and didn't want to go through the process of testing them all with a multimeter. Any help will be appreciated :) Cheers LukeSC1993

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Portable,rechargeable mobile charger? Answered

I've come up with a plan to make a potable mobile charger for my galaxy phone with a rechargeable 9 volts battery.My original mobile charger(220 VAC input) says it gives an output of 5VDC at 0.7 amperes and hence I decided to make it with the given ratings.So here's my plan-I'll use a 7805 to regulate the 9VDC from the battery to 5VDC.The 7805 gives a maximum of 1 A output.So here's my question should I use a current regulator(LM317) to limit the current from exceeding 0.7 amps or will the phone's battery draw the sufficient amps from the LM7805?Maybe it might be a good idea to assist the output with a resistor as a safety measure.So,what do you say?

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increase USB charger current

Hi folks,  I have built myself a DIY mintyboost USB charger. I am using a 3.7v 4000mah battery  Lipo charge controller  Dc/Dc 3v to 5v 1am boost circuit  I am looking for ways to increase my charging rate, my phone will often display a charging light when it is actually discharging.  I have used several diodes between the components 1n5817 diode (lowest voltage drop i could find) Would installing a transister be able to boost my mA? if so what one. I use my charger for my android, go pro and other 3.7v battery devices. thanks!

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Wind powered battery charger

HI.. this is my first post on these forums. I want to build a small windmill that will charge ordinary rechargeable AA sized batteries. however there's a problem. I have hooked up my windmill to a motor which produces DC current. Now, the motor provides enough and MORE current to charge the batteries. My problem is how do i protect the battery from overly high voltages and currents that may be generated by the motor?

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Converting a Radio Flyer Classic Trike to an e-Trike

Hi. I've been looking at the Radio Flyer Classic trike for kids and realise it would be the ideal project to convert into an e-trike . Would welcome recommendations and best practice to do this . Component -wise , most important to consider ( slimline battery shape , throttle ( reverse feature) , fixed drive shaft ), front fixed foot holder. This would be my first project on Instructables and would love to document and share based on best feedback options adopted . Thanks!

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How to convert solar car trickle charger to usb/battery charger?

I would like to know how I could convert one of these solar car battery trickle chargers to a charger that could charge ideally AA and/or AAA batteries but have a female usb port to charge usb powered devices. The point of storing the power in portable batteries would be that it would then double up to charge those batteries if I ever needed to charge them. I do want to spend as little as possible and buy as few parts to do this as possible. I understand that larger batteries would be able to store more power but it would then mean it would not charge AA or AAA batteries and make the whole thing a lot bulkier and expensive. I have a choice of solar trickle chargers being 12V/12W, 12V/4W, 12V/2.4W and 12V/1.5W. They come with crocodile clips and a cigarette lighter plugin. I also have an unrelated usb charger (with female usb port) that can plug into a cars cigarette lighter so Im not sure if it would be possible to attach the usb section to the solar panels cigarette lighter plugin. I also have a usb charger that plugs into the mains. I know almost nothing about circuits. The general point is to be able to make the charger as multi-purpose as possible, like being able to charge batteries or usb powered devices but without making it awkward to use or un-portable. I have looked at the related instructables but im unsure how you could change the voltage to make it safe for the batteries/usb port etc. thanks

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how to make a mobile charger into a usb charger for ipod?

Iwant to make a charger for my ipod a mobile charger

Asked by 9 years ago

Industrial battery charger

Why the correct maintenance of batteries is essential to warn his exhaustion and to know when to replace it. With proper maintenance,can we avoid the battery failure? Im asking about battery chargers, Digital battery chargers, automatic battery chargers, traction battery chargers, Amperis battery rectifiers, battery charger rectifier! Thank you so much

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how to construct a camera charger?

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convert a DS car charger to a USB charger

I am changing my old DS car charger to a USB charger for my MP3 player. The charger puts out 5.2 volts, is that safe to use with my 5 volt MP3 player our should I add a resistor to the circuit?

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phone charger

My wall phone charger is busting up could i just make a usb charger out of it, and howdo i go about doing that, the phone is a samsung

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48V battery charger?

 So i got this 48V scooter from one of my teachers for free but he didn't give a charger. can i use my own 48V charger? thanks!

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Making a smart charger?

Can anyone tell me how to make a smart charger for 9v nimh battery?

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Black & Decker 18 volt charger not working

I have three Black and Decker, 18volt battery chargers, for the FireStorm series tools. One is an orange dual charger. One is the single black charger that came with the drill. And one is the Radio charger. The radio charger AC adapter case melted and no longer works. The single and double chargers both seem to kill batteries, and do not charge. I have voltage coming from the chargers, but I don't remember how much. Does anyone know what the voltage should be on the charger? More importantly, how do I repair the charger to output the correct voltage/current?

Posted by xTiltx 7 years ago

Solar charger with power plug input? Answered

I love all the solar pieces on instructables, but I was wondering if you can make a solar charged device with a power plug input in it so anything can be plugged in such as a phone charger without having to dedicate the solar charger to one item by ripping up an existing phone charger. Thanks

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Increase battery of a portable usb charger?

I have a  portable usb charger that has these specs: Li-ion 3.6V    1200 mAh Input: DC 5V    400 mAh Output: DC 5V    450 mAh Can i add an old battery that has 3.7V and 1150mAh to the charger and increase the battery life of it? Would it be safe to just hook up the the negs to negs and pos to pos? Also what would be a better way to increase battery of the charger without buying a new unit?

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Cell phone solar charger voltage Answered

I am a newbie so sorry for such a basic question. I want to build a solar cell charger with a USB plug. My problem is finding a USB port with the appropriate voltage. Would I be able to take a car lighter USB charger and alter it or use resistors so that it would work for me? I'm not really sure how to go about obtaining or building a USB port for my charger. I appreciate any help!

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how to bypass the safety on a battery charger?

Ive been working on a cd welder for battery tab.. very simple car audio capacitor with a battery charger. today i rebuilt the whole thing with new leads wiring and new battery charger that will shut off when it hits a full charge. now it wont charge at all because it apparently wont charge anything thats not a car battery with proper voltage already existing. since the capacitor dumps the charge and leaves nothing, the charger just thinks there is nothing there. can anyone give me a crash course in float chargers and how they work so i can single out what i need and bypass everything else

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Can I charge this battery with this charger?

So I want to get this battery and i am wondering if i can charge it with this charger. I would obviously soldier the correct charging cable on the battery.  heres the battery: heres the charger:

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Help with a shake-flashlight battery charger?

I'm working on a project that uses one of these to charge some batteries for backpacking, ala kipkay. However, I know nothing about electronics and how to make this sort of thing. I understand that the charge rate for the batteries would have to be constant, how do I achieve that?

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using a lipo charger to charge a SLA? Answered

Hey everyone ! I'm planning to use a lipo charger from my Ebike to charge some scooter SLA batteries. I'm more of a li-po guy and haven't tried charging 3 SLA's in series before. Original lipo was a 10s 8.8Ah 36V (nominal, maxed out at 42V) and had an on board BMS that took a stright 42V input from the charger. the charger for it will deviver 42V @ 2amp and will let current flow until it hits 42V then automatically shuts off. The scooter batteries are 3X 12V 20ah  (six cell I assume?) by all-means, I should be able to wire the three batteries in series, (3 x 14.5V = 43.5V) then my charger should be a direct replacement right? Still need to manually balance them occasionally but for daily use on a 2amp charge should be ok eh?

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Car charger FUSE melted - WHY ???

Hi ... could someone explain me, why may car charger FUSE has been melted down ??? I was using it several times, and suddenly I realised, that it doesn't work. So I have inspected the fuse, and the wire in the middle was completely melted - a lot of small drops. I have changed the use ... it worked 3 times and again. The next one as well. Unfortunately I can't tell you, if it stops work when the charger is in the socket and I start the engine or by having the engine already running and then trying to put the charger in the socket. I think, I did both of those situations ... but I'm not sure. But WHAT COULD CAUSE THE MELTING of the fuse, when before it was working OK ??? Thank you in advance, Zholy

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