Different ways to cook chicken?

Different ways to make bake chicken

Asked by rejoiice 9 years ago

How come when you upload a picture or video it disappears when you preview the instructable? Answered

I think that I am doing everything correctly. I have tried several times. When I go back to the edit page and try and view the library or see the picture it is gone. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Can anyone help?

Asked by deannapicinich 4 years ago

Chicken yoke? Answered

Neither the chicken yolk nor the clear liquid around the yolk is the chicken the chicken forms from the white spot on top of the yolk infused in the clear liquid I just wanted to clarify what you said about the yolk being the chicken

Asked by Donovansr 1 year ago

What can i make with chicken?

Chicken Salad! Yes! was a thought...

Asked by Yerboogieman 8 years ago

what came first?

What came first the chicken or the egg?

Posted by alexlord1 10 years ago

Should I post?

Dinner tonight is fresh chicken, literally just clucking a few hours ago, which set me to wondering-should I post an ible on how to butcher and clean chickens? Yeah, I know...Kiteman's law. But I have no pictures (you kinda need both hands, and anyway they'd be fairly gross...). Would it still be worthwhile using stock photos/drawings? What sayeth ya'll?

Posted by Lithium Rain 9 years ago

How do u build a chicken coup?

I'm getting 6 chickens and I kneed to know how to build a coop. So if A have the answers I'm looking for thank you!

Asked by bugaboomy 9 years ago

Recipes for cooking spaghetti with chicken? Please give me one.? Answered

Recipes for cooking spaghetti with chicken? Please give me one.

Asked by maemole 6 years ago

how to make a fully automatic homemade chicken egg incubator

How to make a fully automatic chicken egg incubator?

Posted by arfannasir 4 years ago

How do you tame a chicken so you can pick it up without it pecking or scratching you? Answered

My family are getting chickens for our back garden and apparently chickens aren't very friendly sometimes. How do we train them to be more domesticated and tame?

Asked by harryashbee 8 years ago

making a skull with chicken wire?

My grandson has to make a skull for school and we have had chicken wre suggested and we are looking for help

Asked by brian.hinchcliffe 8 years ago

The Ikea Chicken Coop

Ikea has served humans so well with its affordable home furnishings, but what about the chickens? Urban chickens want some of that Scandinavian style too and who are we to hold them back? That's why Aaron Bell and wife Corinne created this new chicken coop that is largely made from four different Ikea items. Check the link below for more details. Ikea home for chicks via make

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How can I make feed for my chickens from common (cheap) kitchen scraps?

Just got three chickens. Want to keep them happy and healthy for the least amount of money possible.

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How do I cook chicken to be really soft?

How do I make chicken really soft after cooking , like they do in chinese restaurants? It invariably becomes a bit hard. TIA :) Have a great day!

Posted by pointblank_me 5 years ago

Animatronic chicken?

I need to build an animatronic chicken for a 4-H float (the cheaper the better). Can someone come up with an idea? I need one that makes it head go up and down, and one that goes side to side. Thanks all, I'm sure you can come up with something. _

Asked by Chicken_whisperer 9 years ago

want 2 build a auto chicken door, will a rotisserie motor work?

The motor automatically reverses direction when power stops. run cable around shaft of motor (has 20lb weight limit),run on timer.  think this will work?

Asked by rick2134 6 years ago

I want to turn my paper shredder to a chicken coop door opener?

Hi everyone im new to this i have a new shredder that i dont need or use and i want to turn it to a open and close mechanism to my chicken coop. im fairly knowledgeable about electricity, how over electronics is not my specialty. i already took the mechanism apart and saved what i need to make it work what i need is to figure out the electric part of it. if someone can help that would be great.  Eli. 

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Well here you can say 1 random word (or phrase) that pops into your head.

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battlefield 1942 loading problem, need answer!!! Answered

My battlefield 1942 wont load online what do i do. i have v1.6

Asked by DontShoot262 7 years ago

How can I use a bridge rectifier to convert 120 AC to 12VDC?

I'm using a 12 VDC power antenna to run an automatic coop door opener. 

Asked by devlp 2 years ago

Chicken eggs? Answered

Hi chicken experts.  I have a broody hen and so decided to get some fertile chicken eggs for her to hatch. Now I have bought a mixed lot and so would like to garner opinion as to what I might get out of them. Possibility from the breeders are Welsummer, Cream legbar, Light sussex, to name but a few poeeibilities. Photo attached,

Asked by rickharris 5 years ago

Chickens? Answered

That is a cool fun fact about the brown vs white eggs and their relation to ear lobes.

Asked by Gadget93 1 year ago

How do I cook chicken to be really soft?

How do I make chicken really soft after cooking , like they do in chinese restaurants? It invariably becomes a bit hard. TIA :) Have a great day!

Asked by koraaonline 3 years ago

Instructable tips? Answered

I am making an instructable on how to make a chicken coop, I already have lots of pictures.  Anyone have any tips on how to make a great instructable?  I am thirteen and this is my first  instrucable I intend to publish.

Asked by furrysalamander 7 years ago

3D location from multiple cameras or an FM radio array

Hi all, I've had the idea recently to attempt to be able to keep a real-time track of the location of something in a room. My first thoughts where to use an array of FM receivers and a transmitter to triangulate the location of the transmitter, or maybe even bluetooth, but the test room is about 5 metres square, so bluetooth might be unrealistic. As for the FM method, I think that could genuinely work, what do you think? An idea also floated is to triangulate using an array of cameras, maybe all triangulating the location of one infra-red LED light. What do the geniuses of Instructables think of the ideas here, do you think any are valid? King regards, ParadoxDetected

Posted by paradoxdetected 6 years ago

How do you get dogs accustomed to chickens?

I have some dogs (too many, actually) and i am looking to get some chickens. The problem is, when we had ducks, the dogs would bark at them, and chase them along the fence of their pen. i don't want this to happen to the chickens, because i know they won't lay if they are spooked, so i need to find a way to get them to get along. i am planning to get the hens as chicks, and raise them up. does anyone knw how to get my mutts accustomed to having chickens about?

Asked by cyc4015 9 years ago

We need to alter our chicken house gate to allow chickens to pass through but not wild birds. Answered

We have covered the whole structure with bird-netting to keep wild birds out of the chickens' food, with some of it draped over the gate opening to within about 30cm of the ground.  We need to be able to get in and out of the full-height gate easily ourselves, as well as allowing the chickens to go in and out freely.  The trick is how to do that without allowing wild birds to also pass through. I thought of leaving the netting draped over most of the open gateway (we shut the inwards opening door only at night time) and then having a smaller gate at the bottom that the chickens can push through at the bottom 30cm, perhaps made of a cafe-blind cut into strips and fixed to a rod attached across the lower part of the gate. Alternatively, we could cut out some of the lowest horizontal bars of the gate and replace them with a lockable flap, hinged at the top. Any ideas of what the flap could be made of that the chickens would be able to freely pass through and wouldn't be frightened of?  I made a doggy door in another gate out of the lid of a plastic storage container but the chickens don't go through this (and I don't want them to learn how). I would appreciate any suggestions. Cheers, Mandy

Asked by mandyc1965 6 years ago

how do you keep snakes out of my chicken house/pen?

I have recently started raising chickens and i have bitties in my chicken house and twice now a snake has gotten into the house and eaten bitties, the last one is resting peacfully along with the bittie in the garden next to the squash. any suggestions on how or what to put around the pen and house to keep snakes out?

Asked by circlejh 6 years ago

diy chicken egg incubator fully automatic 500 egg capacity?

I want to make a chicken incubator fully automatic with capacity of 500 eggs. I am alien to electronics. I want help in building one both design and its electronic gadgets too.

Asked by suresh060979 3 years ago

can I freeze greek lemon chicken soup with orzo ?

I was gifted soup in October and it has been in the freezer every since

Asked by yogaone 6 years ago

im planning to make rapunzel's tower from tangled, im going to use a wood frame and chicken wire, need plaster ? answred

Im planning to make rapunzel's tower from tangled, im going to use a wood frame and chicken wire . what is the best way or how do i keep the plaster from falling through the wire? should i wrap the frame in something before i plaster over the chicken wire?

Asked by darkside3131 6 years ago

How can I make an automatic egg turner (for chicken eggs) about 6.?

Hi peeps, I would like to make an auto egg turner. Turn 6 to 8 chicken eggs about 180 degress once every hour. (approx) (this is for an incubator) I have motors etc...... all the gear with a few ideas...... Timing and distance of travel are my main concerns...... The turning process should also be as smooth as possible and quite slow... The eggs should not be covered as keeping their temperature constant is crucial.....

Asked by niceribs 7 years ago

Show me the chicken!

Today we're launching a new Chicken Recipes Contest, and I wanted to invite you to enter! Typically, I would have launched this as a Scoochmaroo Challenge, but you all have been so responsive to these challenges, we decided to turn them into full-blown contests.  Then I realized that you wouldn't get the normal update from me about the challenge, and might not know we're running it at all - oh no!  So from now on I'll do my best to keep you apprised of the contests in the Food & Living categories, and herein create a forum for everyone to chat about it as well. So break out your chicken recipes - I know this seems exclusive to vegetarians, but I also know how creative our audience can get - and show us what you've got to win some sweet knives generously donated from Wusthof.  These are the same knives I use in my home and here at the Instructables HQ! We're even giving away one special prize to one author who submits the most entries!  So enter now, check in often, and vote for your favorites.  Contest closes August 27.  

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Do you like chipotle if you do or don't post a comment telling what your fave food is.

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Light Sensitive Chicken Coop Door

Hi, I recently started keeping my own chickens and have really enjoyed the whole experience. The chickens were all really friendly and provided hours of amusement. Until a few weeks ago I had 4 of our feather friends in a nice Coop. That was fine until one night, for the first time ever, we forgot to close the door to the coop. Unfortunatley the fantastic Mr Fox must have been casing the joint for some time and siezed his opportunity. Three of the chickens were nowhere to be seen, the fourth lay dead under our rhubarb. So why am I telling you all this sad tale? well, I have stumbled accross a solution to this ever happening again. On Ebay I can purchase a 'VSB Automatic door opener', but it'll cost about £100. This is also not ideal as by current door for the coop opens horizontally not vertically, which would mean replacing the door. I'm also concerned that the light unit will be underneath a roof with this design, so it may close prematurely, leaving the chickens trapped in the yard. I'd like to have a go at making my own automatic closer for the coop, possibly solar powered (with a rechargeable battery) that could be mounted to the side of the coop. I don't mind adapting the door to make a vertical opener, if that makes the project easier. The specs for the bought units are: Compact geared motor with steel gears ensuring extremely long life. Battery life now 3 to 4 years with an HS sliding gate or 2 years with a 1.5-kg sliding gate featuring a 50-cm lift. Dorkeeper operates considerably more quietly now. Thanks to 40-kg breaking strength, the rope can hardly break any more. Electronic shutdown of motor within one second when the sliding gate is blocked.Once the blockage is removed, the sliding gate will be opened within three minutes. The strain on the batteries is virtually negligible. Tensile force: 200 g to to 3 kg, with idler UR on the sliding gate (pulley) 6 kg. Does anyone have an ideas how to make something suitable/similar? I have included photo's of the coop showin the current method for closing (Metal foding arm)

Posted by Nemesis201077 9 years ago

Chicken mesh and plywood radio/wifi reflector dish.

Haven't quite the time to do a proper instructible for this, but in case anyone finds it useful: http://solarflower.blogspot.com/2011/07/chicken-mesh-and-plywood-radiowifi.html Has schematics, 3d models and construction instructions. Cost about NZ$20 in materials (plywood, mesh, cable ties, screws), took a couple days to make, but really only because of the lack of proper power tools. Works real good.

Posted by SolarFlower_org 7 years ago

Small circuits and Small circuit wire? Answered

Hi,  I am new to the fiddling with wires stuff. Just about to dismantle a bluetooth headset and I notice that the wire inside is tiny!! I intend to lengthen the wire to the microphone and earpiece but my wire is nowhere near as thin. Will it make the circuit run slower if I put thick wire on thin wire?  If I need it, where can I get thin wire from in the UK?  Also, is there a better nomenclature for thin wire or thick wire or have I nailed it? Thanks in advance Phil

Asked by comedy_phil 7 years ago