how to download css for free? Answered

I want css for free

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Problem CSS or Javascript behavior

Hi Instructables team, im report a behavior problem in the website menu, see the Screenshot, im use Firefox at Ubuntu Linux Machine. I hope this problem fixed easy and soon Saludos!!

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how to do a css transition?

I want to make a menu with background images that will devolve into another image when you hover over a category The layout of my menu looks somewhat like the one of instructables-->(food | living | outside | play | technology | workshop) but to make it look a bit nicer I want to make it fade and not just all of a sudden change the background without any transition at all. I've found a html code which does exactly what i want but I don't know how to do this in css (in a way in which it is supported by all browsers)  the html code:                                                /'\ does anyone how to do this   |  in css? thanks

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CSS problems? a: hover broken on viewing multiline ible titles

When you go to a page that has 'ibles listed in the block formation (the 4x3 formation) then the orange links under each ible that become underlined when you hover on them, when you hover the last line of the ible title doesn't turn underlined. An example of this is on my user profile page:;=VIEWS&limit;=12 I don't see this bug when I visit a page with ibles shown in the 5x4 format, like this page: I'm using Windows XP w/ SP3 w/ 1024x600 res and Firefox 3.5.6

Posted by Jayefuu 9 years ago

How do I use the "@media" CSS tag to get my websites to display without zooming on a smartphone screen?

I want to modify some existing websites of mine to allow for unzoomed viewing on mobile devices (my test-bed for this is my Samsung Galaxy Fit), and I believe that the "@media handheld" CSS tag is the way to go. The problem is, however, that I'm not entirely clear on how to use this tag, in an internal style sheet, to make the page fit on the mobile screen - can anyone clarify the usage of the tag for me?

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Instructable pages showing up strange in IE9

Picture is worth a thousand words so look at screen shot... page layout and menu all messed up...

Posted by vanweb 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Horizontal scroll bar issue

When arriving at a page such as There's a horizontal scrollbar. To remove it, find this rule div#omni in your CSS files. Either: - Remove: border: 1px solid rgba(119,130,135,.4) - Add: box-sizing: border-box; Either one should fix your problem.

Posted by WilsonA15 2 years ago

List of solutions to IE not displaying web pages properly? Answered

I've been doing a bit of web design recently. My site looks great in firefox but in internet explorer the unordered lists for the menu are double spaced making it look a bit naff. After a bit of googling I couldn't find anything on it but wondered if any iblers had come across a list of common problems with html and css that makes internet explorer display it differently? (Pictures: firefox on left, IE on right)

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Stylish: How to get the picture thumbails on the same line

I've got my phase one/first cut of de-white-spacing the new instructables layout done using Stylish. See first image.I have shrunk the picture sizes. However I have been unable to get the photo thumbnails to go across the page. As-is they are below each other.The new instructables layout has one larger photo on the first line, then two smaller photos on the next lie, then three smaller again on the third line. (or something like that - I haven't worked out all permutations)Any other arrangement I tried had small images equally spaced across the page with lots of white space. See second photo.I'm, at best, a CSS hack, any tips on how to get them aligned horizontally. I've attached the first-cut Stylish code.

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Floating CSS Images at Bottom Left?

Greetings all! I need a little help with a CSS problem. I'm trying to float several images of different sizes at the bottom of a web page. I'm using the Bootstrap kit from Twitter to get myself started. See for info on it. Any help will be welcomed!                                                 -joespicnictables

Asked by joespicnictables 6 years ago

whats a good free webhost that takes html and css? Answered

Ive been lookin 4 alot of them but i cant find 1 and freewebs doesnt do css and html so im at a loss and suggestions? (i would like it free i dont have alot of money to spend)

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Custom CSS to enhance instructable

Hi, I would like to use custom CSS to enhance my instructables. It's possible to use inline css but I don't like it because it is very limited and inefficient. Are we allowed to define custom classes or import a custom style sheet and how can we do this? I'm especially need this to have hover effects and set opacity etc. For example I want to have a hover effect on the very last (inline) image link of this instructable: thanks for the help.

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Instructables screen layout all screwed up SOLVED

Dunno where this belongs, but as of today Instructables are displaying (a) too wide for my screen and (b) virtually hanging off the left edge thereof -- the nice left margin is completely obliterated, which I find intensely irritating. There's no reason at all that I can see for this, since the only thing that appears on the far right is an email it! button. So why cause a horizontal scrollbar for this? More to the point now that I've looked more closely at it, the pages are really messed up. Nearly everything is banged up against the left (nonexistent) margin, just piled there (not shown in my screenshots). The exception seems to be the Next button, which is now way over to the right instead of just under the pictures (also not in my screenshots). What a mess! I'm calling the Design Police!

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The new upgrade (opinions and bugs)

I just logged in again since the site maintenance. First impression is I don't like it. This is mostly opinion and a few observations of the changes: The You heading at the top of the page is ...out of place looking. Most all websites on the net where you log in show your username when you're logged in. I really feel its a much more powerful feature to have the username. i.e. when ebay switched to 'my ebay' they put a link to your profile as your username at the top. On the 'You' page - my instructables don't show up and I'm prompted with 'post your first instructable', despite my having 2. I can still view mine via search, but they do not show up in my account. When on an instructable the text wraps funny while mousing over the stars to rate - it overlaps the frame. The new orange seems different, is it darker? feels drab - could be me though. The removed ability to access a menu or directly (quickly) click through to 'recent' kinda bugs me - I like to see all the new stuff FIRST, before going to the viral-ly popular featured and high ranked ibles.

Posted by frollard 10 years ago

New Instructables CSS not displaying images in Firefox Quantum (v58). Anyone else having issue? Answered

New Instructables CSS not displaying images in Firefox Quantum (v58). Anyone else having issue?Can view perfectly in Chrome.

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Font Size Html Trouble?

Hey, I would like to know how to fix this font size problem I'm having. I don't know if HTML just doesn't allow it so that may be the case. So I have a div with an id of "NavBar" and a div with an id of "AccountList". The "AccountList" div is inside of the "NarBar" div. In the CSS, the "NavBar"'s div has a font size of 36px and a color of #e1e1e1. I want my "AccountList" div to have a font size of 19px and a different color. The problem I am having is that the "NavBar"'s CSS properties override the "AccountList" properties. How can I get around this? I will not take the "AccountList" div out of the "NavBar". If you want to see the actual thing I have and what I'm explaining, here is the code (Just save it as an HTML to run it): Thanks,

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Graphic / Interactive Designer wanted for

This position has been filled!We need a designer to make Instructables better, more fun, easier to use and nicer to look at. We're looking for the best talent we can find and then we'll figure out how to make it work for both parties. You don't have to be available for full time work and you don't have to work in the office or even in the same country.Great visual design skills are our most important criteria. You'll also need to be able to turn your designs into cross-platform CSS and XHTML that integrate with our existing style sheets. Some level of Flash experience will also be required.Please send your cover letter, rates and portfolio to iwannawork [at] instructables [dot] comWe look forward to hearing from you!

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What is wrong with Steam?

Well I just got an account off of a friend and it was working perfectly up untill I shut it down to restart it.  It then starts up but I cannot maximise the main menu, all the other menus such as settings ect show up!  I can see the main menu when I use Windows + Tab but it will not come up if I choose it I am running windows 7 and have had enough of faulty software!

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Why is my latency like 70 in one game yet i lag in another?

Whenever I play Counter Strike: Source, I almost never lag but when i play Team Fortress 2 I lag like CRAP! Can you tell me why this happens and (if possible) direct me to a free or cheap solution? Thanks In Advance, A_Person

Asked by a_person 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Online Work Schedule with PHP?

Hi everyone! I am working on a project from my employer at work. She wants me to make a online schedule for her business. I've succeded in getting it mostly done. But I am stuck at saving the work selections to a php file. Then when the employees view it, they see what the boss set the schedule as. I've included the files below. The passwords for the login are: the boss's password is: flyinghotdogs the employees password: wetheemployees Thanks! And whoever helps me figure this out will get a 3 month pro membership and a patch!  

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Is it possible to hack the web UI of a Panasonic BL-C131A?

 I have a couple of these cameras around the house for basic security and to watch our pets etc. The web user interface is garbage and horrible on a mobile device (i'm a web developer so I'm a snob about that stuff :). I'd like to "hack" it. I'm assuming it's a firmware hack. Not sure what would be involved, but it could be a fun project. However, i'm having trouble finding enough information online to get started. Anyone out there that has the resources to point me in the right direction or even lend a hand?

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I have written a website using html , javascript , css , php and i want a service that allows me to host my code for free and create a website using it without making me use its own templates. Please I need help

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How makey "wrap around" bg/banner in blogger? Answered

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to do an awesome background/header in Blogger that rolls beyond the width of the columns and doesn't get off-center/out-of-line with the blog content when the browser is resized.  You can see the problem here: The blog isn't done or anything.  It's just an example of what happens the browser is resized, and it bothers me a lot. I don't know if the column code needs to be adjust or the background code needs to be changed or what.  I'm not good at CSS, and I don't know JavaScript, which blogger allows. I'm attaching a rough idea of what I'd like to be able to do.  Les sigh.

Asked by AngryRedhead 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

jqtouch ical extension in use?

Can anyone show me an example of how to use a jqtouch extension called ical to make a calendar??

Asked by arv_christos 7 years ago

How to create selected state links?

I want to know how to create a link that when clicked will turn a color and stay that color. For example, if you have a navigation bar on a website and each page had its own link, how could you make it so that if you were on the home page, the home page link would black and the rest of the links would be orange? If you were on the about page, the about page link would be black ans the rest of the links would be orange. 

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Biggest number ever? See for yourself! :P

Alright guys, I got bored, so I decided to make a stupid little thing that I origionally used to do with my calculator in math class. :) Actually, now I have to tell this crazy story.. :P Alright, so I used to do 1+1 a bazillion times in school to see how high i could get my calc to in 1 period of class. Then (since im a MAJOR geek) I got this AMAZING idea. I decided to hook the = button to a microcontroller with a reed relay from radio shack. So I went home, and did just that. I wish I had a picture of it. It was so cool. I let it go and go. :) Anyway, now to the stupid project I made in html/javascript. So, I made this just to "prove" that there is no "biggest number". Now, it doesnt actually find proof so it "could" be wring, but its not. :P Anyway, heres the link: Lol. Thats all I have 2 say. Look at the source code LOL! :P KFSDAGJK  its soooo funny. (to a geek) Anyway, thanks. Later guys! :) p.s., I am at 85,000 on mine.. :)

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How much should I charge for designing a website?

I am design a 5 page website for a hotel and I am wondering a good price would be. There is no programming, only html and css.

Asked by askmawuli 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Web design & development series

Hi, I am web designer & developer form Nederland. I've been looking around here for some time and it seems like there are not many series that cover everthing about how to design and then develop a website. I thought it would be awsome to create a instructsble serie that let's someone develop there own website in pure HTML & CSS. So I have a couple of ideas. - explaining the basics of flat design (todays standard in web design) - creating a website in pure html & css from the ground up - creating a compleet wordpress theme - much more If you like one of the above ideas or if you have one of your own, please let me know. Thanks for reading. And let me know what you think! Greetings from Holland.

Posted by Kevin Tipker 2 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

no possibility to scroll down in the last two newsletters.

I have a problem with your last two newsletters. I can't scroll through the newsletter. The older newsletters do not have this problem. If I save the newsletter e-mail as an html page, I can scroll through it with the cursor keys, not with the mouse because there is no scrollbar... Maybe a CSS error?

Posted by MerlinTheGreat 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Somethin for mothers day with a computer, any ideas?

I am good at computers and i want to do somethin for mothers day with a computer, i know html programing also css and bat file programing but i cant think of wat to do for my ma with a computer (and not buy her 1) any ideas anything will help

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HTML help?

Hey, i'm currently working on redoing my website, and i've got a problem. I'm using tables to separate a background the main body, but when I add the text, it backs right up to the edges of the border. Does anybody know how to push the text in some, without using CSS? Using the tables won't work, it messes up my background.

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Blog Redesign

I've redesigned my blog, and I was hoping people could check it out and tell me what they think.  Awesome?  Good?  Meh?  Crap? Linkie Link! Also, Blogger has become a lot more friendly to making changes for greater personalization without knowing much (or any) CSS/HTML.  If anyone's been thinking about starting a blog, Blogger certainly offers a lot.

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Header update

A change up top, and a bunch of cleanup under the hood!  We've been working on the header bit by bit to try and make it clearer without taking up too much page space.  I think it's going well... We've also been cleaning up code underneath, so please let us know by posting a bug category forum topic, if you find anything we broke.  Most of the invisible changes are javascript and CSS.

Posted by rachel 8 years ago

Editor not working

I'm not able to open the editor. I get an error in the javascript console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Go' of undefined     at loadEditor (EEZ9RA7IPCYCPKA:1260)     at EEZ9RA7IPCYCPKA:1285 loadEditor @ EEZ9RA7IPCYCPKA:1260 (anonymous) @ EEZ9RA7IPCYCPKA:1285 Resources: all return 404 and I assume are required for the editor. Thanks

Posted by ncross1 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

What website does the public want?

What website is the public looking for? I am 14 years old and I would really like to create and get a website/web service and would appreciate any advice from perhaps future users. Thank you so much! I have knowledge of these languages: php, html, css, javascript, jquery, and a small amount of java. I will soon be learning swift to create applications for iPhone iPad and mac. Thanks again!

Asked by www139 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Arduino Coder Wanted!

Hi, I'm doing an Arduino webserver project for watering my vegetable garden. I'm looking for someone who wants to earn a little extra by helping me finish my code. I have a working Arduino code and the working html code but I need someone who has the skills to integrate a .css and .jpg file onto the micro SD card so that they are picked up by the website. This should be pretty easy for someone with the right skill set. Please get in touch if you are interested. Payment via paypal. Tom

Posted by TomGoff 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Could not change profile image

Hello *.*, I want to update my profile image. For this I login, klick on You and Edit Profile. After this I click Upload New Photo. After this I see, that the Upload new Image dialog fades in. But this happens behind the Edit Profile dialog. With the Chrome Debugger I moved the dialog by changing the css, so I can send a screenshot. If I click in the upload dialog then the edit dialog disappered. An upload does not change the profile image after this. I tired this with the actual Chrome and Firefox browser. In both the same. Any idea for me? Thanks Mark

Posted by DoItMark 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

A-Jax - Speed - Web Developers

Why use slow flash when faster better ways are there? AJax is great, fast, and does the job. Here is some simple code for your site: xhr = (window.XMLHttpRequest) ? new XMLHttpRequest() : new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.xhr");"POST or GET", "PAGE-URI", 1); xhr.onreadystatechange = (function() { Code to run for the result.. }); Simple yes? My site uses the code above but within lots more Javascript hacks included. My site is My js file is minimized so to get to the code just goto and the same deal with my css file..

Posted by james.mcglashan 8 years ago

New Image Layout Released

Hey everyone! You may have noticed, we have a new image layout that just got released. We wanted something that emphasizes your images in a format that is a bit more contemporary. We did lots of in house testing so you shouldn't see any problems, there is sometimes some cached CSS as well but that should clear up within the hour. if you do see some problems, post them in the bugs forum and we will fix them. We also released a few fixes on PMs again so hopefully they are formatted better for you. Thanks for being a part of the community! -Gregg Horton QA engineer

Posted by frenzy 6 years ago

Want to learn image encoding & decoding????

I remember how i learned html css xml by opening files in notepad also I remember once i tried to open a 1X1pixels .bmp image in hex editor but it was all blur everything went above my head i was not able to locate magic no. & changing some string made it invalid file. So in short i want a book/ website/ instructable or anything which can teach me to edit image file by watching them in base 16 or base 2 languages or somthing like that . also if there is nothing just tell me the easiest encoded image format maybe i get lucky trying myself. Thanks in advance

Posted by Atul009 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

What is the programming language best suited to make small programs?

Hi, I've been wanting to learn a programming language for a while now, but I can't decide what language to learn. I have some experience in html and css, but web design is not the kind of code I want to learn. I want to make small programs, just to help with every-day use. I am currently using windows at the moment, but I might be making a switch to linux in the near future. I have been looking into VB, Python and Ruby, but I don't know what Python and Ruby are good at. Making small programs or web development. If there are any other languages that you thing I should look at please feel free to post them.

Asked by Kawnsull 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Front page changes

I've just released a new version of Instructables with a couple of visible changes, couple of less visible ones - well OK some of these went up last night but anyway here's the deal.  The homepage Halloween lists are down in favor of a set of gift suggestions - we're starting to get ready for the holidays as you can see!  We'll keep the Halloween category for a while longer though (not quite ready to let go of our favorite holiday). There are some bug fixes around rss feeds, around images, and around Pro memberships.  We're also in the middle of doing a css and javascript cleanup so there are lots of under-the-hood changes there.  With luck you'll never notice those at all, though. Enjoy!  As always if you find any bugs, please let us know in the forums, in Help > Bugs.

Posted by rachel 8 years ago

What programming tools are needed for an Arduino + Android (+iOS) project?

I'm starting a project where I interface arduino board with some other (environmental) sensors as a standalone hardware. But I'd like to report the sensor readings to a smartphone client through a webapp. Also would like to control the arduino hardware remotely from the smartphone clients (app). I know I have a lot to learn so I don't what to waste time on irrelevants. What programming tools do I need to learn (backend and frontend) to do this project? The client-side (iOS, Android) app only receives reports and do not use any phone hardware features. So I'm not sure if Java would be required. I currently program in Python + web dev using HTML + CSS.

Asked by SurveillanceTips 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

I am trying to get a website to work correctly. Can any HTML wizards help me? Free Pro membership to the best answer! Answered

I am trying to redesign the website that is used by the company I work for.  The company would prefer it if I could make them a site that uses frames.  This is so it will be relatively easy to change/update pages.  I am not very experienced with using frames, but I have made some good progress so far.  I have two questions that I cannot seem to find the answer to. 1.  How do you add a border with a radius around a framed website? The design that my company liked had a border around it with rounded edges to frame the site.  I have no problem doing this in CSS with a regular website.  However, I cannot get the border to show up around the framed site. I have tried putting a border around the framed page using CSS.  I have also tried adding the border to select parts of the framed page.  (For example: a rounded border on the top, left, and bottom of the left frame panel.)  This does result in a pseudo-border around the site, but the radius does not show up.  It is just a rectangular outline. 2.  Is it possible to have two overlapping background images? There is a strong vertical line and horizontal line on the page as design elements.  I would love to have those lines stretch infinitely across the background.  I know how to do this with one image, but can you layer background images on top of each other? My idea for a solution would be a set of GIF images with transparent sections.  One image would be the horizontal line and the other image would be the vertical.  The place where the two lines meet is a part of the website, so I am not worried about where these images will overlap since they would be in the background.

Asked by skittlespider 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

i want to build an app?

I want to build an app :) I understand that that there are sites with drag and drop features, which i will try out to get an idea of what i'd like, and use for smaller projects (any suggestions on which to choose?) But for a larger project i would like to build my own :) I have no programming skills or knowledge :( But i want to learn! SO! What i really want to know is were to start, what type of programming do i begin with? And were i progress to for app building? i.e java, joomla, CSS ( Don't laugh, I'm clueless at this point but I want to learn over the next year or so) Finally is there certain software that would be beneficial? i.e Adobe etc. Oh and is there any sites, books, tutorials, references to aid learning? Thanks for reading, I've tried googling but its a bit confusing finding were to start, but once i know the start and end point I'll get cracking :)

Asked by oó lionnáin 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

About making Single Board Computers...

Hi guys! I just wondered how can I make a custom Single Board Computer... I am interested to make a custom 8 bit AVR SBC and 32 bit ARM SBC (Must I learn even with the 16 bit architecture?) in a cheap way and without the aid of Raspberry Pi and Arduino. I have these questions: - There is any book or else about learn making Single Board Computers? - Where can I find the components for the board? - I can program and I know a few of many languages (C,C++,Python,Javascript,HTML5,CSS,PHP,MySql). Must I make an OS for everything for make my board work or I can make a "bootable software" (like a MP3 player)? And again,there is a book or else for learn this? Thank you for your time!

Posted by MichaelP170 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

How can I change my username?

Long story short, I set up this account 4 years ago when I was 12. It was originally attached to my Facebook, but I deleted my Facebook recently out of privacy concerns. I thought my old account would be deleted, so I could simply create a new one not tied to my old account, but it appears that it kept my old username, profile picture (which I just changed today), images, and even a draft for a Instructable group I didn't finish when I was 12. I checked the official page for changing usernames here on the forums, but it must be inactive as I was unable to comment on it. I was also unable to find the button under that allows you can change it, which I'm suspecting has to do with the CSS changes over the years. Where can I go to have my username changed to something a bit more mature, and age appropriate? The username I want to change it to is Takutanuva.

Asked by Legoguylolforever 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

3D Printing For All

Right after we hear about Ponoko, and their laser-cut designs that you can make and sell, here comes another company that offers the service of making 3D prints via its website Jujups.Their statement:We believe that "everyone has an inherent desire - to design" Design is about self expression. It is about satisfying your desires. Once upon a time only a small portion of humanity could read or write. We would like to say that once upon a time "only a few people could design but, JuJups changed that.JuJups is powered by design technology that structures design in an intelligent way, just as much as CSS and Html structures text and graphic data in an intelligent way so that non-techies can create wonderful blog graphics and web pages that we enjoy today. JuJups will do the same to the world of products.Basically, it's easy 3D printing with templates. They'll expand into more stuff later.A wider range of products will follow in the near future.JuJups is planning in association with ZCorp to expand 3D printing capacity to support the growing demand for customized objects. Customized giftware, memorabilia, toys, etc will soon be added to the list of items that can be custom designed. Many companies have now created opportunities for custom-made products, such as custom printed T-shirts, mugs, magnets etc. however, the customization is mostly in 2D.

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago