How can I cut approximately 1/4/-1/2 inch off of a 3x3x3 block off wood? Answered

I'm making a motor mount for a dolly, and To do this I cut the shape of the motor out some blocks to form a 3"x3"x3" cube with a slot for the motor in it. The place that the mount has to fit into is just a bit smaller than the mount itself. How can I cut a small amount off of one edge of the cube? Also, I only have some basic tools (Hand saws, skill saw, Miter saw)

Asked by sblaptopman 6 years ago

saddle cut in pipe

How to make a saddle cut in pipe

Posted by richardde 5 years ago

How do i cut glass?

I don't want to cut a sheet of glass i want to cut the mouth end off of a glass bottle. What are the best ways of going about it?

Posted by azice 8 years ago

Why did my instructable get cut out?

It just disappeared during the voting from the contest. Is that because it got cut?

Posted by jaxthecob 9 years ago

Cut and Paste.

 Hello, Should I be able to cut and paste when using the instructables site, e.g. when answering or asking a question? This has probably been asked before but I searched and couldn't find anything relevant. Thank you.

Posted by FriendOfHumanity 8 years ago

How do I cut glass tubes?

So, I have some glass tubing, about 5mm diameter, about 1mm walls. I need to cut them to length for an Instructable (the cutting isn't the project, the tubes are raw materials).How do I do it? I'd rather not heat them up as I want them to stay straight and cylindrical.

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Can you cut custom Stencils?

I hope this is the right area for my question! Is there a member on here who has a printer that can cut stencils?  Or...laser thing?  :)  I'd like to buy or barter for some stencils because the ones in the stores are so ugly LOL.  :)  And we can team up on a project idea that I have , if you would like!  Thanks in advance!   -Kristy

Posted by kristylynn84 5 years ago

Help designing/building High Altitude Balloon cut-away system

I am working with my kids to put together a High Altitude Balloon launch to take pictures. I am stuck at building a system to cutaway the balloon in the event that it does not reach burst altitude. Any help, or resources that would get me going would be appreciated. I am leaning towards a system that can me initiated from the ground via ham radio, as well as timer based in the event of communication failure. Thanks!

Posted by joatman 6 years ago

Blacked Out?

I was going to ask are you caught in the blackouts I'm seeing on the news? Dopey question. Anyhoo, if you're reading this after the power comes back on, how did you cope?  What Instructables could you use to make life easier? UPDATE:  And, if you're an engineer, could you design a better system where a single throw of a switch on a substation blacks out five million people, shuts down two nuclear reactors and even closes beaches? The outage was triggered after a piece of equipment was switched off at a substation in Arizona, officials said. ... Daniel Froetscher, a vice-president at APS, told the Associated Press news agency the malfunction at the substation was "not a deliberate act". "The employee was just switching out a piece of equipment that was problematic," Mr Froetscher said.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

(How) Do You Cut a Necklace Chain?

I bought a chain for a necklace at Wal-Mart that's significantly bigger than I need. Should I cut it? Can I cut it? How do I cut it? 

Asked by Numbuh1Nerd 2 years ago

Laser knife that cuts?

Does anyone know how to make a small handheld laser knife that cuts like a engraver but more handheld and able to adjust power? thanks!

Asked by scottbeu 8 years ago

What can be cut with a 10W IR laser? Answered

I can get a 10W IR laser diode for real cheap and I want to know what I could cut with it. If anyone has any experience, please share your knowledge. I am especially interested in how tick wood can I cut and if there are any metals (and what thickness)  can be cut. Thanks in advance!

Asked by ptkrf 2 years ago

How to smoothly cut plastic?

I did a home automation project and I even fabricated PCB. I got a plastic box for encasing my PCB. The plastic box needs to be cut in two places to give the power chord and connection to the relays. I had soldering iron so I beat it up to a straight rod and tried to cut some plastic boxes that were lying around in my home. the heat was too much and even though the cut was somewhat accurate the heat caused the surrounding plastic to eventually melt and it became ugly. Any idea how I can cut the plastic smoothly?

Asked by NirmalMRaj 1 year ago

cutting hole through a book? Answered

Can anyone suggest a cheap effective way of curtting a 2-3 cm hole (any shape) through a book? Ideally laeving the froint and back covers intact.thanksJulius?

Asked by julius100 9 years ago

Drawings on aluminum for cutting

I have some parts that i need to cut from aluminum. Unfortunately I don't have access to any CNC machine, so I'm thinking of cutting them myself by hand... Is there an easy way that I can get my drawings on the aluminum? Perhaps printing on photo paper (using my ink printer) and an iron? Plan B is to use some sort of glue and glue the drawings on the sheet... Any suggestions are welcome!

Posted by papirkopi 8 years ago

How to cut a vinyl record?

Hi. i wanna build a frame like this: i dont know how i can cut the record. i tried so far a carpet cutter, glass cutter, i tried to stamp out with a hot metal but nothing worked. any other suggestions???

Posted by Stadtwerk 9 years ago

Could a small, butane pencil torch(2000F)cut through a steel pipe between 1/8-1/4in thick?If not, got any suggestions?

I need to know this to make my first Instructable, so any help with how to cut this would be appreciated.

Asked by INVADER SCOOGE 9 years ago

Cut Your Own Hair - For Women!

I was thinking that I would cut my own hair and thought if there where any helpful people here that had and then posted it for me to enjoy...and learn from. But I only found two men who had done it, and since I don't want my hair that short I was wondering if any women out there had tried it and would like to post about it. Failing that any suggestions for how to do it...

Posted by ducksting 10 years ago

Play Guitar with cut off finger tip

I cut of my left middle finger tip, and wanted to protect it while healing, and wanted to extend my finger some way so as not to have to retrain my old brain and finger, so did what is shown on the MS Word attachment (Text  and photo's showing "how to" with low cost materials).  Now to get back to playing the guitar!!  Hope this helps someone else by saving time and energy on poor or expensive options.

Posted by phild2k 7 years ago

Cutting Rope at a height

Hey guys, I need to cut down a banner on the second story on a side of a building. The banner is held by 4 string/ropes at each corner and I do not have access to a ladder. What would you suggest is the best way to do this? I thought of putting a scissors on the end of a long stick and devising a string pulley system to operate the scissors from the bottom. Like have the scissors open and position them with the rope between the shears. Then I would just pull on the string to snap them shut. What do you think? Any better ideas?? Thanks!

Posted by shieldliger101 6 years ago

Teach me a bit about lasers

Im in the process of piecing together parts for a 2 axis CNC and I would like to use it for laser cutting/etching. Since I'm new to building CNCs and I also dont have a ton of extra money I plan to build one using a DVD-r laser (200mW?) and just do some tests to get the basics down and play around with it. I would love to be able to cut 1/4'' acrylic as I have some laying around and I love some of the projects possible with it. What is the cheapest laser that is capable of cutting clear 1/4" acrylic? I have used a 40W co2 laser and it flew through the acrylic like it was nothing. Is there something for And is it something that you can just use a lower power and go super slow or do you need the power? I did some light searching and didnt really find what I was looking for but if someone has a link to some helpful info I would appreciate any help I can get. Otherwise ill just spend my days cutting and etching paper!

Posted by jdavis-9 5 years ago

Baby clothes quilt

I am about to endeavor to start making a quilt out of my children's baby clothes which are made of various fabrics, some of which are t-shirt fabric.  I have never made a quilt before and really have no clue.  I'm not thinking it will be perfect.  I'm thinking of making 5 x 5 inch pieces.  First question:  do you think 5x5 or 6x6 pieces are a good size?  Second question:  for the t-shirt material, do I cut the square first and THEN fuse it to make it more stable?  Or do I fuse first then cut into a square?  I know I need to put 1/2 inch on all sides for seams?  But still my main question is: cut then fuse, or fuse then cut?  And really, it only needs to be nice enough so that I can gaze at it when I am older and it is covering my old painful knees and reminisce about my children when they were young.  Thank you.

Posted by LifeLuver558 3 years ago

i just cut my finger in half with a table saw 3 mins ago? Answered

Ouch. any suggestions? I have no fingernail WTF.   how do i get a missing finger badge? Since writing the above message, I went to the ER and got fixed up. My finger is numb, and my sentence structure has improved. A simple push stick could have saved me $700, and my finger. DO NOT EVER GET CONFORTABLE WITH A DANGEROUS MACHINE. You will always lose, It is only a matter of time. Have a safe november! -Nepheron

Asked by nepheron 8 years ago

diamond cutting steel.... Friction cutting?

Recently got a diamond wheel for angle grinder.   tho it is marketed to cut tile, marble, etc, i tried it on steel.  cuts quick enough, but leaves huge burrs. burrs 4x thicker than the workpiece.   seems the blade just melts and squishes the steel out of the way.  it works, kinda, leaving a hazardous ragged edge on the work... i see why they dont market those blades for  steel. im reminded of friction cutting blades.

Posted by Toga_Dan 3 years ago

Laser cut parts

I'm looking for help getting some new smaller drafting tools cut. The cut area is no bigger then 9"x6", I was hoping to get the part cut out of .04" clear Lexan, I can supply if needed. I'd also like to have the parts etched as well if that is possible as well. I have the rough drawing done in AutoCAD so far.

Posted by BogDog 5 years ago

Cutting the trim around a steel sink

I need some professional advice. I need to decide on a sink for my future apartment (under construction) and I don't have the choices I like. I really want an undermount sink with a satin finish - and it's hard to come around where I live  (South America). I have found a satin finish drop-in type sink, and I am wondering if it could be cut to be used as an undermount sink. My question is, will the bowl of the sink warp if the frame is cut? The sink I want to cut looks like this but without the strainer on the left. Red lines indicate how I would like to cut the sink.  Thanks for your time, Colorex

Posted by colorex 4 years ago

best (inexpensive home) tool to cut thin brass cleanly?

I've been etching brass for a couple years now, but need a better way to cut and trim my plates than a hack saw and a straight edge... What's the best power tool for getting straight edges on thin brass plates? I've been thinking scroll saw or band saw, but I've been told that band saw blades will walk. would a scroll saw be a good idea?

Posted by gschoppe 9 years ago

How do I make a shaped metal punch for sheet metal?

I need to cut some 1-inch metal shapes.  They will also have holes inside them, so I might need two punches.  So, how do I make punches to cut out these shapes?

Asked by jeeps123 6 years ago

How to cut a LED Strip by not the marks provided?

I'm lookin for a LED strip very special. 24V RGB 60 LED/m 1800 lumens / m IP 20 Trimmable each 5 cm. HERE COME THE ''PROBLEMO'' (Terminator) Every body offers to me each 10cm but it's imposible for us use that one. when I say everybody believe me  that I asked a lot of suppliers. Do you know how to cut a LED strip wherever you want??? Not in the marks provided? Best, Crazybirzzz

Asked by crazybirzzz 3 years ago

How can I cut in half a CRT's glass case without shrapnel or mercury poisoning?

 What I want to do is remove the phosphor screen of a CRT and see what happens if I hit it with intense UV light. I know I've got to look out for high voltage, and that if I don't let pressure into the vacuum very slowly with a small hole the glass will shatter and spray shrapnel everywhere.  I'm also concerned about mercury/lead and any dangerous chemicals I'll be exposing myself to.  Can someone explain the dangers and what I can do to avoid them?

Asked by kramerr 8 years ago

Cool websites for making Big-Budget looking movies for about a tenth of the cost

If you want to be making Pro movies for almost none of the cost, then look to these sites for assistance:IndyMogulVideo CopilotFX SupplyThese are just the few I find to be the most helpful; if you know of any others, please put them in a comment for everyone to use.

Posted by impossiblecorey 9 years ago

Cutting Circuit Board with ESD precautions

I thought I read a post on a pretty ESD-safe way to cut a circuit board without harming the chips on it. Anyone have that info? I did a search with no luck.

Posted by royalestel 10 years ago

Getting printed lines on paper(8.5x11) that go to the edge? Answered

Well i have been making paper craft recently and i need a lot of small rectangles and i fold then cut them but sometimes the cut is off and it is no good i could get a table scissor thingy that can cut a lot at the same time but my parents think i would chop my finger off with it... Instead of folding and cutting it there a way i can print out preset lines?

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 6 years ago

12V 5m LED strip. Cut into 1m, how much V per metre?

So I've bought one of those 12V LED strips. I want to install a 1m length of LEDs. Do I need 12V for each of the 1 metres or will I need something like 4.5V per metre. Thank you

Asked by hanashoib 3 years ago

my rabbit alice has a deep cut on the inside of your thigh i dont know what from?

Its probly about a centimeter or two deep i sprayed it with disnfectent that we use on our cuts. its a little smaller then a 5 cent piece. should i open it and check for maggots? its almost complettly scabbed over. she doesnt act any diffrent but i do know that rabbits try hard not to act hurt when they are. for now i will spray it one a day will disnfectnt. please help!

Asked by four bunnies 5 years ago

Im Really sad.

I got a hair cut, it looks nice, but i miss my fro, all warm, now when i go out side, i have to wear a hat. i hate it.

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

To vent an empty CNG cylinder? Answered

Does anyone knows how to vent an empty CNG cylinder? I unscrew the inlet valve and fill it full of water, but the person who will cut it says that this is not enough. It seems excessive to me, but... Thanks in advance!

Asked by rimar2000 6 years ago

cutable laser?

I know scientist have created lasers that can cut but how much money would it take to make one? and what materials would be need? and... what kinds of materials would be laser resistance, not effected by a laser... or would that depend on the lasers stength?

Asked by saiyankev 5 years ago

Anyone Want Some Vinyl Cut?

I recently acquired a new vinyl cutter, and wanted to spread the word.... I can cut custom artwork, or if you have a vector graphic ready to go... I can cut it for you. Consider it a sweet tattoo for all your stuff. Customize projects, laptops, instruments, windows, your car or bike, pretty much anything. I am trying to start up a small business and this would be a great opportunity to hook up some good people with good product really cheap to build up a bit of previous work. I am a member of this site, not just coming here to solicit business or something. Just willing to do some cool stuff for you all for a good price. No job too small, i just want to get a variety of work under my belt. Got a weird question..?? let me know. If you are interested, send me a shout at :

Posted by fleanine 10 years ago

Is it possible to add a power dial to any of kipkays laser projects, So that I could have it range from no harm to kill?

Like it ranges from something to cut diamonds (If possible) to something I could use with kids? I was thinking dial because you get more settings. Please help.

Asked by 8 years ago

Another, really problematic, bug with the new editor -- gets cut off!

This was originally pointed out by Molten Boron in a comment embedded in another topic.  It deserves it's own bug report.  This bug causes substantial difficulty with actually being able to post comments.When replying to a comment that is more than a few levels deep, the right margin of comments gets too close to the right sidebar.  With the new editor, the text box itself gets CUT OFF, effectively "hidden behind" that right sidebar.  This includes some of the formatting icons, as well as the POST and CANCEL buttons below the box.  Also, the text you are typing gets hidden in the same way.Obviously, this can make it impossible to successfully create a comment.

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

I have a project idea: LCD sunglasses. I'd need some really small screens, however. Can you buy 1"x2" LCD screens?

I am going to attempt to build LCD sunglasses. I know how an LCD works, with an internal polarizer and the liquid crystal itself providing polarizing in a different direction. I am planning to use an LCD screen for a sunglass lens, but I'll need both small and oddly shaped LCDs. Is it possible to cut LCDs down to size or shape? If worst comes to worst, I will just have square lenses, but the thing which would fit best would be 1"x2". Can you buy these?

Asked by 8 years ago

New Jig Saw

I just went out and bought the Craftsman Evolv Corded Jig Saw, I have yet to test it but from what reviews said its a great little tool. I got it at sears for 30 bucks. Any tips or suggestions for using it as its my first jig saw. Thanks, Clemsonguy1125

Posted by imthatguy1125 8 years ago

Birds and sticky flytraps HELP!!! NOW!!!

Just now, my bird flew into a flytrap, i got him out of it, got bit numerous times by a stressed bird, HURT LIKE HELL! and now he's sticky, i need to know how to get the stickiness off of him, i used olive oil on his beak to get the stickiness off of that, his head feathers didn't get trapped (thank goodness) but i need to know how to clean him without having to touch under his wings, he doesn't like that. i don't think it got past his down to his skin. He is also sneezing more than usual are sticky flytraps poisonous? there isn't any facts on the package, google wasn't much help either. I AM NOT SPRAYING WD-40 ON MY BIRD. Please help.

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

What is the best household tool to cut cardboard?

What is the best household tool to cut cardboard?

Asked by EricRamirezRodriguez 8 years ago

How can I cut silicon solar cells to custom sizes? Answered

I bought 100 silicon wafer solar cells and I would like to be able to cut them to custom sizes... does anyone here have experience/ a method for doing this? Ive tried scribing them like glass, grinding, slicing...ect, and nothing works. Silicon cells are not AMORPHOUS. They are not like glass. How can they be cut with DIY tools?

Asked by nepheron 8 years ago

If i cut an LED strip that requires 12v, will the strips still requre 12v or a lesser voltage because theyre smaller?

I have a 5m smd led strip. Well of course, 5m is too big, so I want to cut it. The strip requires 12v of power, so I was wondering if I cut the LED strip if a strip would need less voltage. Thanks to anyone who can help

Asked by Prestond 7 years ago