How do you make a haunted house dusty like in the movies?

How do you make a haunted house dusty like in the movies? So that everything looks like it's been there for years. I was guessing that they use a burlap sack full or flour and pigments and toss it about, but does anyone have other ideas? My friend wants to make an authentic looking haunted house.

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has anyone made a dust separator for a wood shop dust collector?

Oneida and other companies make a dust separator that uses cyclone action to separate the chips and dust from the airstream before it gets to the dust collector and clogs the filter. Has anyone done an instrucable showing how to build something like this?

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How can I clean out the crinkly pipes in a forced air heating system?

I live in an RV and am allergic to dust and animals - the forced air heating plays havoc with my allergies. Is there some kind of duster on a flexible rod I could use to get rid of some of the accumulated muck that's doubtless in the tubes? Or something I could stick on the end of a carbon fiber tent pole? The ducts are about 10' long, curve around 90 degrees (over the space of a couple of feet) and are similar to the vents you get from dryers.

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Changing the Chins dust?

Hiyas how much sould i change the chinchillas dust?

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blackberry curve dust

I have my blackberry curve for 2 months an it has dust stuck inside the screen does anyone know how to take it out its really annoying

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dust protection for computer and router?

Im the designer for a plastic/wood furniture shop. I'm having problems keeping dust from computers, even with equipment not in the workshop.  (office on the side) what would be the best design to keep airflow for computers and hardware but minimize the dust. Thansk.

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Adruino cyclone dust sensor

I am looking for suggestions for building a wood chip / dust level detector for the collection can of a cyclone vacuum. I have tried using uv detectors, they get covered in fine dust and become in-effective.  I am thinking of using the ultrasonic sensor. My objective is to detect the level of chips and dust collected in the debris can, and sounding an alarm when the can gets to the full point. Any help on this subject would be appreciated.  I am new to working with these Adruino controllers and not real familiar with writing the Sketches for this. Thanks Don

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Dust 514 Scout fabrication

Hello I am new here and this is my first undertaking but ever since i saw these i knew for a fact i wanted one of these suits they are on  game called Dust 514 they are kind of the infiltrators and stuff the secret behind the lines type of soldier. anyways i want to fabricate one of these suits that is useable and look almost just like it it NEEDS COOLING but that will be a pain i want fans in my helmet and liquid or air cooled main body... i want to be able to use this, go to a theme park and have people take pictures of me XD of course there is easier ways to do this but i really want one of these and i am not sure where on earth to start so any type of help well... helps i would like mine grey and black and the lighting isn't very important

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wet scrubber

I am setting up a factory for making vacuum-formed acrylic shower bases reinforced with fiberglass. I will be dealing with resin fumes, microscopic glass fibers (from cutting and handling the fiberglass batts) and larger dust particles of acrylic, fiberglass and cured resin from cutting off the bottoms of these units. I am in China, and the factoryies I have seen merely have fans and blow the stuff outside, with some directing the dusty air over a bit of water that supposedly collects the dust. Being from Canada I cannot accept such a poor solution, but my newly hired employee seems to think that the concept is best. I will be looking into cyclone systems, of which a few posts are made on this site, but can anyone post a fairly simple instructable on how to make a water based system for collecting the dust?

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My integrated stereo amplifier periodically stops working. Why does vacuuming it out fix it?

I've written an Instructable about this here:How to Fix Your Stereo Amplifier (Harman Kardon HK 620). It just stopped working, and again I vacuumed it out, fixing it. Others have shared similar experiences, but I don't know why it works.When the amp "stops working" everything but the amplifier appears to work: all the LEDs turn on, external devices plugged into the switched and non-switched 120 VAC ports energize, and the signal path out of the "tape 1 out" works.There's no visible dust inside the amp. I don't think it's a loose wire because "pretend" vacuuming (or shaking for that matter) has no effect. Do you have any ideas?

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disk saw + vacuum cleaner = less dust ?

When cutting bricks and concrete with disk saw there are clouds of dust. here is my failed attempt to reduce its amount using a vacuum cleaner instructable anyway ?

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Bio dust grinder?

I have seen this video on Youtube and was wondering if anyone new how to make this machine or any ideas.

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How can I make a sensor that will turn off my dust collector when the bin is full?

I am installing a cyclone dust collector in my workshop, and I want to make a sensor that will determine when my dust bin is full so that the chips and dust won't overflow into the filters.  I'm thinking garage door sensors could be blocked by sawdust rising into the transparent flex hose between the cyclone and bin, but I'm not sure how they work.  I would use them to turn on a warning light and turn off the dust collector.  Any ideas?  I'm good with tinkering and basic electricity, but am stuck trying to figure this out.

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For airflow would a filter be better placed prior to or after the main fan? Answered

I am looking to build a very simple air filter setup to help reduce dust and cat particles in the air while deep cleaning.  Would I be better off putting the filter on the front side (air out) or back side (air in) of the fan.  I know to keep dust off of the fan itself the back may be better but will i get better air flow with it on the front?  Thanks for any info.

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Computers at/near the sea? Answered

I am living 100 meters from the sea which results in high humidity from time to time. Got the message this morning: CPU fan has failed. Discovered  a lot of moisture inside my pc and the dust in the fan has become muddy. We had a lot of rain and mist of late.  What does the people on ships do? And others who live this close to the sea? I would really appreciate ideas on what to do to prevent that from happening again.

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Rainbow vac for dremmeling?

Is this a good idea or no? I'm sure a few people on here know what a rainbow vac is, and it has the suction to work (although I try to use the low-speed mode if I can because it's a loud vacuum). I emptied it today however and there was metallic crap EVERYWHERE on the inside of the bowl. It wasn't that bad actually and washed out with water. But I was wondering, should I maybe use something like some dryer vent and make a plate to fit into my window?

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If the earth is made of by a lot of dust collecting in space due to gravity how did water form on earth?

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Shop dust collection, computational fluid dynamics HELP needed

My plan is to build a shop dust collection system (probably two stage) using a house furnace blower as the "blower" for the system. They are cheap, readily available, quiet and multiple speed. The help I need is the design/ sizing of the collection bag. Thanks for your help, Carpe Ductum

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3D Printed USB Dust Plug - Leaf Style

Buy at Shapeways. 3D Printed and Tested. It's used to seal the idling USB ports on your electronic devices, protecting them from dust, coffee / water spill etc. The plug part seals the USB port.

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Shop Vacuum Hose Adapters

The more I try and understand the nightmare that the shop vacuum hose and adapter issue has become, the more I have to believe Washington was involved in its design. There is apparently no more oversight of this industry than there was over Wall Street and the banks that led to the second great depression... Can someone tell me where a person can find a source that makes real problem solving adapters, and tells you the true inside and outside diameters of both ends instead of contributing to the confusion of this national mystery? Thanks

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Electric Cooker Element Grey Dust

My kenwood cooker was sparking and deposited a grey dust inside

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Sawing MotherBoard PCB's- Inhaling Dangerous Dust Particles? Answered

I have recently salvage a couple MotherBoard PCB's, And I was wondering if I cut them (saw them with a hacksaw) Will they give off a lot of dangerous dust? I've heard people talk about the fact that it's dangerous, So I was wondering it it really is. If it is, I thing I'll score the PCB's with a utility knife, Or just throw them away

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Anyone use a Car air filter for home use?

Hello all~! An Idea just flew in my mind! Has anyone used or thought of using a Car air filter for home use? my primitive plan says a Car filter (My car's looks like a tunnel/Chimney) with a high CFM computer Fan mounted on top. The fan would be driven on 12v Adapter (or 9v for silence and life) and would suck air through the filter. The dust would then stick to the outside surfaces of the filter, which can be brushed off / Vacumed later. Any Pros/ Cons/ Ideas? Jump in! People!

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Extreme water cooling idea for computer chilling plus dust protection

I started to play around with some compressor cooling devices, otherwise known as fridges, freezers or airconditioners ;) As with everything it started with a lot of reading, some doing, more reading, well you get the point... Anyways, I am now running an old and portable split airconditioner on hydrocarbons instead of the already escaped R22 refrigerant. With all this experimenting I got reminded that my computer does not really like to do hard gaming work on these hot days. There are already a lot of infos out there on how to use water and/or heatpipes to cool your system. One thing that they all have in common is that you need a chiller to cool the water. Now, there are really tons of options here - from using an old bar fridge to hold the water up to big direct chillers that can be used 24/7 and cost a small fortune. Here in Victoria the weather might be more forgiving but up north the humidity will be your main enemy if you want to use any decent cooling system. Imagine 90% humitiy and the water condensing on pipes and coolers inside your computer... Some systems compensate here by using a temp of around 12°C at the lowest to minimise the risk of condensation. But I think we can do better for cheaper if we are willing to get dirty and salvage some scrap. If it also a great way to protect your computer in a dusty and hot workshop enviroment! Let me explain the thought: Considering the costs for a decent air cooled system over the expense for just a basic water cooling kit it might be worth spending the extra money otherwise. What makes a normal and not overclocked computer go too hot assuming it is clean and free from dust? Right - the outside temperature and how hard we actually use it. Normal systems are designed to work at a room temp between 18 and 24°C, we are often lucky to have it under 30 in the summer. Getting a CPU to just under 70° if the outside air is already over 30° is hard if not impossible. But what if the computer would be in one of these fancy server rooms that are kept at 16° throughout the year? Problem solved, just win the lottery to get your server room build. Step back a bit and think again ;) If we make an additional and well insulated enclosure to put the computer in we would only need to worry about making it pretty much air tight and keeping the inside always under 20°C. Now follow me to my imaginary shopping trip... First step is getting a decent sized cooler box - you can build your own of course I would go for these oversizes Esky chests. Next step is a visit to the local hard rubbish collection or scrap yard. We look for a bar fridge or water cooling tower that has a condenser that will fit on the side or back of our cooling box. Prefer something old running on R22 instead of R134a if you can. If the system already has one or two service ports for filling even better, otherwise see you get one from a different fridge or freezer. The fun starts back home where we now make a big mess. The cooling system needs to come apart and if not a tower the fridge around it has to go without damaging pipes or condensers. Perfect would be to have a working system and to keep it in this condition to avoid the illegal escape or refrigerant. It also make it easier than having to refill it again. On the other hand getting a system that is already professionally evacuated as most scrap yards now do anyway can make the modding easier - up to your skill set and options to have the system checked and filled. Once we have a naked cooling system we get the cold side into the cooler box. Either by creating a slot to slide it in or by feeding the hoses through holes if you plan to do your own thing in terms of testing and filling. The compressor part and "hot side" are mounted securely to the outside of the box. If you still have the thermostat working and connected you can now check your homebuild fridge. To get the computer inside you have several option, IMHO the easiest is use one big enough hole to get all cables to the outside. You want this hole to end up as airtight as possible, I found candle wax to be a good sealer if you place some painters tape on the box first. So far this was the easy part, the hard part is now to make sure the humidity inside the box stays as low as possible. When the compressor starts cooling the evaporator will go to very low temperatures, even if you set the thermostat to 10° the cold side will condese or even freeze the moisture in the air. Unlike with direct cooling option inside your computer we now have a "cold trap" outside the coputer that we use to our advantage! Easiest option here is to have a catchment under the cold side to collect the condensing water and to let it discharge through a small tube to the outside. Once the system was operating for a few days there should be no moisture left inside our box unless it is not properly sealed. At this point you could be tempted to just set the thermostat to the coldest possible - I advise against it! Imagine the inside of the box is below freezing - the capacitors won't like it to start with and since we now have all surface subcooled the moisture can condense everywhere not warm enough, including your mainboard. A temp of around 10°C should be more than enough for normal gaming and gives the compressor a chance to turn off every now and then so any ice can drop off and exit. If you like the idea use it and make a featured Instructable out of it, my time is too limited at the moment to get serious with this.

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Tool-activated shopvac for dust collection? A relay for activating a shopvac for dust collection when a tool is started

Some expensive shopvacs can be "tool activated", meaning that the shopvac hose can be attached to the dust port of chop saw, sander, router table, etc, and the shopvac turned on or energized when a relay device detects that the attached tool is drawing power.  It saves trips between the shopvac and the tool, making automatic dust collection at the point of dust generation more practical. Off the shelf solutions are $50 to $80, usually consisting of a short extension cord with two outlet sockets.  A power draw on one outlet energizes the other.  The theory is simple enough that I can't think of a good excuse for why it couldn't be done with stock components.  

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dust under my laptop screen?

I have a pavilion dv7 and i have some spots on my screen and it looks like it could be dust. is there anyway i can take the screen apart for i can clean it? thank you

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What thing is that red dust? Answered

I am seeing this video about forge welding, and it lacks of captions. Then, I can't understand a word of the speech. At minute 2:20 the smith takes a can containing a dark red dust. ¿what is it? THANKS, anglophones!

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Dust shield for midi-lathe?

I recently snagged a midi lathe to teach myself how to lathe. However, I live in a studio apartment. My landlord has approved the lathe and use of it, however, I did not realize just how much dust this produces. As such, I was wondering if anyone has made or knows of someone who has made a dust shield for a midi lathe. Preferable, collapsible. 

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Vacuum cleaner as wood dust collection?

I was wondering if it is possible to use a vacuum cleaner as a form on wood dust collection in my workshop. What type of vacuum clearer would be the best for this, one with a bag, bagless, whatever. If this is possible, what precautions should be taken to ensure smooth operation of this setup. I'm worried about wood dust possibly clogging up the vacuum cleaner. Any help/ more info/ ideas/ would be great.

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Punctured speaker dust cover (bubble)

I punctured the dust cover (the centermost part of the speaker that looks like half of a ball) of a Sonance Visual Performance VP65 speaker.  The puncture is about 1/4 inch in diameter and did not touch any of the internal parts. Can this be repaired?  Will it affect the performance of the speaker?

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dust cleaning inside computer things. Answered

We live in a dusty area. Not afraid anymore to open this upc (think its called) and gathering a nice little heap of dust from the lamina-thing between fan and bigchip every month or so, while at it, could i do more to keep this machine healthy? 

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how do dust affect my performance in my computer?

How can i explain this factors which affect my computer! 1.Excessive temperature 2.Human being 3.Power outrage 4.Corrosion 5.Viruses 6.noise 7.Dust building up

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I want to make a simple power tool dust extraction device for a small workshop?

I have a electric motor from a flymo lawn mower and would like to use it to extract saw dust into a plastic drum. I have seen something like this along time ago and it worked well. What do I need to know about this principle. Any advice would be greatly received.

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Will a cyclone dust separator improve the performance of my central vac?

Before I replace the central vac "unit" I need to check a few things - like air leaks, blockages etc..I remembered seeing a cyclone dust separator hwo-to on Instructables and because, when it comes to physics,I am a complete idiot, I wonderd whether building such a thing as an adjunct to my central vac unit will improveperformance in any way.Thanks,AMS

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How Do you Get dust out of an iPod Touch 4th Generation Screen?

Ive had it in my pocket. (duh.) and there is a lot of little particles that looks to be getting in through the Home button.

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Coal Grit / dust / powder. Answered

Hi everyone.Please help. I have a lot of coal and anthracite grit / powder left over after emptying the bags. Is there anyway I can use the grit / powder or is there a way I can compress it to use in my indoor fireplace?

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Does anybody have a set of plans for a downdraft sanding table using an old furnace blower?

I have seen numerous 'threads' and discussions on the subject, but no PLANS other than a few pictures.

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My canon SD 450 camera broke! Answered

When i turn it on the screen flashes E18. i looked up E18 and say's that this is caused but to much dust in the mechanical parts. Ive tried using compressed air to blow out dust from it but that didn't work. HELP!

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electret = brown's gas + rock dusts + high voltage during cooling?

Electret: a material that is electric like a magnet is magnetic. Using rock and silicate dusts, is it plausible/possible/simple enough to melt the rock/silicates in a crucible furnace, pour the mix into a mould ... which is polarised by a high tension DC voltage field: Upon cooling, the material is said to become a high voltage electric parallel of a magnet. The concept is simple enough, right? I think Hutchinson adds barium titanate to his crystal cells, which I believe her charges straight off the 90 degree spike from a HV coil. so ... polarisation ... like a magnet.    possible? plausible? doable? instructable!!  :D thankyou! Will

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sparkler water

I am currently brainstorming a firework ignition liquid that contains what i call (sparkler dust) sparklers work by a flame burning a concealed paper packet of (sparkler dust) once this ignites the sparkler sends colored sparks everywhere. now thought that would be an excellent ignition system for fireworks

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Fix tv that randomly turns on and off?

I have a hisnese 20-ish inch tv that is about 6 years old. It started having a problem about a year and a half ago where it randomly turned itself on and changed channels on its own. I opened it up and dusted it out (not much dust) and messed with the settings a bit and vola it worked. Well, then a few months ago it started up again. I dusted it out (not really anything) and it still had the problems. Then I just unplugged it and let it sit for a month. I tried it out and it worked fine for the past two months or so. Well, it started having the problems again and I dusted it out (really nothing) and it had no effect. Anyone know what I should do other than pay someone to fix it?

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can there be a electrostatic floor cleaner ?? .....important question. isn't it.? Answered

Electrostatic force attract objects......when we rub plastic with hair it attracts tiny bits of paper.....also it attracts dust and dirt can there be a possible dust cleaner which using electrostatic force and  can clean our floor or something??there is only air cleaner otherwise

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Hoover modification: Making the dust go directly into a big bin

In my collective woodworkshop, we have a lot of problems with sawdustOne person attached a vacuum cleaner to our tablesaw to suck up most of the dust, but the problem with that is that the hooverbags fill up too quickly.So I am trying to make it so that the sawdust will go directly into our sawdust bin after being sucked into the hoover.I want to cut off part of the bottom of the hoover and attach a coneshape making the dust fall into a bin. I also want to attach a cut up vaccum bag to the cone, to make less dust fly dirctly out of the exaust port.I have been reading up on hoovers, and I am worried that the suction will disappear if there is a great big hole, not allowing the "vacuum" in "vacuum cleaner" to happen.Update:Yup, you definitely need to not have a hole in the bottom of your hoover to create a vacuum. Now I want to try something with creating a direct way to the exaust port, so that the dust just flies out of there...HELPI haven't been able to find any modification like this, but please post some if you have.I am going to jump into this, but I would love some input and ideas.It's a Miele S311i, I can't find detailed manuals on the product... I'll be updating on my progressHope someone can help!

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Star Trek Funeral

Go out in (some kind of) style in a Star Trek casket / coffin, or have your dust gather dust in a Star Trek urn Should have been out already, but not yet (via Gadgets for God at Ship of Fools) L Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, planet earth is blue and there's nothing I can Doohan

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How do i build a weatherproof, dust proof video projector enclosure with good airflow for use in a desert enviroment?

I'm going to be using a projector in the desert at night and need to build an enclosure for it. The enclosure will have to have a serious filtering system to keep blowing sand and dust out, it also will have to be able to block any rain that just might fall. While doing all that it must push alot of air out of the box to keep the projector cool enough. It does NOT need climate control because the desert gets really cool at night when ill be using this unit. Ideas?

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How do I separate gold from surrounding ores

I live near the site John Marshall discovered gold in 1848.  There is gold dust and particles everywhere!  Problem is that the gold is dust or fine powder form and the gold strongly adheres to it's surrounding ores.  Panning is tedious and not effective.  How can I separate the gold dust/powder from the other minerals?  I have heard using Auger Regis is effective, but cannot find anything on how to use it, purchase it, or make it myself.  Any suggestions/instructions on making or using auger regis; or any other more effective method of extracting the gold from the other minerals is greatly appreciated.

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How do you open a Playstation3? Answered

How do you open a Playststion 3 40 gig without damaging the casing? Ours is dirty and it is acting up and I want to clean the dust out of it first before I tear it apart and can't fix it. Getting the hard drive out is not a problem that is how I found out it was full of dust. Thanks Joe.

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Computer screen with dots?

Acer T232HL. I dusted the screen. Then it was electrostatically loaded. Now the screen is fulll of dots. How can the screen be discharged so that the dots disappear ?

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cleaning popcorn ceiling?

I have dust clinging to my popcorn ceiling near the heat ducts and would like a fairly easy way to remove them...thank you jpp

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